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2005-01-25 Vishay inductors offer 3m? DCR values
A new series of low-profile surface-mount inductors in the 2525 package size has been released by Vishay.
2005-01-11 Vishay inductor with 'lowest DCR/?H for its package size'
Vishay announced the addition of a new low-profile, high-current inductor series to its line of space- and power-saving inductor solutions.
2016-03-31 Ultralow DCR sensing makes for higher efficiency in LTC7130
The constant frequency peak current mode synchronous step-down DC/DC converter from Linear Technology also reduces switching jitter in low DCR applications.
2003-04-21 Pulse Engineering inductors offer low DCR
The company has introduced three through-hole power inductors for 100W Class D and digital audio amps.
2007-03-12 Low-DCR inductors target current-sensing apps
Vishay Intertechnology has launched a series of low-profile, high-current inductors with a 3 percent DCR tolerance for current-sensing applications.
2006-08-01 Inductors delivers low DCR, no thermal aging
The new series of flat-coil, power inductors from Pulse, a Technitrol Company, features low DCR and high saturation current in a low-profile, surface-mount package.
2005-05-05 Inductor with lowest DCR for its size
Vishay once again extended its IHLP family of low-profile, high-current inductors with a new device that offers the lowest DCR/?H available in a compact 10.2-by-11.5mm package with a low 4mm height profile.
2005-10-05 High-current inductors deliver 0.50 milliohm DCR at 0.19?H
Vishay Intertechnology extended the IHLP family of low-profile, high-current inductors with a new device that offers one of the lowest DCR/?H available in a 10.2-by-10.2mm package with a 4mm height profile.
2007-03-12 Two-tone vs. single-tone measurement of 2nd-order non-linearity and IP2 performance of direct conversion receivers
This application note describes how to find the Second Order Intercept Point (IP2) from 1-tone and 2-tone tests of Direct Conversion Receivers. It also presents measurement results for the GSM900 receive path, as used in the AMPS band, for Skyworks first-generation of DCRs.
2005-01-07 Skyworks supports Chi Mei's smallest GSM/GPRS radio
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has announced that Taiwan-based Chi Mei Communication Systems Inc. will leverage Skyworks' revolutionary SKY74117 DCR RF transceiver as it ramps its next-generation handsets. Chi Mei, an original design manufacturer (ODM), will develop these phones for customer distribution across Asia.
2009-12-23 Spiral inductors serve wire-bonded assemblies
Vishay's new series of RF spiral inductors feature low DCR to 0.26?, high Q to 18 at 1,000 MHz, and High SRF to 10.2GHz.
2003-11-24 Skyworks RF system powers BenQ handsets
Skyworks Solutions has begun volume shipments to BenQ of its GPRS RF subsystem, including the iPAC power amplifier module and DCR transceiver.
2009-05-08 Reference design for a high-current power supply with lossless current sensing using the MAX5060
This application note shows how to use a MAX5060 current-mode, step-down power-supply controller to implement lossless current sensing for high-current applications. In this design, the series resistance (DCR) of the inductor is used for current sensing to avoid power loss in the current-sense resistor.
2013-04-02 Power inductors boast expanded low-loss range
Pulse Electronics' round-wire coil surface mount power inductor provides high efficiency solutions with a tight DCR tolerance and no thermal ageing.
2008-05-21 Low-cost inductor promises 'highest' rated, saturation current
Vishay Intertechnology has released a new toroidal, high-current, high-temperature inductor that offers what is touted to be the highest rated and saturation current, and the lowest inductance and DCR.
2012-02-03 Inductors offer 1.7-20A current rating
The CMT-8100 series common mode inductors have DCR range from 0.006-0.45? and claim to deliver superior EMI suppression.
2008-12-25 High-current inductor housed in ultralow package
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released the high-current IHLP-2020BZ-11 inductor that offers an ultralow 2mm profile, with a wide inductance range and low DCR.
2011-08-11 High-current inductor boasts 0.22C10?H inductance
Vishay's IHLP-3232CZ-01 is a compact, high-current inductor in the 3232 case size that offers maximum DCR down to 1.61m?.
2008-07-03 CX74017: On the direct conversion receiver
Long abandoned in favor of the mature superheterodyne receiver, direct conversion has emerged over the last decade or so thanks to improved semiconductor process technologies and astute design techniques. This paper describes the characteristics of the DCR and the issues it raises.
2008-12-22 Compact inductor handles up to 1MHz frequency
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new IHLP low-profile, high-current inductor in the 2020 case size, offering an ultralow 3mm profile with a wide inductance range and low DCR.
2006-03-03 XPhase control ICs achieve 3% higher efficiency
IR's new XPhase control ICs are designed to be used with its existing IR3086A phase IC and companion DirectFET power MOSFETs to achieve as much as three percent higher efficiency in 130A apps with seven phases, compared to competing five-phase designs.
2012-07-16 Vishay Intertechnology introduces new Rx coil for 5 V wireless charging circuitry
New device features high permeability shielding and efficiency greater than 70 %.
2002-11-12 Vishay inductors saturate to 84A
Vishay has expanded its Dale IHLP high-current inductor family with the addition of new devices that extend the inductance range up to 10?H.
2004-12-16 Vishay extends IHLP high-current inductor family
Vishay extended its IHLP family of low-profile, high-current inductors with two new devices.
2004-09-13 Vishay expands IHLP inductor family
Four new additions to the IHLP family of low-profile, surface-mount inductors were announced by Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
2006-06-14 Vishay adds 2525-footprint inductors to IHLP line
Vishay is extending its IHLP family of inductors with new devices in the 2525-size footprint that promise to offer inductance values from 10H to 0.56H.
2006-07-24 Ultra-thin inductors target portable devices
Combining a miniature surface-mount package with effective EMI protection, Datatronic Distribution's new inductors are suitable for a variety of compact, portable devices.
2006-10-12 Two-phase core controller promises 0.5 percent accuracy
Intersil's new two-phase core controller uses post-package trimming to remove all errors associated with assembly and offers 0.5 percent accuracy across the entire temperature range.
2010-04-06 Triple-output converter keeps regulated voltage
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTC3859 triple-output, low-quiescent current synchronous DC/DC controller that maintains all output voltages in regulation during automotive cold crank conditions.
2004-10-04 Toshiba, Microtune develop RF tuner for HD TVs
Toshiba Module Group and Microtune Inc. have cooperated in the development of a production-ready, digital cable-ready TV tuner module.
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