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2007-07-13 V58C2256(804/404/164)SC high performance 256Mbit DDR SDRAM
The V58C2256(804/404/164)SC is a four bank DDR DRAM organized as 4 banks x 8Mbit x 8 (804), 4 banks x 4Mbit x 16 (164) or 4 banks x 16Mbit x 4 (404).
2007-07-23 V58C2128x SB high performance 128Mbit DDR SDRAM
Promos technolgies' V58C2128(804/404/164)SB achieves high speed data transfer rates by employing a chip architecture that prefetches multiple bits and then synchronizes the output data to a system clock.
2002-03-19 SiS chipset supports 400MHz DDR memory
Silicon Integrated Systems claims bragging rights with its introduction of what it called the first chipset able to support 400MHz DDR DRAMs
2001-04-15 Same-die tactic eases DDR transition
The industry consensus is clear: DDR's time has come. Now what design issues must engineers consider, and what can DRAM suppliers do to make this memory transition happen smoothly and seamlessly?
2002-01-17 Powerchip to use 0.155m process in 256Mb DDR DRAM
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. will use 0.155m CMOS process to make 256Mb DDR DRAMs in its 8-inch wafer fabs starting March this year
2005-05-26 Micron DDR devices offer increased reliability over standard DRAM
Micron launched a family of Mobile DDR devices, with product samples of multiple densities now available
2002-05-01 MIC predicts DRAM prices to rebound in first half of '02
According to Taiwan-based IT research and consultancy house Market Intelligence Center (MIC), the global DRAM prices will rebound to $2-3 per die (128Mb equivalent) in the first half of this year due to increasing demand
2002-07-03 JEDEC begins work on third DDR DRAM standard
The proposed third iteration of the DDR DRAM standard would seek to cover a range of new mobile wireless devices beyond PCs and servers, an industry standards group said.
2007-08-14 Hynix touts 'smallest' 1Gbit mobile DRAM chip
Hynix announced it has developed what it claims to be industry's smallest 1Gbit mobile DRAM
2014-12-04 End of DDR marks surge of 3D, TSV-based memory
Several DRAM memory architectures based on 3D layer stacking and TSV have evolved to accommodate increasing memory requirements spearheaded by Samsung, Hynix and Micron
2002-09-12 Elpida releases 1GB DDR SDRAM DIMMs
The company is offering 1GB unbuffered DDR DRAM DIMM for high-performance PC and workstation applications.
2002-03-07 DRAM market to rise by 55 percent this year, iSuppli predicts
According to the latest report from the iSuppli, DRAM revenues will increase by more than 55 percent this year to more than $17.3 billion, a significant upgrade from iSuppli's projections two months ago of a flat revenue
2002-10-18 DRAM makers begin march toward DDR-2
Prepping for the high-end systems that should appear in 2004, chip vendors are laying the groundwork for next-generation DDR DRAM.
2008-02-18 Choosing DDR memory power supply IC
DDR memory has specific power supply voltage requirements. Norman Chan and WS Wong of Freescale Semiconductor espouse that designers use a DDR memory power supply IC to ensure compliance with the standards and maximize battery run-time of portable devices
2006-02-07 Cellphone chipset combines NAND, DRAM
Micron Technology announced its new line of multichip package memory for use in cellphones.
2005-12-21 128Mb DDR DRAM transfers data at 1.6GBps
Integrated Silicon Solution has introduced a 128Mb, DDR DRAM for the networking, consumer and automotive sectors.
2009-01-15 ZIF probe tips handle DDR, GDDR validation
Agilent Technologies and Hynix Semiconductor have developed a high-bandwidth, high-performance long-wire ZIF probe tip optimized for DDR and GDDR SDRAM validation
2004-08-26 Winbond to output UTT DRAM
Winbond Electronics Corp. has started producing untested DRAM chips
2006-11-03 Winbond releases 256Mb low power DRAM
Winbond has launched a range of low power DRAM memory components designed to meet the needs of mobile devices
2005-07-20 WEDC rolls new DDR SDRAM
WEDC's new 512MB DDR SDRAM consists of sixteen 32M x 84 banks DDR SDRAMs in FBGA packages mounted on a 200-pin FR4 substrate
2002-08-01 WEDC DDR SDRAM occupies less board space
White Electronic Designs has released 128MB DDR SDRAM MCPs that are designed to complement high performance memory controllers
2011-11-30 Weak PC demand drags DRAM price
The ASP of DDR3 4GB dropped by 7.9 percent to $17.5, while DDR3 2GB fell below $10 to $9.5, a 7.3 percent decline.
2011-02-25 Vendors keen on pushing mobile DRAM to higher speeds
While 800- or 1,066MHz LPDDR2 devices could serve as a bridge to next-gen technologies, they could also push out other next-gen candidates.
2009-01-29 The bad stuff impacting DDR timing budgets and ways to avoid 'em
Why bother with a DDR "PHY" when some SSTL I/O's with potentially a DLL or PLL slapped together with glue logic will do the trick of interfacing to an SDRAM
2004-01-15 Taiwan DRAM production showed positive growth in 2003
The production value of Taiwan's DRAM industry during the third quarter of 2003 reached NT$34.15B, up by 47.3 percent from the second quarter of 2003
2007-03-12 Synthesizable CIO DDR RLDRAM II controller for Virtex-4 FPGAs
This application note describes how to use a Virtex-4 device to interface to Common I/O (CIO) Double Data Rate (DDR) Reduced Latency DRAM (RLDRAM II) devices. The reference design targets two CIO DDR RLDRAM II devices at a clock rate of 200/235MHz with data transfers at 400/470Mbps per pin.
2001-04-12 Synthesizable 1.6GBps DDR SDRAM controller
This application note describes a 100MHz synthesizable reference controller design for a 64-bit DDR SDRAM
2015-02-12 Synopsys rolls out DDR Explorer for memory sub-systems
Using DDR Explorer, designers can analyse their DDR memory sub-system and optimise their architecture to increase efficiency by up to 20 per cent, while achieving 10 times faster turnaround time
2005-04-11 Stanley: DRAM contract prices to decline at least 5 percent
Investment firm Morgan Stanley says that DRAM manufacturers are wary about market conditions this quarter despite the rising number of contracts and spot prices
2002-06-16 Samsung unleashes low-latency 'network DRAM
After a run of unexplained obliqueness about its low-latency DRAMs, Samsung has officially rolled out its "network DRAM," based on licensed IP developed for fast-cycle RAMs by Fujitsu and Toshiba
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