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2001-05-01 Viterbi decoding techniques in the TMS320C54x family
This application note outlines the theory of convolutional coding and decoding, and explains the programming techniques for Viterbi decoding in Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x DSP family.
2008-09-15 Viterbi decoder block decoding - Trellis termination and tail biting
Data encoded in this way generally is decoded with a Viterbi decoder, which operates by constructing a trellis of state probabilities and branch metrics. The transmitted data is often terminated with a number of zeros to force the encoder back to the zero state. This allows the decoder to start decoding from a known state, however, extra symbols have to be transmitted over the channel.
2009-08-07 Touchscreen controllers pack built-in decoding
Microchip Technology Inc. has launched the mTouch AR1000 resistive touchscreen controllers, giving embedded designers the flexibility they need to quickly and easily implement analog resistive touchscreen interfaces.
2009-09-15 STB SoCs deliver advanced broadcast decoding
NXP is offering a new family of highly integrated SoC products that enable a complete range of high-performance solutions for mainstream HD DVRs and STB platforms.
2007-12-18 ST tips 65nm HDD iterative decoding channel
STMicroelectronics is sampling its first 65nm iterative read channel for the low-power mobile segment of hard disk drives.
2008-11-17 Simplify digital audio decoding
As the market for digital audio explodes, a number of chips and chipsets have been introduced to meet the demands of ever better players. Here's how you can simplify digital audio decoding.
2005-02-25 Sharp, PACE soft silicon deliver multimedia decoding software
Sharp Microelectronics and PACE Soft Silicon, a provider of software-based CODECs, have collaborated to deliver faster compression and decompression capabilities for ARM based devices.
2004-02-11 Philips IC provides video decoding, picture improvement
Royal Philips Electronics has launched its TDA15500 single chip solution for low-end LCD TV sets.
2000-12-05 NTSC decoding using the TDA3330, with emphasis on cable/in cable out operation
This application note is intended to supplement the sheet for the TDA3330 composite video-to-RGB color decoder by providing circuits for video cable drives, such as used in video processing circuits, frame store, and other specialized applications.
2002-12-05 Micronas IC integrates MIDI, MP3 decoding capability
The MAS3515G digital audio decoder from Micronas GmbH combines MP3 decoding capability with a wavetable-based MIDI synthesizer.
2004-04-23 Media processors offer MPEG-4, JPEG hardware encoding, decoding
Fujitsu's two Mobile Media Processors for mobile phones and other handheld devices boast MPEG-4 and JPEG hardware encoding and decoding functionality.
2008-01-16 Managing latency in video encoding, decoding
In applications where there is a closed feedback loop, latency is the most crucial aspect of the system, as it determines whether the system will be stable or not. Keeping the latency of a video codec as minimal as possible is the proper approach for such systems. In many such applications, latency measured in sub-10ms is crucial.
2001-05-10 Implementing V.32bis Viterbi decoding on the TMS320C62xx DSP
This application note describes the implementation of the V.32bis decoding algorithm on Texas Instruments' TMS320C62xx DSP family.
2010-01-29 HD video processors boast 1ms encoding, decoding
Cavium Networks has introduced a family of full HD (1080p60) SoC H.264 video processors with integrated Super Low Latency technology that enables 1ms encoding and decoding.
2015-12-23 Grasp soft-decoding in SSD controllers
In this article, we will take a look at what happens when that initial decode fails and how soft data can be used to recover data on the SSD.
2010-03-18 FEC decoding
The application note aims to describe how one can implement the same FEC decoding in SW.
2008-10-07 Digital TV switch to boost decoding chip market
The global transition from analog to digital TV broadcast is spurring TV makers to offer sets with more advanced video decoding chips capable of working with multiple and new video standards, according to iSuppli Corp.
2005-06-15 Decoding convolutional and turbo codes in 3G wireless
This app note discusses three different implementation options for decoding in 3G wireless - software approach using DSPs, hardware approach using ASICs, and a combined software-hardware approach using on-chip accelerators
2002-04-12 ALi DVD A/V decoder supports MPEG-2, JPEG decoding
Acer Laboratories Inc. has announced the release of the M3325 DVD A/V decoder that supports MPEG-2's MP@ML format and JPEG decoding, to provide DVD/VCD movie disk playback and for browsing digital photographs in picture CDs.
2008-02-12 Agilent scopes add serial bus triggering, decoding
Agilent Technologies has introduced serial bus triggering and real-time decode support for its 5000 Series oscilloscopes.
2002-03-16 Advanced software for smooth DVD decoding
This technical news article evaluates the possibilities of implementing advance software methods to attain smooth DVD decoding processes.
2008-09-04 Accelerating MPEG-4 video decoding with an Xtensa processor
This application note shows how high-performance implementations can be made for the Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform, variable length decoding and motion compensation using instructions developed in TIE.
2007-07-27 'First' multiformat video decoding processor debuts
Claimed to be the world's first multiformat hardware video decoding mobile processor, Jade Technologies' X900 chip supports the sophisticated video compression formats such as MPEG-4, H.264 and VC-1.
2002-07-17 Zoran samples sixth-generation DVD SoC
Zoran Corp. has announced that it is sampling its sixth-generation Vaddis DVD SoC, which integrates DVD front-end servo system with back-end MPEG decoding functions.
2003-06-12 Zoran DVD IC consumes 30 percent less power
The Vaddis 5A DVD multimedia processor IC from Zoran Corp. consumes <0.5W of power during DVD playback applications.
2002-04-03 Wolfson codecs support Dolby 5.2, EX6.1, 7.1
The WM8770 and WM8771 24-bit codecs from Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd integrate an 8-channel mux with stereo ADC and 8-channel DAC.
2002-04-16 Virtual IP Group offers MP3 decoder for Tensilica processor
Virtual IP Group Inc. has announced the release of the CS6002 MP3 decoder fully-compliant with the MPEG 1/2 Layer 3 decoding standard and tuned for the Xtensa IV processor core from Tensilica Inc.
2003-05-27 Toko to offer iBiquity certified HD radio decoders
Toko Inc. has received performance certification from iBiquity Digital Corp for their HD Radio decoding module.
2002-04-12 TI codecs feature built in USB controller, S/PDIF I/O terminal
The PCM290x stereo audio codecs integrate a USB controller and an internal S/PDIF I/O terminal, addressing the consumer's need to download and edit digital audio material on PCs as well as transmit the data to audio equipment.
2002-04-19 STMicro DVD decoder supports progressive scan
The STi5588 fourth-generation DVD decoder from STMicroelectronics supports progressive scan video output, as well as MLP decoding and multichannel LPCM audio formats, and CCPM decryption and Verance audio watermarking.
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