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2004-10-13 Mentor improves BITS tool for Artisan embedded memories
Mentor Graphics Corp. has enhanced its MBISTArchitect built-in self-test (BIST) tool to provide thorough on-chip testing for embedded memories generated by Artisan Components Inc.
2005-06-30 Mentor Graphics scan test tool in TSMC's Reference Flow 6.0
Mentor Graphics announced that TSMC has added the TestKompress scan test tool to its Reference Flow 6.0.
2004-12-27 Memory interface package woes
Previously, I have addressed the component packaging problems found in FPGAs and perhaps given the impression that other packages were OK.
2014-03-21 MEI develops advanced metal lift-off system
The FluidJet metal lift-off system comes with no metal re-deposition on either the front side or the back side of the wafer, reducing device damage.
2014-11-07 Managing rechargeable batteries with BIF
This article tackles the techniques and rules to help manage the use of rechargeable batteries, and the basic parameters of the BIF specification. It also explains how to deal with communication failure.
2015-05-25 Making graphene cost-effective and scalable
MIT and University of Michigan researchers described an innovative roll-to-roll manufacturing process that makes production of graphene and other 2D materials practical.
2006-12-01 Make autos smarter with sensor systems
The advent of various digital bus systems allows for centralized processing and simplified wiring. But such an architecture brings reliability concerns and the classic automotive gremlin of ever-lower cost requirements.
2009-07-16 Magma, Orion combine expertise for PV
Magma Design Automation has collaborated with Orion Metrology, to integrate Magma's YieldManager Solar with the latter's inline inspection technology.
2006-06-16 Low-power IC test can be trying
For designers, power management means controlling leakage power lost during standby mode and dynamic power consumption when multiple transistors switch in unison to perform desired functions.
2005-06-08 LogicVision product to address nanometer design challenges
LogicVision announced an embedded test solution to tackle the increasingly difficult challenges associated with nanometer design and test
2006-07-13 Lithography vendors unveil next-gen scanners
Top lithography vendors are coming to market with next-generation immersion scanners for the 45nm node and beyond. Many will enter the arena at this week's Semicon West trade show.
2006-08-01 Lithography efforts trailing 32nm target
The chip industry is enjoying a short reprieve as immersion lithography continues Moore's Law of scaling for the next few years. But for chips with a 32nm half-pitch, lithographers are counting on either extreme ultraviolet or immersion 193nm scanners enhanced with high-index fluids.
2009-03-27 Line sensor claims enhanced noise performance
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has unveiled the C9750 series, which offers a 12bit digital output via RS422 or camera link interface and USB or FireWire interface can be provided for OEM solutions. This model offers enhanced noise performance, wider dynamic range and higher scanning speeds compared with previous line sensors.
2015-09-28 Light detector on a chip shines path leading to new apps
Vanderbilt University engineers developed what they claim as the first integrated circularly polarised light (CPL) detector that may allow the development of small, portable sensors.
2003-10-03 Life-long testing prescribed for chips
Chip testing strategies continue to perplex the industry as sub-100nm node designs become more commonplace.
2005-07-29 Leica system cuts ownership cost of semiconductor manufacturers
The new LDS3300 C from Leica Microsystems complements its LDS series by an innovative system, combining micro and macro defect detection at simultaneous use for all 300mm wafer apps
2010-06-10 LEDs to transmit data, too?
With enough advance work, new LED light fixtures could also be wired into the network backbone, accomplishing wireless communications to any device without burdening the crowded RF bands.
2011-01-24 LED analysis, wafer inspection tools launched
KLA-Tencor debuts Klarity LED, ICOS WI-2220
2015-10-27 Lam Research, KLA-Tencor deal raises some questions
Lam Research's proposed $10.6 billion acquisition of KLA-Tencor is generally getting a thumbs up from analysts as one of the good deals amid this year's flood of semiconductor mergers.
2002-02-22 Kyma ships free-standing, single-crystal GaN substrate
The company has shipped what is claimed to be the world's first single-crystal 50.8mm GaN wafer for use as a base material in communications and semiconductor products.
2003-09-05 KLA-Tencor, Carl Zeiss team on 90nm photomasks
KLA-Tencor and Carl Zeiss Microelectronic Systems have established an alliance to help the semiconductor industry reduce costs and speed time-to-market on next-gen photomasks.
2008-05-20 KLA-Tencor expands in Asia with new Singapore facility
KLA-Tencor has opened its new facility in Singapore designed to expand its high-precision manufacturing and well as expand it training, sales and corporate functions.
2003-12-23 KLA-Tencor adds defect detection to Surfscan SP1
KLA-Tencor has added defect detection, analysis and process monitoring capabilities to its Surfscan SP1 series of defect detection tools.
2007-07-06 KLA, Applied face off in defect review market
Continuing on its intense competition with Applied Materials, rival KLA-Tencor is making a new bid in the defect review and classification equipment market.
2002-05-22 Keyence fiber-optic sensor has dual digital display
The FS-V20 series of digital fiber-optic sensor from Keyence Corp. incorporates a dual digital display monitor that shows the preset value and current value at the same time.
2003-07-21 JMC fan features dual-blade design
JMC Products has introduced a counter rotating, dual-blade fan design that is engineered with redundancy to protect against fan failure.
2006-08-10 Japan's DNP enters photomask devt program with Brion
Dainippon Printing Co. has entered into joint development program with Brion Technologies aimed at improving the productivity and quality of leading-edge photomask production.
2011-05-03 ITRS chairman: Tunnel FET possible transistor option
ITRS chairman, Paolo Gargini, believes that a field effect transistor (FET) combined with quantum tunneling can reduce power consumption, while maintaining adequate performance.
2004-10-29 ITC keynoters say designers need IC yield data
Chip yields are increasingly being determined as much by unseen design weaknesses as by process issues, experts at the International Test Conference here said Tuesday (Oct. 26).
2003-08-14 ITC 2003 to focus on MEMS technology
This year's test conference covering IC and board test issues will shift its focus to MEMS technology as a growing concern for test engineers.
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