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2005-11-10 Agilent, Mentor claim to speed high-volume 'yield learning
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Mentor Graphics Corp. Monday (Nov. 7) announced an integrated solution enabling high-volume diagnosis for logical and physical failure analysis
2002-08-19 Agilent to provide inspection solutions to Ismeca
Ismeca SA and Agilent Technologies Inc. have entered into an OEM agreement in which the latter will integrate its machine vision suite and inspection solutions into Ismeca's semiconductor test handler equipment.
2004-11-05 Agilent spins mixed-signal scope dynamic probe for Xilinx FPGAs
Agilent Technologies is debuting what it says is the industry's first FPGA dynamic probe application.
2002-01-31 Agilent releases solder-paste inspection system
Intended for solder-paste inspection of PCB assemblies, the SP50 automated optical inspection system produces accurate measurements of pad offset and skew, solder-paste area, height and volume.
2002-01-31 Agilent PCB assembly tester offers upgraded error detection
With the integration of the BGA Opens Detector and Defect Analyzer, the 5DX Series 5000 automated X-ray test system for PCB assemblies offers more comprehensive and accurate fault coverage.
2007-02-01 Agilent intros solder paste inspection system
Agilent has introduced a new solder paste inspection system that enables manufacturers of PCB assemblies to slash inspection time in half, without compromising capability.
2003-04-03 Agere team sees improved reliability in thin gate oxides
Gate oxides are more robust than previously believed, leading to possibilities that chip designers may be able to push device speeds harder while remaining within acceptable reliability margins, said Ashraf Alam.
2002-12-11 Agere proves reliability of silicon ICs despite shrinking transistors
In a recently published article, Agere Systems researchers presented evidence which proves silicon-based ICs can still perform reliably even as their transistors continue to shrink.
2007-03-19 Aeroflex opens test applications group in China
Aeroflex announced the opening of its Test Applications Group in Shanghai, China, a programming and fixturing facility that supports ATE systems.
2012-08-21 Aegis MES system eases quality strategy for tbp
The high-end EMS manufacturer purchased a complete factory-wide Aegis MES system for their facilities in Dirksland and Eersel, the Netherlands.
2012-04-09 Advantages of resistive RAM for next-gen NVM
Here's a discussion on the strengths of hafnium-oxide-based resistive RAM cells, and the main challenges ahead for this technology.
2012-02-03 Advances in 3D-IC testing
Read about the design-for-3D-test architecture and implementation flow developed by researchers at Industrial Technology Research Institute based on the Synopsys test solution.
2008-03-04 Advanced memory buffer is key in FB-DIMMs
The M88MB2000 advanced memory buffer is a key device in the emerging FB-DIMMs from Montage Technologies.
2012-09-11 Addressing obsolescence issues in mil/aero industry
Learn about the various approaches to address the disruption that obsolescence may bring to military and aerospace OEMs.
2012-01-11 Address hardware/software integration issues with combined prototyping solutions
Find out how to reap the individual advantages of prototypes in combination with other prototyping techniques.
2004-08-16 AC scan needed for nanoscale device testing
AC scan offers a number of key advantages over DC scan and other traditional functional test approaches.
2013-03-01 A*STAR: Aluminium–germanium sealant toughens MEMS
Researchers at A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics investigated an aluminium-germanium sealant that should make MEMS manufacturing easier and cheaper, and could also improve device performance.
2015-12-30 A primer on debugging video apps and beyond
Starting with the review of the application and culminating with the submission of parts through official failure analysis channels, this guide attempts to provide as comprehensive a framework as possible.
2010-09-02 600V ICs up energy efficiency in auto apps
The family of AEC-Q100 qualified devices include half-bridge drivers and dual channel high-side and low-side driver ICs with various input logic and propagation delays.
2010-12-15 3DS-IC group to fast-track TSV standards
SEMI worked with SEMATECH to launch the Three-Dimensional Stacked Integrated Circuits (3DS-IC) group to develop manufacturing standards for through-silicon via (TSV) technology.
2011-05-12 3D-based solar cell boosts efficiency by 80%
Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed a 3D-nanocone-based solar cell platform that boosts the light-to-power conversion efficiency of photovoltaics by nearly 80 percent.
2015-10-07 3D X-ray system brags ultra-fast inspection
The Viscom 3D AXI X7058 targets EMS companies that need to produce and inspect complex, high-value electronic assemblies at the highest quality efficiently and at low cost.
2013-10-21 3D memory improved via laser thermal anneal application
Laser thermal anneal application can enhance the current in vertical polysilicon channel devices for 3D memory, as demonstrated by Imec and Excico.
2014-06-23 3D integration tech thins down 300mm wafer to 4?m
The length of the wiring between upper- and lower-layer chips in the thinned wafers is reduced to below 1/10 compared to conventional TSVs, with wiring resistance, capacitance, and volume being reduced drastically.
2014-03-24 3D images register ultrasonic wave test signals
The test solution from Fraunhofer builds on phased array technology, which allows the ultrasonic waves to pass through large areas of material at a time instead of only penetrating the subject selectively.
2009-10-15 18Mpixel camera phone, anyone?
It won't be long before your camera phone will turn into a real camera with a real phone. But what will it take to make that happen? And will it affect alleven the most basic phones?
2004-05-18 0-In tool verifies metastability effects
Claiming a "breakthrough" solution for the automatic verification of metastability effects, 0-In Design Automation is preparing Archer CDC-FX, an addition to its clock-domain crossing (CDC) verification tool.
2002-07-04 'Infrastructure IP' seen aiding SoC yields
Design-for-yield is becoming a goal for SoC designers as today's very deep-submicron semiconductor technologies of 130nm and below are reaching defect susceptibility levels that result in lower manufacturing yields and reliability.
2005-08-19 'Dirty silicon' to enable cheaper solar cells
Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have developed a new technique based on "dirty silicon" that could reduce the cost of solar cells.
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