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2014-12-12 HVDC capacitor market to reach $3.9B by 2020
HVDC capacitors ensure safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness by detecting flaws and defects in products without disrupting operations or delaying processes.
2005-01-17 Good bridge testing needed
Combating bridging defects becomes prevalent as chip design processes continue to shrink from 90nm below.
2011-01-28 GaN purification process could boost LED, transistor output
The new purification process introduces voids into the GaN film near its interface with a sapphire substrate, causing thousands of defects to be sucked into the voids, thus boosting GaN devices' output.
2013-10-03 Fibre-optic sensors help safeguard HK-mainland China railways
A string of fibre-optic sensors tested along railway lines in Hong Kong warns train operators immediately of mechanical defects or anomalies so that they can avoid derailments or other accidents.
2009-02-11 Effectively implement a static analysis tool
The beginning and end of effective process for static analysis could be summed up as "inspect every defect and fix all defects."
2011-03-07 Directed self-assembly gains steam
Despite its inherent defects, DSA could have applications in areas such as flash memory production where the regular structure of circuits and cost sensitivity of the market may make it attractive.
2008-09-03 Defective HD TVs spell legal woes for Hitachi
The U.S. subsidiary of Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Hitachi Ltd is being sued over alleged defects in the company's high-definition TV sets.
2011-05-24 Automated wafer identifies defective devices
Sonoscan has started shipping its automated double-throughput 300 mm bonded wafer inspection system that could identify and remove devices with defects in the production process.
2006-10-27 ARM, Cadence expand joint reference methodology
Cadence Design Systems Inc. is collaborating with ARM to expand their joint Encounter Reference Methodology with the addition true-time test ATPG for detection of small delay defects.
2015-01-08 AMD announces additional FreeSync-enabled displays
AMD joined forces with its technology partners BenQ, LG Electronics, Nixeus, Samsung and Viewsonic to reduce input latency and helps reduce visual defects during gaming and video playback.
2005-08-31 Agere improves Ethernet chips quality using LogicVision solution
LogicVision Inc. has announced that Agere Systems used LogicVision ETCreate solutions to provide high coverage of performance related defects for Agere's recently announced Gigabit Ethernet platform chips called ET3K and ET4K.
2007-06-08 Addressing the hidden embedded software crisis in the industry
The growing complexity of embedded software development requires a more reliable and scalable approachone that adopts early developer testing practices and implements automated software verification to prevent and detect more defects sooner.
2015-09-01 Acoustic surface mapping detects IC package warpage
Plastic IC packages like BGAs and PQFPs sometimes have potentially lethal construction defects, such as non-bonds, voids and cracks. You can acoustically map surface flatness to locate package warpage.
2006-02-16 Accelerate FPGA design success with early defect discovery
Having better upfront visibility into possible defects in HW/SW interaction can prevent the need for FPGA respins.
2000-05-01 20128, 12094, 15694
Current templating approach has its limitations in classifying relevant defects. A knowledge-based reasoning method fills many information-processing holes in testing board assembly components.
2003-08-28 0-In Design obtains patent in assertion-based verification
Today 0-In Design Automation, an assertion-based verification company, has been granted U.S. patent no. 6,609,229, entitled ?Method for automatically generating checkers for finding functional defects in a description of a circuit?.
2010-12-02   Xradia demos semicon failure analysis solutions at Semicon Japan
Xradia Inc.'s 3D X-ray solutions make it possible to visualize buried problems without destroying the package, or inducing artifacts that have nothing to do with the actual condition of the package.
2003-12-31 Zhejiang University develops 12-inch nitrogen silicon monocrystalline
Zhejiang University, State Key Lab of Silicon Material has developed its first 12-inch nitrogen doped silicon monocrystalline.
2010-09-21 Zenith 3D AOI system offers measurement-based inspection
Koh Young Technologies has just introduced their revolutionary Zenith 3D AOI System. It measures the Z-axis profilometry of whole PCB assemblies, including components, leads, and solder joints, based on Moir technology.
2014-03-13 Xilinx rolls out OTN reference designs
The reference designs promise to give customers single-chip solutions for 4x100G OTN transponder and 200G OTN switching applications.
2006-07-06 X-ray analyzer eases advanced chip packaging
Xradia said the MicroXCT is suited for the engineering and failure analysis of next-generation semiconductor packages, including multistacked die and flip-chip architectures.
2007-08-02 Wind River updates to Lab Diagnostics solution
Wind River Systems is now shipping the Wind River Lab Diagnostics 2.1, an updated release of its enterprise-wide software diagnostics solution designed for cross-functional development teams.
2010-06-14 Will EUV litho be ready for 22nm?
EUV is creeping closer to the technical specifications that would allow high volume manufacturing but it now looks unlikely to arrive in time to take much part in the 22nm node.
2007-05-01 When GIGO meets analog
The GIGO concept seemed to fade a few years ago. After all, processors were getting very powerful, and data-collection and analysis software were improving and including better bounds checking. Thus, many problems were trapped and flagged early in the analysis cycle.
2005-01-03 When disaster strikes
To gear-heads like me the history of engineering is rich in stories and lore, of failings and successes, and of triumphs and defeats of individual engineers.
2016-04-07 WaveRunner 8000 oscilloscopes shorten time to insight
The product features OneTouch Gesture Control, which enables all common operations with just a single touch of the display, making measurement setup easy.
2016-05-05 Warped wafers no longer a problem for acoustic scanner
Sonoscan announced the C-SAM systems with its Quantitative Dynamic Z (Q-DZ) surface tracking feature for scanning warped wafers for defect detection or for measurement.
2011-08-23 Wafer inspection tool targets 20nm device nodes
KLA-Tencor has introduced the eDR-7000 e-beam wafer defect review system, an enabling tool for chip manufacturing at the 20nm device nodes and below.
2002-10-15 VJ Electronix inspector provides 5000x magnification
The VJ-2000 LS automated x-ray inspection system is capable of inspecting boards up to 609.6-by-914.4mm and provides up to 5000x magnification for BGAs.
2014-09-15 Vision sensor kit offers high-speed part inspection, QA
The Inspector I20 kit from RS Components is able to check parts in any orientation or position and reliably determine in real-time if objects pass or fail.
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