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2005-02-03 NI development module enables geometric matching, object classification
NI's Vision 7.1 Development Module features hundreds of vision tools for engineers and scientists using the company's LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C/C++ or Visual Basic.
2008-10-17 Next-gen solar panels hasten cabling installation
Sanyo Energy Corp. has released the heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer (HIT) Power series of solar panels based on the company's proprietary HIT technology.
2007-08-16 Next-gen embedded designs demand parallel test
Today's embedded devices are more functionally rich than the designs of the past. Thus, traditional test methods no longer suffice. For next-generation embedded designs, parallel test brings in more effective measurement.
2004-08-18 New wave solder alloy delivers quality cost-effectively
Cookson introduced its Alpha Vaculoy SACX307 lead-free wave solder alloy that "cost-effectively" delivers high yield and fast throughput.
2006-07-28 New Synopsys tool speeds production, time-to-market
Synopsis said PrimeYield predicts design-induced mechanisms that threaten manufacturing tolerances and provides automated correction guidance to upstream design implementation tools, resulting in accelerated time-to-production and time-to-market.
2013-05-10 New process enables control of nanochemical sensors
Engineers from UIC discovered a technique for modulating and controlling the sensitivity of graphene chemical sensors by manipulating the chemical properties of the insulating layer.
2010-09-29 New photomask etcher tackles 22nm barrier
Applied Materials delivers solution for accurate photomasks at 22nm
2011-02-16 New PCB inspection tech comes to market
Christopher Associates introduces the Machvision Hole Doctor - II, an inline, conveyorized PCB inspection technology.
2005-03-04 New Pb-free nozzles are 40 percent wider
Speedline announced that it new UltraFill Pb-free nozzles feature an innovative technology and design to enable electronic manufacturers to overcome a variety of process challenges inherent in lead-free wave soldering.
2015-03-17 New material tops silicon, graphene in electron mobility
Scientists recently discovered a new material believed to possess electron mobility that is 200 times greater than that of graphene and more than 1,700 times that of crystalline silicon.
2002-03-28 Ness Display buys OLED display inspection system
South Korea-based Ness Display Co. Ltd has purchased Integral Vision Inc.'s "SharpEye" equipment worth $200,000 for the inspection of OLED displays.
2004-09-22 NEC develops high-K gate dielectric film transistor
NEC Corp. and NEC Electronics Corp. have developed a technology for the realization of sub 0.1?m generation, low-power SOC devices, which require high-K gate dielectric film to suppress leakage current.
2015-06-26 Nanowires afford LEDs better light, energy-savings
Denmark's Niels Bohr Institute researchers studied nanowires using X-ray microscopy and were able to pinpoint exactly how the nanowire should be designed to give the best properties.
2002-04-05 NanoOpto seeks opto builders for its pillar structures
NanoOpto Corp. will work with developers of passive and active optical elements to identify optoelectronic products that could make use of the company's passive pillar elements, CEO Barry Weinbaum said.
2002-06-26 Nanometrics rolls out 300mm wafer inspection technology
Nanometrics Inc. has launched the NanoUDI technology for 300mm wafer processing, which meets requirements for yield management.
2003-08-08 Nanolitho effort harnesses self-assembly
Nanoscale patterning of silicon substrates could enable manufacturable nanoscale chips within the decade.
2006-06-27 NanoInk, SIINT to provide nanoscale repair solutions
NanoInk and SII NanoTechnology Inc. announced that they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement to provide nanoscale repair solutions to the photomask industry.
2014-07-04 Nanoholes improve nanowire-based solar cells
Singapore researchers found a way to increase the cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic devices by improving the manufacturing of silicon nanoholes.
2013-07-05 NAND flash scaling: 20nm node and below
Here are some of the fundamental cell design issues considered and addressed to arrive at this planar cell technology.
2005-10-31 Nakamura team claims advance in GaN device performance
A team led by Shuji Nakamura, inventor of blue LEDs and lasers based on gallium nitride, have developed a new GaN growth technology that enables production of new films with improved or new performance characteristics.
2002-06-13 MVP establishes Asia headquarters in Shanghai
Machine Vision Products Inc., a manufacturer of automated optical inspection equipment for assembled PCBs and process control solutions, has established its Asian headquarters in Shanghai.
2003-04-02 Motorola lab builds 4Mb 'nanocrystal' memory
Using conventional silicon deposition techniques, Motorola engineers have built a 4Mb non-volatile memory based on small islands of silicon measuring 50 angstroms in diameter.
2011-06-24 Module touts revolutionary PXI frame grabber
National Instruments launched PXIe-1435, which is said to deliver the industry's highest throughput PXI frame grabber.
2006-01-06 MKS acquires two companies
MKS announced that it closed on transactions to acquire Ion Systems, a provider of electrostatic management solutions, and Umetrics, a developer of multivariate data analysis and modeling software.
2014-01-29 MIT team shows method to control nanoscale diamond sensors
The control technique allows the tiny sensors to monitor how magnetic fields change over time, such as when neurons in the brain transmit electrical signals to each other.
2012-03-26 Minimize concurrency errors in multicore design
Learn how to address the difficulties of finding and eliminating bugs.
2006-10-02 Migration to 90nm faster than expected
Despite the challenges, the transition to 90nm designs is proceeding more smoothly than the earlier move to 130nm design rules.
2004-11-19 Micron adopts Synopsys SiVL DFM for 90nm production
Micron Technology Inc. has chosen Synopsys Inc.'s SiVL silicon-versus-layout software to help implement its advanced DRAMs, flash memories, CMOS image sensors, and other semiconductor components.
2006-01-26 Mentor, STARC ink IC design agreement
Mentor Graphics announced a joint development agreement with STARC, a research and development consortium co-founded by eleven major Japanese semiconductor companies.
2007-10-08 Mentor upgrades TestKompress for 65/45nm nodes
By providing compression levels exceeding 100X, the new TestKompress Xpress technology allows IC manufacturers to meet challenging quality objectives for advanced process nodes at 65nm and beyond without driving up the cost of testing.
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