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1998-11-01 Zero-delay logic addresses PC design challenges
Modular PC designs require the use of additional logic that adds to signal delay and power consumption. One can avoid this problem and satisfy isolation, translation, and multiplexing requirements using zero-delay bus switches.
2002-07-05 Zero-delay buffers added
Zero-delay buffers in the 2528 series from Integrated Device Technology Inc. provide 10 outputs, up to seven of which can be configured to provide clock outputs for 2.5V or 3.3V LVTTL.
2006-08-23 Voltage monitors offer capacitor-adjustable timing delay
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced voltage monitors with capacitor-adjustable timing delays to meet today's complex power-sequencing requirements.
2000-06-26 Using the Virtex delay-locked loop
This application note demonstrates how to use the Virtex FPGA Series' four fully digital dedicated on-chip Delay-Locked Loop (DLL) circuits to implement several circuits that improve and simplify system-level design.
2002-12-20 Using Programmable Delay Lines
This application note discusses the use of programmable delay lines when dynamic delay adjustment is needed in the system.
2002-01-09 UMC may delay 300mm joint-venture fab in Singapore
United Microelectronics Corp. might delay the opening of a 300mm wafer plant joint venture in Singapore by six to nine months.
2002-01-30 Tyco time delay relay features eight timing modes
The AGASTAT 48K time delay relays have eight timing modes: on delay, off delay, interval, one shot, repeat, cycle on/off delay, on/interval and accumulating on.
2008-02-15 Tweaks behind delay of ST-Intel phase-change memory
Researchers from Intel and STMicroelectronics could have produced samples of 128Mbit phase-change memories in 90nm process technology as early as June 2007 but opted instead to take time to improve the memory.
2010-02-11 Tiny comparators boast 200ns propagation delay
STMicroelectronics has completed its portfolio of industry-standard comparators with the LMV331 that offers 200ns propagation delay and 1mV input-offset voltage.
2002-11-05 Timing delay chip targets high-frequency clock apps
The MC100EP196 ECL programmable delay chip operates at frequencies >1.2GHz and offers delay timings between 2.2ns to 12.2ns in 10ps units.
2003-06-29 Time delay measurement in the digital studio
This application note provides steps on how to measure the delay equalization between the various video signals in digital studios.
2012-07-25 TI customers delay new orders
The decline in new orders began in June and has continued into July, cutting into the company's order backlog for Q3.
2010-01-13 Targeting small delay defects
To maintain the quality of test for the reasonable DPM levels, more and more test engineers are looking to target small delay defects with ATPG.
2006-10-23 Sony lowers forecast after battery recall, PS3 delay
Sony Corp. has revised its business forecast downward as a result of a huge Li-ion battery recall and a delays introduction of its Playstation 3.
2005-08-19 Soaring tool costs to delay 450mm fabs
Soaring IC-equipment development costs could push out the appearance of next-generation 450mm wafer fabs to between 2020 and 2025a delay of more than a decade from its current schedule, warned an analyst at VLSI Research Inc
2005-08-22 Soaring tool costs to delay 450mm fabs
Soaring IC-equipment development costs could push out the appearance of next-generation 450mm wafer fabs to between 2020 and 2025 ? a delay of more than a decade from its current schedule, warned an analyst at VLSI Research Inc
2005-04-01 Semtech chip with low propagation delay dispersions
A low power, four channel BiCMOS pin electronics IC designed to bring high-end features to low-cost logic, memory or mixed signal ATE systems was unveiled by Semtech.
2007-12-26 Report: Software errors to delay hybrid drive takeoff
A report from market researcher Objective Analysis predicts that only about 13 million of the hard disks that incorporate NAND flash for caching key data will ship in 2008 due to software errors.
2005-12-23 Reduce clock network design effort with zero delay generators
Lattice Semiconductor's second generation enhanced zero-delay clock generators for high performance communications and computing applications can generate up to 20 clock outputs.
2007-03-22 Qualcomm: Nokia complaints a 'maneuver to delay judicial determinations'
Qualcomm has called Nokia's latest legal action against the chipmaker as meritless and simply a maneuver by the Finnish handset maker to delay judicial determinations that Nokia's GSM handsets infringe Qualcomm's patents.
2009-11-16 Quad-voltage supervisors pack programmable delay
The devices offer an independent programmable delay input for each supervisor channel, from 1.25ms to 10s.
2009-02-26 Pulsers boast faster ramp time, less delay
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX4806/MAX4807/MAX4808 dual, high-voltage digital pulsers.
2007-10-17 Programmable delay line has 3-wire serial interface
Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled the DS1124, a 5V, 8bit programmable delay line that features a 3-wire serial interface to allow cascading of several devices for multiple programmable delays.
2005-04-07 Pre-driver with configurable phase commutation delay
The ZXBM1015 pre-driver from Zetex includes a current monitor that enables supply current on start-up and stall to be kept permanently within OEM specifications.
2013-03-08 PND slowdown minor delay for car infotainment growth in 2013
IHS predicted that the growth will be lower than last year's four per cent, but an acceleration is expected next year and beyond, with revenue growth of three to seven per cent each year in the next five years.
2011-08-30 Optical delay lines to fit into a computer chip
Researchers from the Joint Quantum Institute and Harvard University are proposing an optical delay line that could fit into a computer chip.
2002-09-20 ON Semiconductor logic ICs exhibit 3.6ns delay
Th ALVC and ALVCH series of CMOS logic devices exhibit a maximum delay of 3.6ns at 3V, making them suitable for high-speed applications in portable and desktop PCs, video display products, and networking.
2007-04-20 No delay, AT&T exec says on iPhone June release
The iPhone from Apple Inc. will definitely hit stores in the U.S. by end of June, according to an AT&T Inc. senior executive.
2006-01-03 NJR rolls out new digital audio delay device
The new digital audio delay device from New Japan Radio can adjust output time of a two-channel or a four-channel voice signal
2009-05-21 Nikon denies EUV litho program delay
Responding to an analyst, Nikon Corp. stated that its extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography program is still alive and well.
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