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2003-06-18 NEC design flow to improve wiring delay estimation
NEC Electronics Corp. and its subsidiaries NEC Electronics America Inc. and NEC Electronics GmbH have developed a new copper-interconnect modeling methodology.
2002-11-14 MX609 an audio delay circuit based on the MX609 CVSD codec
This article shows a schematic diagram of an audio delay circuit based on the MX609 CVSD codec.
2008-05-26 Micrel unveils 'fast and furious' delay line IC
Micrel has launched the dual-channel SY89297U delay line IC that can be serially programmed to provide just 5ns of delay per channel while running up to 3.2Gbps/1.6GHz.
2002-07-26 Micrel LDO regulator functions with programmable power-on reset delay
The MIC5249 LDO regulator provides up to 300mA and comes equipped with a programmable power-on reset delay for power-up sequencing in microprocessors.
2007-05-08 Measuring phase, delay errors accurately in I/Q modulators
This Application Note describes a method to accurately measure internal and external phase and timing errors for a high performance direct I/Q modulator.
2002-02-14 Maxim LVECL/LVPECL splitters feature 208ps propagation delay
The MAX9320/MAX9320A LVECL/LVPECL splitters feature a low propagation delay of 208ps and part-to-part skew of 20ps making it suitable for clock and data distribution applications.
2009-01-19 Market slump to delay 32-/28nm era
Economic factors could delay IC designs based on 32-/28nm processes, leaving the industry get on that technology for some time, according to Synopsys chairman and CEO Aart de Geus.
2004-12-02 Long delay generation using the AVR microcontroller
This app note discusses several solutions when a microcontroller-based application requires the implementation of long delays.
2001-06-15 Logic buffered delay modules
This application note explains the relevance of logic buffered delay modules to avoid the difficulties associated with interfacing passive delay lines with digital ICs.
2009-12-10 Larrabee delay boosts AMD, Nvidia
Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia Corp. may have gotten long- as well as short-term reprieves from Intel Corp.'s decision not to release the first version of its Larrabee chip.
2005-11-28 Israeli upheaval could delay grant for Intel fab
2008-02-11 Is Numonyx' delay behind Intel's late PCM rollout?
The press release trumpets the delivery of samples of phase-change memory on Feb. 6 as a major success, but it begs the question: Why is Intel running more than six months late with its delivery of phase-change memory?
2008-06-12 Is Intel facing another product delay?
After the delay of its Centrino 2, an analyst says that Intel Corp. has again slipped in its shipment schedule for its Nehalem 45nm microprocessor,
2005-02-16 IRIG-B clock time-stamps digital delay generator data
Interface Technology is now announcing immediate availability of its IRIG-B Real Time Clock option for the DDG200 and DDG400.
2005-01-18 Intersil unveils new triple analog delay line
Intersil announced what it claims as the industry's first completely integrated triple analog delay line that enables systems using the company's video over twisted-pair products.
2012-11-22 Intel's 14nm process delay sends Irish workers home
Intel sent up to 600 Irish staffers home early from production training in the United States after deciding to delay its introduction of the P1272 14nm process.
2006-09-06 Intel may delay fab projects, announce major layoffs
Online reports are circulating saying that Intel could delay a pair of new 300mm fab projects in Europe and the United States as part of its major cost-cutting efforts.
2007-06-25 Intel drafts inverse litho to cover EUV delay
With the possible delay of its EUV lithography, Intel disclosed it is developing a DFM technology that could extend optical scanners to the 22nm node.
2008-02-29 Instrument generates pulse, digital delay
Berkeley Nucleonics' Model 575 combines the characteristics of a pulse generator with a digital delay generator in a single instrument.
2006-05-30 India's DoT requests to delay 3G rollout
India's DoT has asked the privately-owned wireless proposed data services based on EVDO technology to delay rollout until the government comes out with its policy for 3G services.
2007-09-13 India takes on Barrett on chip policy delay statement
Reacting to Intel Chairman Craig Barrett's statement that policy delays forced the chipmaker to look for a foundry site elsewhere, the India government countered that Intel was never serious about chip manufacturing in India.
2008-08-20 India 3G to suffer another delay?
A spat between powerful ministries and a senior official on the basis for allotting 3G licenses to operate data service is threatening India's 3G plan.
2002-03-01 Improving accuracy with model-delay library systems
This technical article describes the advantage of implementing SPDM (scalable polynomial delay model) over NLDM (non-linear delay model) in attaining accurate deep-submicron modeling results.
2002-12-12 IDT ships zero delay buffers, programmable skew devices
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has introduced the TeraClock family of zero delay buffers that support high-speed I/O standards.
2009-02-12 How to pluck delay from multicore interconnections
Today's SoC designers readily accept the idea of using multiple processor cores in their complex systems to achieve design goals. Unfortunately, a 40-year history of processor-based system design has made the main processor bus the sole data highway into and out of most processor cores.
2003-05-27 How delay lines work
This application note presents tips on how to build a semiconductor delay line that can be set precisely to a specific delay period that remains consistent over variations in process, temperature, and voltage.
2002-03-01 High-tech industry asks India to delay tariff cuts
India's high-technology industries are pressing their government to delay the planned elimination of import duties by two years, to 2005.
2010-06-16 High-speed optocouplers boast 1?s propagation delay
Extending its optoelectronics portfolio, Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is offering two high-speed analog optocouplers in the industry-standard SOP-5 package.
2007-12-13 High costs prompt Toshiba to delay OLED TV plans
Toshiba disclosed it has shelved plans to sell ultra-thin OLED TVs in 2009/10, with JV partner Matsushita Electric Industrial, due to the high cost of mass production.
2013-03-11 Hardware IP from Renesas boasts low-delay processing
The multi-format video codec hardware IP targets car information terminals that support HDTV, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and industrial equipment.
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