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2003-05-27 Group Delay: explanations and applications
This application note discusses several aspects of group delay, such as why must filters have group delay, how is it related to signal delay and the relationship to excess loss in passive filters.
2006-08-09 Gartner repeats Vista delay prediction
Research firm Gartner reiterated an earlier forecast that Microsoft won't meet the November corporate deadline, even though the developer is making progress in nailing down bugs.
2002-05-02 Frequency translating group delay
This application note discusses the frequency translating group delay application including its uses and general measurement techniques.
2001-09-28 Fixing the software "Delay" function on MediaGX based cpuModules
This application note provides a solution on how to resolve the error in the 8254 counter/timer in the Cx5520 chip in order to maintain proper operation of the "delay" function in many C compilers.
2009-02-26 Firms gear for EUV litho despite tool delay
ASML Holding NV has slightly delayed the delivery schedule for its "pre-production" extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography tool by a quarter or so.
2010-02-26 EUV delay forces tool makers to check other options
EUV lithography is delayed again and is now targeted for chip production at the 16nm half-pitch node, leaving the industry to face the dreaded double-patterning or some variation of the technology.
2001-06-15 Electromagnetic delay lines
This application note discusses the importance of Rhombus Industries' passive delay modules in providing precise delays for use in either analog or digital applications.
2003-05-06 Edison fiber-optic connector exhibits <100ns delay
The DLR11A11 single-mode fiber-optic connector of Edison Opto Corp. exhibits a pulse width distortion of 25ns.
2014-06-11 Dynamic photodiode forges delay-time dependence
This delay-time dependence provides a new method of measuring light intensity and the output signal can be several orders of magnitude higher than the conventional PIN photodiode.
2010-06-15 Dual-channel driver IC offers matched propagation delay
International Rectifier has released the AUIRS4426S dual-channel, low-side driver IC for use in automotive applications including hybrid powertrain drives and DC/DC converter applications.
2001-04-09 DS1020/DS1021 8-bit programmable delay lines
This application note is designed to assist in the use of the DS1020/DS1021 8-bit programmable delay lines.
2008-11-11 DRAM slump forces Elpida to delay China fab JV
Elpida Memory Inc. disclosed it will delay the start of operations of a China-based DRAM manufacturing joint venture.
2010-01-15 Downturn, low support further delay 450mm
Despite rumblings about possible delays for the next-generation wafer size, leading fab tool companies still resist to support 450mm technology.
2006-06-21 Digital audio delay chip eases 'lip sync'
TI's new digital audio delay device provides cost-effective synchronization of audio and video in a single integrated package.
2003-06-29 Delay measurements in digital TV studios with Digital Video Components Analyzer VCA
This application note provides steps on how to measure delay in digital TV studios using the company's VCA digital video components analyzer.
2003-06-28 Delay Lines Comparison
This application note compares each programmable delay line and non-programmable delay line to help customers choose the appropriate device for their application.
2008-09-09 Delay generator has eight timing channels
Featuring eight timing channels with programmable logic, unique timing modes and 10ns resolution, Berkeley Nucleonics' Model 725 is said to outperform a rack full of instruments, specialized boxes, filters and cables.
2002-06-25 Dallas offers 10-tap delay line in TSSOP casing
The DS1110 10-tap delay line from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. is claimed to be the world's first all-silicon 10-tap delay line in a 14-pin TSSOP casing.
2002-09-30 Dallas 5-tap delay line is 50 percent smaller
The DS1100 5-tap delay line from Dallas Semiconductor is packaged in an 8-pin microSOP casing, which is 50 percent smaller than competing devices.
2001-03-19 CY2308: Zero delay buffer
This application note discusses Cypress Semiconductor's CY2308 dual-bank, general-purpose zero delay buffer IC for use in a variety of clock distribution applications requiring tight input-output and output-output skews.
2006-09-20 CPRI Serdes delivers 800ps delay calibration accuracy
National said its new CPRI Serdes is the first to guarantee 800ps delay calibration measurement accuracy and exceed all CPRI interface signal voltage and jitter requirements.
2003-03-11 Constant Delay Using the FME Bits and the CON Register in the Ambassador T8100A, T8102, and T8105 TSIs
This application note clarifies the uses of the FME buts and bits 0 and 1 in the CON Register of the T8100A, T8102, and T8105
2003-05-06 Computex suffers SARS delay
The Computex Taipei trade show, scheduled to take place from June 2 to 6 and which had been expected to draw more than 20,000 foreign visitors, has been postponed due to the SARS outbreak.
2005-06-27 China set to delay issue of 3G licenses, says report
Technical hang-ups with China's domestic 3G standard look likely to delay the handing out of 3G licenses this year, according to research firm iSuppli.
2007-08-13 Battery safety concerns delay Toyota hybrid cars
Toyota has delayed the launching of its next-generation Prius hybrid cars due to potential battery safety concerns.
2002-11-29 Automated measurement of cable delay using the MT9173/74
This article illustrates how to continuously measure the loop delay and use this information to automatically adjust frame alignment between the BSC and all Base Stations.
2007-05-08 AUO to delay LCD expansion due to Q1 loss
Taiwan-based AU Optronics Corp. will delay expansion of its factories by almost a year after a global surplus led to a record loss in Q1, according to a Bloomberg report.
2005-03-09 Audio chip with 85ms delay time
Designed to suit Plasma-TVs, LCD-TVs and Projection-TVs, the new 2-channel digital audio delay from NJR has a delay time of 85ms at fs=48kHz, or 128ms at fs=32kHz.
2009-05-19 ASML to benefit from Nikon EUV litho delay
Nikon is said to have put on hold development of some of its extreme ultraviolet (EUV) tools, which could give ASML a huge early advantage in commercial deployments of the emerging chip making technology.
2000-11-29 Application of zero delay buffers in switched Ethernet
This application note demonstrates how Pericom's family of low-skew Zero Delay Clock Drivers, including the PI6C5932, PI6C9910, PI6C9930, PI6C2501, PI6C2509A, PI6C2510A and PI6C2308A, is used to de-skew the delay in networking applications, such as switched Ethernet.
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