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2006-02-01 How memory architectures affect system performance
While peak data rate remains important, other architectural parameters significantly affect the memory system performance.
2013-04-09 H-grade full bridge DC/DC MCU gets adaptive ZVS update
Linear Technology's H-grade LTC3722-1 boasts a ZVS delay control and adjustable synchronous rectification timing optimises efficiency while reducing transformer size and electromagnetic interference.
2007-04-02 Efficient 8X oversampling asynchronous serial data recovery using IDELAY
Xilinx Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 devices a have high-precision programmable delay element associated with every input pin. These delay elements, called IDELAY, can be used to implement an oversampler that uses very few FPGA logic resources and, more importantly, just a single DCM and two global clock resources to do 8X oversampling. This solution provides better jitter tolerance than techniques that use multiple DCMs.
2006-11-16 Don't bore the user with booting time
Jim Turley discusses ideas for improving boot up delays in designs.
2015-02-11 Detect physical defects using advanced fault models
Here is a look at the use of advanced fault model for detection of physical defects that cannot be detected using conventional Single Stuck-at and Transition Fault models.
2005-10-03 Cypress beefs up its ZDBs
Cypress Semiconductor announced production availability of its enhanced performance Zero-Delay Buffers (ZDBs) that are claimed to outperform all pin-compatible products for high-speed communications and consumer devices.
2001-03-19 CY2305 and CY2309 as PCI and SDRAM buffers
This application note demonstrates how Cypress Semiconductor's CY2305 and CY2309 zero delay buffer ICs can be used in PCI and SDRAM buffering applications.
2002-05-01 COT design flow validates SoCs
This technical article details the approach two chip companies used to validate a COT (customer-owned tool) flow from beginning to end resulting in a complete working silicon.
2002-04-23 Cooper fuses hike ampere ratings
The Cooper Bussmann 6125TD Brick fuse series from Cooper Electronic Technologies feature ampere ratings of 10A, 12A, and 15A, and are suitable for use in laptop computers that require higher time delay ampere ratings.
2005-07-28 Clocking requirements spur buffer demand
Alliance Semiconductor expanded its product offering with a new family of high-performance zero delay buffers (ZDB's) and non-zero delay buffers in response to precise, high-performance clocking requirements.
2002-05-06 Avoiding turn-on oscillations in HV91 family PWM ICs
This application note describes the process of avoiding turn-on oscillations in HV91 family PWM ICs.
2003-08-15 Application and operation of the MT90224 TDM ring
This application note discusses the application and operation of TDM ring.
2002-05-02 Amplifier testing with the 37300A VNA
This application note presents the setup of a generic swept power gain compression (SPGC) measurement beginning with the amplifier frequency, gain and compression specifications for VNA measurement.
2003-08-15 Advanced PDV monitoring on MT922x0
This application note provides a comprehensive overview on how PDV is monitored and compensated on the MT9022x0 VoIP/ATM processor
2003-08-01 Accuracy considerations for PMD measurements
As data rates grow, there will be increasing requirement on the design of components to ensure very low polarization mode dispersion.
2004-08-16 AC scan needed for nanoscale device testing
AC scan offers a number of key advantages over DC scan and other traditional functional test approaches.
2010-01-25 450mm, EUV, TSVs suffer further delays
IC Insights sees more delays for two emerging and key IC manufacturing technologies: 450mm and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.
2002-12-05 3-d coordinate transforms with the pdsp16330
This article shows how the Pythagoras Processor PDSP16330 can be used for three dimensional transforms.
2008-12-08 16bit MCU core consumes
Tiempo AS has unveiled a 16bit MCU core that is claimed to consume less than 40?A per MIPS.
2002-10-17 Wide Bus Applications Using Parallel BLVS SerDes Devices
This application note will show how to use the serializer and deserializer delay parameters to determine the timing constraints at the client receiver parallel interface when using serdes in parallel.
2008-12-01 VoIP goes into video
Dedicated DSPs and software solutions have helped VoIP technology address issues on voice quality, delay and echo, and improve wideband codec support, such that adoption of video is the obvious next step.
2006-11-01 VoIP chip loaded with GbE devices
Texas Instruments Inc.'s latest VoIP processor ensures delay-free voice in small- and medium-business applications. The TNETV1051 combines a 300MHz MIPS processor and 150MHz C55x DSP with dual GbE medium-access control (MAC) devices and an on-chip GbE switch.
2009-03-20 Using the DLL Phase Offset Feature in Stratix II and HardCopy II Devices
This application note describes how to implement the delay-locked loop (DLL) phase offset feature with Altera's Stratix II and HardCopy II devices.
2010-12-02 Understanding source-synchronous SerDes
Know how to efficiently use primitives in conjunction with the input delay blocks and phase detector circuitry.
2000-12-20 TV in cinema format: SAW filters drive PALplus
This application note discusses the suitability of SAW filters in addressing the PALplus specifications, the enhanced version of the PAL standard for wide-screen formats, for frequency response and group delay in the IF stages of TV receivers and video recorders.
2008-01-29 Toshiba to defer plans for new flash memory plant?
Reports circulated in the weekend that Toshiba would likely delay the construction of a new flash memory plant, which is originally set for the end of the year.
2004-08-02 Testing SoC interconnects using boundary scan
Delay violations occurring in the interconnects of high-speed SoCs can be tested using JTAG boundary scan architecture.
2010-02-21 Test
Electronic products sometimes fail EMC just before they can hit the shelves. You can avoid the cost of redesign and device recall, and product launch delay with "pre-compliance."
2002-10-29 STMicro transceiver offers 3.6V-tolerant I/Os
The company's 74ALVCH16245 16-bit CMOS transceiver features 3.6V-tolerant I/Os and offers a maximum propagation delay of 3ns.
2007-02-15 ST delays DVB-H development
STMicroelectronics disclosed Tuesday that it will delay development of its DVB-Handheld mobile TV chip.
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