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2011-11-28 Solar firms want simple eligibility process
The growth of solar industry in the Philippines is hampered by complicated rules in applying for contracts and the delay in implementing feed-in tariffs.
2007-11-01 Software drives prototyping for ASICs, SoCs
Much can be done to make prototypes faster to bring up and easier to change. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where designers can get to work quickly, debug rapidly and make changes without delay. In this new era, FPGA-based prototyping will have a key position along with other verification methodologies.
2014-05-02 Silego powers up mixed-signal matrix in smaller footprint
The additional device under the GPAK3 family integrates the function of two ACMPs, four LUTs, six combination function macrocells, and a number of other counter/delay/flip-flop macrocells in a tiny 1.6mmx1.6mmx0.55mm, 8-GPIO STQFN package.
2003-07-25 Seiko IC offers high-accuracy voltage detection
e lithium-ion battery protection IC for 2-serial or 3-serial-cell from Seiko Instruments Inc. is rated at 26V, and offers high-accuracy voltage detection for each cell. The S-8253A/B series features delay times that are generated by an internal circuit, a charge/discharge operation that can be inhibited via the control pin, and a selectable with/without 0V battery charge function.
2006-06-15 SEC to probe Asyst for stock option practices
Asyst Technologies will file Form 12b-25 with the SEC because of an anticipated delay in filing of the company's Annual Report on Form 10-K.
2004-02-02 Scan-based testing can do job
Scan-based transition-fault testing techniques are increasingly used to test for delay-inducing defects.
2002-02-14 Samtec interconnects function up to 5GHz
The Q-Pairs high-speed interconnects are fully-tested in 50-ohm or 100-ohm systems for impedance change, VSWR, crosstalk and propagation delay at frequencies from 10MHz to 5GHz.
2005-11-09 Samsung delays DRAM fab, buys gear
Applied Materials, ASML, KLA-Tencor, Novellus and others have begun receiving a new round of semiconductor equipment orders at Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. despite the chip maker's move to delay a DRAM fab project in South Korea, according to a report from an analyst on Monday (Nov. 7
2012-06-11 Rotary sensor boasts accuracy at high speeds
The AS5132 rotary position sensor from AMS dynamically compensates for angle errors attributable to propagation delay at high speeds, enabling it to deliver 3 accuracy at speeds up to 80,000rpm.
2011-07-21 Rising inventory halts LED industry expansion
According to LEDinside, LED chip manufacturers will delay capacity expansion due to weak end-market demand and fund shortage.
2011-08-16 Report: TSMC respins A6 design
Taiwan Economic News reports the possible delay of production volumes of the A6 processor due to respin of its design.
2013-02-28 R&S RTO, R&S RTM oscilloscopes tweaked for power supplies
Rohde & Schwarz offers high end voltage and current probes as well as the new R&S RT-ZF20 deskew fixture, making it easy to measure delay differences.
2001-03-27 Quad Data Rate (QDR) SRAM clocking scheme
This application note explains how Cypress Semiconductor's Quad Data Rate (QDR) SRAM family addresses the issue of flight time delay in traditional synchronous SRAMs by providing a set of both input clocks and output clocks.
2001-04-18 Precision very long time pulse
This application note describes how LSI Computer Systems' LS7210 controller chip can be used to generate extremely long, very precise delay times.
2000-11-28 Pericom offers solution for PC100-compliant modules
This application note discusses Pericom's solution for PC100-compliant modules by utilizing its high-performance PI6C2509A and PI6C2910A zero-delay clock buffers that both allow zero phase and frequency clock distribution.
2000-11-27 Pericom ALVCH16244 comparison
This application note shows a direct comparison between Pericom's ALVCH16244 and competing ALVCH16244s. Compared to the ALVCH16244s, the ALVCH16244 will be proven in this note to be well balanced, well controlled, and much quieter without compromising rise/fall time and propagation delay.
2004-10-26 New Synopsys timing model challenges Cadence's ECSM
Seeking a more accurate approach to nanometer delay modeling, Synopsys revealed its composite current source (CCS) model at the Synopsys Interoperability Forum here Thursday (Oct. 21).
2006-01-27 Microwave circuits improve performance
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division upgrades its thin-film microwave circuit capabilities with polished ceramic substrates that offer a reduction in propagation delay and in-circuit transmission line losses.
2011-02-25 Micrel LDOs target handheld instruments
Micrel Inc.'s MIC5373/83/74/84 series of LDOs feature three 200mA LDOs, an optional fourth LDO output for a real time clock (RTC), integrated power on reset, user-defined voltage monitoring capabilities, adjustable POR delay time and manual reset.
2012-09-28 Memresistor debut pushed back to late 2013
HP and SK-Hynix decision to delay the memresistor was primarily due to its potential to cannibalise existing flash memory business.
2013-01-18 MediaTek postpones MStar merger
The delay has been caused by an inability to secure approval for the deal from foreign countries, including China and South Korea, which have cited anti-trust concerns.
2005-05-12 Maxim IC suits TFT LCD apps
The MAX8758 IC from Maxim includes a high-performance step-up regulator, a high-speed operational amplifier, and a logic-controlled, high-voltage switch-control block with programmable delay.
2007-10-30 Manufacturing glitch delays OLPC laptops
OLPC budget laptops have run into a manufacturing glitch, and the production delay could likely impact the "Give 1 Get 1 program," organizers said last week.
2006-01-16 LED drivers, with staggered outputs, cut EMI
Allegro Microsystems' A6278 and A6279 LED drivers are touted to be the industry's only devices with a staggered delay (20ns on each output) to cut the effects of inrush current.
2011-02-14 LeCroy oscilloscope tips 4GHz bandwidth
LeCroy Corp.'s WaveRunner 6 Zi oscilloscopes provide offset and timebase delay adjustment to allow signal and amplifier performance assessment and zooming on vertical and horizontal signal characteristics.
2003-02-17 Lattice PLD touts speed, size
Lattice Semiconductor's ispGAL22V10A family of ISP simple PLDs operate up to 455MHz with 2.3ns pin-to-pin delay and <300mW standby power.
2006-11-07 Intel presses India to release IC policy
Intel Corp. will delay a decision on whether to locate test, assembly and manufacturing facilities in India until the government announces a semiconductor manufacturing policy.
2010-02-24 Intel extends immersion litho to 11nm, delays EUV
Intel Corp.'s lithography roadmap plans to extend its 193nm immersion to the 11nm logic node and delay extreme ultraviolet (EUV)again.
2008-05-30 Intel delays Centrino 2 launch
A problem with the integrated graphics controller that assists a computer's microprocessor in rendering video and other graphics has prompted Intel Corp. to delay the release of the Centrino 2 mobile platform until mid-July.
2001-12-01 Implementing OLA to remove delays
This article addresses the delay problems DSM (deep-submicron) design closure poses and how OLA (open library application programming interface) can be the format to help solve it.
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