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What is a demo board?
A demo board is a PCB used to demonstrate the specific functions and features of a chip (i.e. DSP IC), and how the chip specifically works in the overall PCB design. It is used for future planning and scrutinizing a certain chip's performance, including its cost and power consumption.
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2003-10-03 LM2698 Demoboard
This application note contains information about the LM2698 DC-DC boost converter design and evaluation board.
2003-09-12 LM2611 demoboard
This application note features the LM2611 demoboard, a working demonstration of a typical LM2611 Cuk converter layout.
2005-06-09 LED dimmer demoboard
This app note demonstrates an 8bit tri-color LED board.
2001-04-05 Evaluating the SA605 SO and SSOP demoboard
This application note shows the layout techniques used in the SA605 SO and SSOP demoboard. It also presents a troubleshooting chart to aid the designer in evaluating the SA605 SO and SSOP demoboard.
2010-01-11 CLT3-4BT6 demoboard: Check the robustness of CLT3-4BT6
The CLT3-4BT6 (current limited termination) is a quadruple input digital termination device designed for 24V DC automation applications.
2002-11-20 TDA8764ATS: 10-bit A/D converter demonstration board
This application note describes the design and the realization of the demonstration board using the TDA8764ATS version (n 709) with an application environment.
2006-01-02 Optimizing video crosspoint switch design
Recognize bandwidth trade-offs and other considerations in choosing the right crosspoint switch for best video quality.
2008-11-20 High Voltage DC/DC Converter for Supertex Ultrasound Transmitter Demoboards
The Supertex AN-H59DB1 demoboard is a high voltage DC/DC converter.
2001-04-05 Philips FM/IF systems for GMSK/GFSK receivers
This application note presents a detailed description of Philips Semiconductors' FM/IF system-based GMSK/GFSK demoboard including circuits, design information and measured BER performance.
2001-04-05 FM And FSK and BPSK demodulation using the Philips NE/SE564 phase-locked loop demoboards
This application note demonstrates how to use the NE564/SE564 demoboard set as an FM demodulator for wideband analog signals, a data receiver for high-speed FSK signals, and a simplified BPSK adaptation.
2013-10-18 Utilise fixed frequency flyback controller
The TEA1733 is a fixed-frequency flyback controller intended for power supplies up to 75 W for applications such as notebooks, printers and LCD monitors.
2013-03-22 Readers' top product picks of 2012
The top ten most read product announcements of EE Times Asia's engineering community.
2016-04-28 LED lighting interface IC slashes component count, PCB space
Aimed at LED lighting applications, Infineon's CDM10V is a single-chip interface IC can transform an analogue zero to 10V input into a PWM or dimming input signal required by a lighting controller.
2005-02-08 Flash MCU targets low power, battery operated apps
EM Micro's new flash MCU delivers a high level of integration, making the new device suitable for use in battery-operated and cost sensitive apps.
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