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What does IC design verification mean?
IC design verification refers to the process of determining whether or not the design of a product, of a given development phase, satisfies the conditions imposed from the start.
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2001-03-22 Using hierarchy in VHDL design
This application note describes VHDL's features, which are specifically designed to make hierarchical design both simple and powerful, and presents a simple example of how these features might be used
2010-03-04 TowerJazz helps boost Korea IC design
TowerJazz has signed an agreement with Korea's IC Design Education Center (IDEC) to accelerate the country's specialty IC design expertise.
2005-04-01 TI IC tailored for portable apps
TI announced a highly integrated charge and power management device that combines a single-cell Li-ion USB/AC charger with a high efficiency, synchronous dc-dc power converter.
2001-12-01 The work flow of a block-based design team
In the block-based design flow, engineers work with blocks comprising thousands of cells rather than with the individual cells, thus providing a higher level of abstraction necessary for dealing with complex multi-million-gate SoC designs
2005-03-17 Synopsys unveils 'next-gen' compiler for physical design
Synopsys unveiled a physical design solution, which the company claims provides leading-edge performance and already carries endorsements by key IC suppliers.
2006-07-05 Sunplus tapes-out design with Synopsys solution
Synopsys announced that Sunplus has taped-out a large high-density consumer design with Synopsys' IC Compiler physical implementation solution.
2003-12-08 SiNett sets up IC design center in Bangalore
The march of semiconductor companies setting up design centers in Bangalore continues unabated
2002-06-18 Quickturn upgrades design verification system
Quickturn has upgraded its Palladium design verification system to provide higher simulation-acceleration performance and support configurations of 2-million to 128-million ASIC gates, as well as up to 64GB of memory and >8,000 physical I/Os for target system interfacing
2002-01-24 Plato adds RC extraction to IC router
Plato Design Systems Inc. has integrated an RC extraction engine and added other enhancements to a new version of its IC router.
2002-10-10 Philips establishes new design center in Europe
Royal Philips Electronics has launched the Philips Delft Design Center in Delft, The Netherlands
2007-03-02 Pavilion to highlight China's homegrown IC design houses
Underscoring the increasing importance of China's homegrown IC design houses to the local electronics industry, this year's IIC-China features local IC design houses in a special IC Design Pavilion.
2007-05-01 MPW eases analog/mixed-signal design
By understanding the nature of MPW services and adapting your design methodology to take advantage of them, you can save weeks or months of development time in getting a chip to market
2006-10-19 Most Indian design houses compete on cost, says report
The majority of India's VLSI design firms compete on cost, while relatively few are mature companies involved in end-to-end projects and even fewer are considered co-innovators, according to Frost & Sullivan
2007-07-16 Linear's chief architect on power loss, IC design
Linear co-founder and chief technical officer Robert Dobkin, who has been involved in the development of high-performance linear ICs for more than 30 years, talks about his favorite topics: Linear itself, and larger design issues such as efficiency vs. power loss
2002-04-16 Linear Technology opens design center in Vermont
The Burlington, Vermont, center has an engineering team of eight IC designers and is expected to provide additional product capability for the company
2007-02-23 India design industry to grow 20% until 2010
Semiconductor design services in India will hit $2.45 billion by 2010 at over 20 percent y-o-y growth rate and up from $869 million in 2005, according to In-Stat
2005-09-30 IC resale scandal rocks AMD, Seagate, ST
2006-10-18 IC design tool touts process-aware DFM
Synopsys two "process-aware" tools that help custom- and analog-IC designers analyze the impact of transistor variability on circuit layouts
2002-08-09 IC design industry takes off in China
The local IC design industry in China has been experiencing rapid development while state policies continue to draw in more overseas companies.
2002-10-24 IC design house breaks ground in Shenzhen
Shenzhen State Microelectronics Co. Ltd has completed the construction of State Microelectronics building, which is located in Shenzhen High-tech Ind. Park.
2008-01-31 HKSTP, Mentor to build SoC/IC design training center
HKSTP and Mentor Graphics have agreed to jointly set up a Training Centre for SoC/IC design technology.
2002-09-25 Get2Chip: Sparking the front-end SoC design revolution
New waves of technology emerge in the EDA industry about every five to seven years that is heavily influenced by design technology advancements and challenges posed by process improvements, observes Get2Chip COO Chi-Ping Hsu
2005-10-11 Design, manufacturing worlds collide at Bacus
If there was a shred of doubt remaining about the magnitude at which IC design and manufacturing convergence is taking place, it was laid to rest last week (Oct. 3-7) at the 25th annual Bacus Photomask Technology symposium in Monterey, Calif.
2000-03-08 Design Tradeoffs When Implementing IEEE 1149.1
IEEE 1149.1 test bus and boundary-scan architecture allows ICs and PWBs to be controlled via a standard four-wire interface. This application note outlines the design tradeoffs while implementing the test bus in electronic systems
2002-09-27 Circuit Semantics: Supporting Taiwan's increasing design complexities
Over the last decade Taiwan has made tremendous progress in the level of sophistication and complexity of designs created.
2002-05-22 Cadence overhauls IC implementation suite
Aiming to speed timing closure and signal integrity analysis, Cadence Design Systems Inc. this week will announce an across-the-board update to its SP&R (synthesis, place and route) IC implementation suite.
2003-10-22 Cadence launches Chinese IC design institute
Cadence Design Systems has joined with a Chinese consortium to launch the Zhongguancan Cadence Institute of Software Technology (ZCIST
2007-01-01 Asia sets eye on more design activities
With the slew of investments and expansion projects undertaken in India, Singapore, Malaysia and even Vietnam last year, global companies have reaffirmed their confidence in the huge potential of these nations.
2008-04-09 AMCC sets up design center in Vietnam
The new Vietnam Design Center will enhance AMCC development resource capabilities to accelerate its penetration into growing markets with its process and transport product lines
2002-09-09 Altera offers C-code-based DSP design flow
Altera Corp.has announced the availability of what it claims to be the FPGA industry's first C-code-based design flow for DSP systems, allowing DSP software engineers to target PLDs without having to learn HDL
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