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2005-08-26 Cadence solution to improve productivity, accuracy of design time
Cadence Design Systems announced the latest advances in its IC packaging technology, designed to improve productivity and accuracy for shorter design cycle time
2010-11-03 Cadence maps out design tool development strategy
Cadence Design Systems Inc. explained the company's strategy to provide an end-to-end flow of silicon and software design tools as part of its EDA360 campaign.
2003-10-17 Cadence IC package, PCB design flow runs on Linux
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has announced what it claims is the industry's first complete front-to-back advanced IC package and PCB design flow to run on Linux.
2007-02-01 Cadence deploys CPF in low-power design flow
Cadence Design Systems has added the Common Power Format (CPF) to its existing logic design, verification and implementation tools
2005-10-07 Cadence announces design flow for ARM Cortex-A8 processor
Cadence Design Systems announced the immediate availability of a high-performance design flow for the new ARM Cortex-A8 processor.
2002-09-23 Cadence adds Plato routing engine to design flow
Cadence Design Systems Inc. is upping the ante in the RTL-to-GDSII IC design tool arena with the latest release of its SoC physical implementation tool
2001-05-16 C++ backed for system-level design
The industry must solve the problems of a synthesizable and verifiable C++ subset that has extensibility despite language constraints and lack of transportable libraries.
2003-04-24 Bookham adopts Agilent's latest MMIC design flow
Bookham Technology plc has migrated its MMIC model and design libraries to the latest release of Agilent Technologies' design system software - ADS 2003A
2004-07-28 AWR, TSMC team up for SiGe design platform
Applied Wave Research and TSMC will jointly develop and deliver a design platform for TSMC's 0.35?m silicon germanium process
2002-05-16 Avant! partners with STMicro in IC, package design
Avant! Corp. has entered into a strategic technology alliance with STMicroelectronics to develop and deploy concurrent IC and package design and analysis capability
2003-03-26 Automation tool speeds physical-design flow
ReShape Inc. claims that its physical-design-automation system allows designers to turn around production layouts of multimillion-gate SoC in 24h
2009-09-04 Automating the analog design flow
Complete automation of the analog IC design flow is a concept that has been debated for decades. The EDA community has focused on automating elements of the design process. But why does 100 percent automation evade us stilland, indeed, should it even be the focus?
2003-05-26 austriamicrosystems kit based on Mentor Graphics' design flow
The company has announced the extension of its design environment support that is based on Mentor Graphics' IC design flow.
2002-11-25 ASE develops Cadence-based package design flow
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has established an analysis-driven IC packaging design flow based on Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s Advanced Package Engineer.
2008-02-01 ARC pushes mobile multimedia SoC design
Configurable-core developer ARC International is refining a development platform that it says will change the way mobile multimedia systems are designed. ARC technologists described elements of the platform at the company's ConfigCon development conference held in California in December 2007.
2005-08-30 Ansoft unveils high-speed serial interconnect design
Ansoft Corp. has presented a white paper unveiling the technical details of a new reference design flow for high-speed serial interconnect./
2001-06-16 Analog, mixed-signal design flow found wanting
Different views cloud the current analog/mixed-signal design flow issue and should stop concentrating on the problem but find a lasting solution for the industry to further prosper.
2006-06-16 Analog analysis tool works with flow
Gradient Design Automation Inc. recently launched CircuitFire, which is said to be the first 3D thermal analysis tool for analog and mixed-signal ICs that's integrated directly into the design flow.
2006-09-14 Amkor selects Cadence for SiP design centers
Cadence Design Systems Inc. announced that Amkor Technology Inc. has standardized on the new Cadence SiP design products and methodologies for use in their worldwide design centers
2012-11-09 Altera's Safety Data Package accelerates design time
The updated functional safety data package accelerates customer's certification process, enabling developers to dramatically decrease their development time.
2004-12-08 Altera unveils unified design flow
Altera's new design software is claimed to be the industry's first and only tool to offer a unified design flow for the development of FPGAs, CPLDs and structured ASICs.
2014-08-05 Altera unveils design software for Stratix 10 FPGAs, SoCs
Altera introduces the Hyper-Aware design flow with this design software, including the Fast Forward Compilation capability that allows customers to perform rapid design performance exploration.
2005-10-27 Altera releases enhanced Quartus II PLD design tool
Programmable logic supplier Altera Corp. introduced early this week an enhanced version of its Quartus II design software
2002-09-09 Altera offers C-code-based DSP design flow
Altera Corp.has announced the availability of what it claims to be the FPGA industry's first C-code-based design flow for DSP systems, allowing DSP software engineers to target PLDs without having to learn HDL.
2002-02-12 Altera design software reduces compile times by 50 percent
Version 2.0 of the Quartus II SOPC design software is includes the LogiLock design flow that is claimed to improve performance in block-level design by 15 percent, and the fast-fit compile option that reduces compile times by 50 percent.
2003-01-13 Alcatel plant standardizes on Mentor design tools
Mentor Graphics Corp. has announced that Alcatel's Raleigh, North Carolina site has chosen the Mentor Graphics Board Station PCB design suite to standardize its design flows and methodologies
2006-09-20 Agilent, Peregrine expand agreement on RFIC design tools
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced a multi-year, multi-site agreement in which Peregrine Semiconductor has expanded its investment in Agilent's RFIC design tools
2004-06-10 Agilent EDA tool supports Maury RF design flow
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that Maury Microwave adopted its advanced design system (ADS) EDA software platform to help streamline Maury's RF and microwave design flow.
2003-06-09 Agere models IC design flow on Agilent environment
Agere Systems Inc. has selected Agilent Tech's RFDE to develop its latest RF/mixed signal IC design flow.
2006-08-01 Advanced simulation eases UWB RFIC design flow
This article describes new technologies for RF and analog design, and verification within established design flows. Circuits from an ongoing project to develop an ultrawideband multiband orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (MB-OFDM) radio will be used to demonstrate the new technologies
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