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2003-03-20 FPGA tool startup aims to make ASICs obsolete
An EDA startup staffed by seasoned industry vets said its FPGA design tools will make ASICs obsolete for most standard products
2008-12-17 FPGA design tool suite boosts productivity
Lattice Semiconductor has announced Version 7.2 of their ispLEVER FPGA design tool suite with advanced place-and-route algorithms that are said to deliver higher performance results in as much as 30 percent less time.
2010-09-23 FPGA design tool debugs TMR, ensures safety
GateRocket and Mentor Graphics have collaborated on a verification-through-synthesis flow solution for advanced FPGA design that targets developers of FPGAs for safety-critical applications in military and aerospace markets
2011-11-10 FPGA design software touts quick debug, verification
Altera's Quartus II software features expanded support for the company's 28nm FPGAs, including compilation support for Arria V and Cyclone V FPGAs.
2007-06-20 FPGA design kit achieves higher abstraction levels
Actel Corp. is rolling out SmartDesign, a graphical design entry capability that promises to bring FPGA design to a higher level of abstraction
2013-08-20 Flow battery design possible boost for solar, wind energy
MIT researchers have engineered a new rechargeable flow battery that doesn't rely on expensive membranes to generate and store electricity and could possibly lead to cheaper, large-scale energy storage.
2009-09-22 Execs weigh in on SoC design challenges
The ASIC versus FPGA debate took an interesting turn, as executives from two design tool firms offered dueling keynote address on the virtues of and challenges facing FPGA-based and ASIC-based SoCs designs
2014-07-25 Exar delivers programmable power design tool
PowerArchitect can be used to set or modify a host of parameters when using any of Exar's growing range of Universal PMIC advanced programmable power management chips and modules.
2015-09-22 Examining the most underrated FPGA design tool ever
There is a design tool that is being quietly adopted by FPGA engineers because, in many cases, it produces results that are better than hand-coded counterparts.
2007-11-28 Evaluation kit makes PSoC mixed-array design a snap
Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a new evaluation kit for its fast-growing PSoC mixed-signal arrays.
2010-08-03 EU's Speculative and Exploratory Design in Systems Engineering (SPEEDS) project concludes
The four-year SPEEDS (SPEculative and Exploratory Design in Systems Engineering) project, funded under the European Union's 6th Framework Programme, has resulted in the definition of a novel end-to-end design methodology, process and tool environment.
2006-10-16 ESL tool offers embedded software support in SystemC
Electronic system-level tools today aim primarily at hardware designers, but an upcoming SystemC architectural design tool expects to provide strong support for embedded-software development.
2006-02-01 Engineer readies tool that generates logic specs
Logic design tool lets users specify transitions for all states and input combinations.
2009-03-24 Electrical design tool targets truck OEMs
Mentor Graphics Corp. announced the deployment of the CHS electrical systems design tool suite by a leading truck OEM.
2006-11-13 EDA's hope is enabling cheaper design
The future of the EDA industry is not too bright, unless it enables chip design of even greater complexity with fewer engineers, thus helping the IC industry deal with the problem of lower profitability as it moves into designs of 65nm and below
2005-07-28 Dorado debuts latest design tool at EDA&Test
Addressing design change issues of ICs, Dorado Design Automation is showcasing its premier product, Tweaker, at the 13th EDA&Test- Taiwan
2005-09-15 Do's and Don'ts of Architecting the Right FPGA Solution for DSP Design
Designing a flexible, programmable DSP system architecture is a daunting task.
2008-02-12 Digital repeater EVM reduces design complexity
TI has introduced a four-channel wideband digital repeater EVM that is said to reduce design complexities and shorten time-to-market for wireless base stations
2008-12-24 Dev't tool enables fast verification
IAR Systems has launched the IAR visualSTATE 6.20 that offers improved speed and memory efficiency, enabling rapid verification of more complex designs.
2011-02-03 DesignCon presents ways to cut design time
Among the methods proposed to speed up design schedules are the formation of small integrated design teams and the reengineering of design tools with parallel processing
2006-03-30 Design, simulation tool expands its MOSFET library
Fairchild's FETBench online design and simulation tool has an expanded library of low-voltage MOSFETs for computing, ultraportable and DC/DC converter applications.
2008-08-29 Design tools support new ultralow power CPLDs
Lattice Semiconductor has released the ispLEVER Classic ver 1.2 design tool suites that will support all its SPLD, CPLD and select FPGA families.
2009-02-02 Design tools simplify RF systems dev't
Analog Devices Inc. has released two free downloadable software tools that can ease RF systems design
2009-04-28 Design tool tailored for Infineon TriCore MCUs
iSystem is offering a design tool for Infineon's TriCore 32bit microcontroller family, which supports a broad spectrum of functions close to the microcontroller hardware.
2008-09-01 Design tool shortens programming of mixed-signal devices
Lattice has released the PAC-Designer software design tool suite ver 4.99a, which provides easy-to-use, point-and-click, intuitive design and verification support for all Power Manager and ispClock mixed signal devices.
2006-11-17 Design suite links PCBs with mechanical CAD
Altium Ltd is promising to link PCB layout with mechanical CAD with the latest release of its Altium Designer FPGA and PCB design suite
2010-07-07 Design software delivers low-power, low-cost FPGAs
The Lattice Diamond FPGA Version 1.0 design software provides as set of tools and a modern user interface to enable designers to more quickly target low power, cost sensitive FPGA applications
2006-06-16 Design role drives 'new Europe
Danube is riding a wave of economic expansion, fueled largely by the emergence of Hungary and neighboring countries as a hub for electronics design and development
2001-03-30 Design optimization using Warp synthesis directives
This application note introduces synthesis directives and shows the tradeoffs that can be made to gain the best possible densities and speeds for VHDL or schematic implementations. It discusses various Warp synthesis directives, their formats and the purpose of each directive.
2002-04-05 Cypress software toolset reduces MCU design time
Cypress Microsystems Inc. has provided the Programmable SoC Designer Software Tool Set for its PSoC MCUs, enabling design engineers to perform dynamic reconfiguration on their designs and reduce development times by up 30 percent.
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