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2004-04-05 Cypress launches design tools for Sahasra 50000 NSE
Cypress Semiconductor has launched its hardware and software design tools for its Sahasra 50000 network search engine
2002-02-11 Cynergy closure casts shadow on C design market
Cynergy System Design, a provider of C language design tools, has run out of cash and is closing its doors, according to a former executive
2002-04-10 CoWare links system-level tool to Xilinx flow
Xilinx Inc. and CoWare Inc. are tailoring Co-Ware's N2C system-level design tool to create a design flow for Xilinx's newly announced Virtex-II systems-on-programmable-chips.
2004-05-10 Coventor MEMS toolset links to IC design
Coventor has released CoventorWare 2004, an updated version of its MEMS design software
2007-02-12 Coaxial device design tool provides 2D electromagnetic simulation
Vector Fields announced an electromagnetic design tool for coaxial devices such as connectors and attenuators.
2004-12-01 Chip2Nite upgrade promises design time reduction
Silicon Dimensions is announcing an updated release of Chip2Nite, an IC design tool that provides floorplanning, placement, analysis and optimization for logic designers.
2014-03-25 Chip design tool delivers tenfold performance boost
Synopsys' IC Compiler II can boost tenfold the throughput of a design exploration flow while using only a fifth of its predecessor's memory
2008-07-09 Carbon Design acquires ARM SoC Designer
Development tools supplier Carbon Design Systems has entered an agreement with ARM Ltd, under which Carbon will take over future development, support and sale of the SoC Designer tool.
2008-04-08 Capacitive touch sensing tool eases interface
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has developed the CapSense Express capacitive touch sensing solution for fast and easy button and slider replacement.
2002-01-21 Cadence to sell Simplex extraction tool
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has secured exclusive distribution rights to Fire&Ice QX, the gate-level parasitic extraction tool of Simplex Solutions Inc.
2010-11-03 Cadence maps out design tool development strategy
Cadence Design Systems Inc. explained the company's strategy to provide an end-to-end flow of silicon and software design tools as part of its EDA360 campaign
2002-03-21 Cadence halts sales of Cierto VCC codesign tool
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has halted sales of Cierto Virtual Component Codesign, its hardware/software codesign tool, through its regular sales channels and plans to release a new version that's easier to use later this year.
2003-03-14 Cadence adds wire bonding capability to packaging tool
Cadence Design Systems has added a new wire bonding capability to its Advanced Package Designer for designs using stacked packages
2002-09-23 Cadence adds Plato routing engine to design flow
Cadence Design Systems Inc. is upping the ante in the RTL-to-GDSII IC design tool arena with the latest release of its SoC physical implementation tool.
2005-09-06 AWR to acquire design tools group APLAC
Applied Wave Research Inc. is expected to announce Tuesday (Sept 6) that it is buying, for an undisclosed sum, APLAC Solutions Corp OY, a company specializing in analog and RF simulation tools for wireless applications.
2003-03-26 Automation tool speeds physical-design flow
ReShape Inc. claims that its physical-design-automation system allows designers to turn around production layouts of multimillion-gate SoC in 24h
2002-01-18 Atmel rolls out comprehensive programmable SoC EDA tool suite
The System Designer 2.0 EDA tool suite is employed for the design of the FPSLIC family of programmable SoCs.
2011-04-06 ASTER rolls DfT, test coverage analysis tool
ASTER Technologies releases the first tool to provide an integrated workflow for DfT and test coverage analysis
2007-01-01 Asia sets eye on more design activities
With the slew of investments and expansion projects undertaken in India, Singapore, Malaysia and even Vietnam last year, global companies have reaffirmed their confidence in the huge potential of these nations.
2002-03-07 ARM, Co-Design unveils co-verification solution for embedded systems
Co-Design Automation has announced that it is integrating its SYSTEMSIM simulator including its CBlend technology with ARM's processor models and software debug environment, targeting the product for embedded system designers
2002-04-03 Ansoft integrates Simplorer into automotive evaluation tool
Ansoft Corp. has announced the integration of its Simplorer electrical system simulator into the Advanced Vehicle Simulator automotive evaluation tool of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
2013-12-18 An assessment of DipTrace PCB design tool
Here's an evaluation of the basic, free version of DipTrace for non-commercial use.
2008-06-23 Altium adds publishing, version control for design tool
Altium's unified solution, Altium Designer, is based on a single data model that lets designers synchronize data across all the electronics design stages, allowing changes in one domain to be reflected throughout the design, from schematic capture, PCB layout and FPGA design through to embedded software development
2004-12-08 Altera unveils unified design flow
Altera's new design software is claimed to be the industry's first and only tool to offer a unified design flow for the development of FPGAs, CPLDs and structured ASICs.
2005-10-27 Altera releases enhanced Quartus II PLD design tool
Programmable logic supplier Altera Corp. introduced early this week an enhanced version of its Quartus II design software
2002-07-01 Altera DSP design tool supports Stratix devices
Altera Corp. has upgraded its DSP Builder design tool to provide support for the Stratix device family, as well as include an interface to the Quartus II design software's SignalTap embedded logic analyzer.
2003-08-01 Altair integrates wire harness design to EDA tool
Altair Engineering has announced that their HarnessLink wiring design tools will be fully integrated with Ansoft's Simplorer simulation software
2006-04-18 Aldec solution increases network-based design verification
Aldec's new mixed-language solution promises to dramatically increase network-based design verification
2002-01-10 Aldec rolls out fast, fully automated FPGA design verification tool
Claimed to be the fastest, most fully automated FPGA design verification tool, Active-HDL 5.1 addresses the latest design trends in the EDA industry, the company says.
2003-01-13 Alcatel plant standardizes on Mentor design tools
Mentor Graphics Corp. has announced that Alcatel's Raleigh, North Carolina site has chosen the Mentor Graphics Board Station PCB design suite to standardize its design flows and methodologies
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