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2011-08-04 X-ray inspection system eases board failure detection
The Akila XR-3 X-ray inspection system claims accurate detection of defects such as excess solder, insufficient solder and voids in printed circuit fabrication.
2010-05-27 USB transceiver offers auto detection, audio fidelity
Fairchild's new USB transceiver and USB accessory detection switch bring functional enhancements without adding design complexity or increasing space and power in mobile designs.
2009-10-15 USB accessory switch packs charger detection
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the smallest USB accessory switch with built-in charger detection that integrates all of the key multimedia functionality into a low-profile UMLP package.
2007-07-19 Ultrasmall detection switch targets handheld devices
Omron Electronic Components LLC has introduced the D3SH series of ultrasmall, low-profile detection switches.
2003-08-29 Trinamic driver has sensorless stall detection
Trinamic Microchips GmbH has introduced a microstepping motor driver that features a sensorless load measurement function.
2011-02-14 TPS65921 USB charger detection
Learn about the use of TPS65921's USB charger detection system feature.
2014-09-10 Touchscreen MCU with face detection: No more dropped calls
The Cypress TMA445A face detection feature prevents unintended touches from accidentally hanging up a call.
2009-05-27 Touch switch detection tool demo board introduction
When using Holtek touch switch series devices, it is normally necessary to know the touch switch sense value changes to adjust the switch sensitivity. The HT48R10A-1 is a Holtek 8bit MCU with 1K Program Memory capacity, 64byte Data Memory capacity and 21 I/O lines.
2012-02-08 Touch controller boasts faster detection
The ZXY100 offers stronger through-glass performance, native Windows 7 support, including dual touch, to cover core gesture recognition functions, as well as faster touch detection.
2008-09-04 Tool suite upgrade touts faster fault detection
LDRA, the leading provider of automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools, has launched the LDRA tool suite v7.7
2008-05-08 Tool eases fault detection in source code
LDRA has launched TBvision, a product that enables companies to easily see how the source code performs against security vulnerabilities, fault-detection and adherence to the required quality standards.
2014-01-24 TI wireless charging controller touts foreign object detection
TI's bq500412 controller, a wireless power transfer circuit with foreign object detection, allows designers to bring to market 3-coil, 5-V, and 12-V A6 charging stations compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium 1.1 specification.
2001-09-12 This application note explains the loop current detection capability of Solid State Optronics' TR115 telecommunications relay.
This application note explains the loop current detection capability of Solid State Optronics' TR115 telecommunications relay.
2015-02-25 Thin sensors boast high-level gas, chemical detection
UC scientists have built sensors made of molybdenum disulphidesmall, thin and highly sensitive to gases and chemical vapours including ethanol, acetonitrile, toluene, chloroform.
2013-09-10 Team develops wireless accident detection system for elderly
University of Utah electrical engineers developed a network of wireless sensors that can detect a person falling and can call for an emergency help without the need to wear monitoring devices.
2007-08-13 System eases development of video detection solutions
Image Sensing Systems has introduced its Autoscope Terra products that generate high performance digital video processing and provide accurate, real-time vehicle and incident detection.
2008-11-12 Switches/muxes provide bus lockup detection
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX7356/MAX7357/MAX7358, 8-channel, I?C switches/muxes with bus lockup detection, isolation, and notification.
2011-01-18 Successive detection log video amps target military, space apps
Hittite Microwave Corp. introduces successive detection log video amplifiers with a limited RF output feature that operates over the 1GHz to 26GHz and 1GHz to 20GHz frequency ranges.
2010-12-06 SPIE Journal details advances in QCL for detection, monitoring, analysis
The accelerated pace of development of quantum cascade laser technology is the subject of a highly anticipated special section just published in SPIE journal, Optical Engineering, having U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientists Jerry Meyer and Igor Vurgaftmanare as section editors.
2012-08-09 Speed up interference detection, identification in wireless devices
Learn about a solution that allows capture of transient errors in real RF environments.
2009-05-28 Spectrum analyzer allows quick signal detection
Tektronix Inc. has released the RSA6000 series of 6.2- and 14GHz spectrum analyzers designed for high-performance spectrum management, radar, defense and communications applications.
2004-12-10 Single error correction and double error detection
This app note describes the implementation of an error correction control (ECC) module in a Virtex-II, Virtex-II Pro, or Virtex-4 device.
2002-09-12 Silicon nanoparticles eyed for chemical detection
A method for fabricating porous-silicon nanoparticles that have a selective response to light could lead to a fundamentally new capability for chemical sensing.
2009-04-23 Setting up the MMA7660FC to do orientation detection
The MMA7660FC has the built-in capability to do orientation detection. This application note explains how to configure the MMA7660FC to do orientation detection given the desired sample rate or targeted power consumption.
2009-04-22 Setting up the MMA7660FC for orientation, shake, auto-wake/sleep and tap detection
The MMA7660FC is a 1.5 g 3-axis accelerometer with digital output (I?C). This MEMS sensor features a low pass filter, compensation for 0g offset. This application note describes how to set up the MMA7660FC registers for orientation, shake, auto-wake/sleep and tap detection.
2011-07-06 Sensors offer improved ALS, proximity detection
TAOS has launched its TSL2x72 sensor series that offer improved digital ALS and proximity detection to create wide dynamic range of operation for mobile product.
2009-12-24 Sensor packs compass, angular velocity detection
Alps Electric Europe has introduced the HSCD series three-axis geomagnetic sensor that integrates angular velocity detection for compact motion applications.
2013-03-12 Self-powered microfluidic chip offers rapid cancer detection
Riken Advanced Science Institute researchers created a self-powered microfluidic chip that can perform an analysis for cancer-specific microRNAs in a drop of patient blood in as little as 20 minutes.
2003-07-25 Seiko IC offers high-accuracy voltage detection
e lithium-ion battery protection IC for 2-serial or 3-serial-cell from Seiko Instruments Inc. is rated at 26V, and offers high-accuracy voltage detection for each cell. The S-8253A/B series features delay times that are generated by an internal circuit, a charge/discharge operation that can be inhibited via the control pin, and a selectable with/without 0V battery charge function.
2009-02-05 Secure supervisor packs SRAM, tamper-detection
Maxim Integrated Products has developed what it claims to be the most secure supervisor for servers, cryptographic coprocessors, POS terminals and secure communication applications.
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