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2005-05-06 Water-proof detector switches withstand severe conditions
With the SPVQ4 series, Alps Electric offers water-proof, high-contact-reliability detector switches that have a long stroke and can withstand severe conditions
2006-12-12 Two-way detector switch rolls for digital handhelds
Alps Electric said it has developed the first compact detector switch for digital cameras and other compact digital devices such as video cameras, portable audio devices and mobile phones.
2003-07-15 Talismanic detector switches suit portable apps
The SMD detector DIP switch series from Talismanic Electronic Co. Ltd have up to 5Vdc rated voltage.
2003-02-12 Matsushita detector switch has 1.7mm profile
The 2HLD series of detector switches from Matsushita Electronic Components has a profile of 1.7mm and is designed for use in automotive audio equipment
2010-04-13 Detect switch boasts reliable contact design
C&K Components has released a series of through-hole subminiature detect switches that features a highly-reliable contact design with a minimum electrical life of 10,000 actuations at full load.
2006-11-29 Compact detector switches roll for digicams
Said to be the first in the industry, Alps' new compact detector switches for digital cameras automatically trigger an "off" state when depressed
2002-06-06 Alps detector switches are 70 percent smaller
Alps Electric Co. Ltd's SVPM vertical and SVPN horizontal detector switches measure 2.8-by-3.5-by-1.5mm and 3.8-by-4.25-by-1mm, respectively
2009-10-21 Voice switch saves space in two-way talk apps
The switch includes amplifiers for the power, receiver, line and microphone and a sending/receiving attenuator
2008-06-04 Voice switch handles two-way conversation
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has introduced the NJW1124, a voice switch for applications of two-way conversation equipment including door intercom and conference systems
2009-06-18 Using the QVE00033 surface mount phototransistor optical interrupter switch
The QVE00033, phototransistor optical interrupter switch, consists of an infrared LED emitter that is optically coupled to a phototransistor detector through a 0.4mm aperture on both sides.
2003-08-25 Sipex photo detector IC suits home DVD players
The photo detector IC from Sipex Corp. is designed to support home DVD player systems
2003-01-27 Semtech expands line card clock switch portfolio
Semtech Corp. has expanded its Synchronous Equipment Timing Source family of line card clock switches with the addition of three devices that provide the line card protection switching and clock synthesis function in PDH, SONET, or SDH networks.
2009-03-04 Micro detect switch packs extended life cycles
C&K Components has released a micro-miniature, side-actuated, right angle detect switch in a low profile package
2002-02-18 Maxim rolls out fan-failure detector/driver IC
The MAX6684 fan-failure detector/driver senses a fan's supply current to indicate functionality, eliminating the need for a tachometer output on the fan
2008-01-16 Flash-capacitor eases portable UV flame detector design
Using a flash-capacitor circuit to provide the high voltage power supply simplifies designing a battery powered, hand-held UV flame detector
2004-06-23 Talismanic detector switches operate to 300C
The surface-mount DIP detector switches from Talismanic Electronic feature a rating of 3Vdc to 5Vdc, 50?A to 10mA
2002-10-16 Talismanic micro switches fit portable apps
Talismanic's TPS-2 series of micro switches is rated from 3Vdc, 50?A to 5Vdc, 1mA, making it suitable for use in portable devices.
2003-02-20 Alps power switches last 100,000 cycles
The SDKS series of power switches from Alps Electric Co. Ltd is available with electrical ratings of 2A, 250Vac and 4A, 125Vac.
2014-09-02 What's switching: Nine takeaways from Hot Interconnects
The event sizzled with announcements and discussionsFacebook introduced its high-profile switch, critics attacked Ethernet's shortfalls, experts scrutinised Wi-Fi, and silicon photonics took centre stage
2011-08-19 Transceiver offers up to 14.025GBd signaling rates
Avago's 16Gb fiber channel transceiver is ideal for 16Gb fiber channel switches, routers, host bus adapters, RAID controllers, tape drives and video switching.
2003-06-23 Sipex PDIC eyes home entertainment market
Sipex Corp. has announced it has released its SP8055 PDIC that is designed for a flagship audio/video recorder that offers 8 high-speed data detection channels with two additional 140MHz summing channels.
2004-07-29 SiGe firm gains traction in 802.11 RF design
While GaAs, once an RF design forte, is slowly giving way to SiGe and CMOS technologies amid renewed industry efforts for lower costs and higher integration, one company that is striving to shatter myths about SiGe technology is its namesake: SiGe Semiconductor Inc.
2006-04-11 Processor accepts analog A/V signals for DTV, STBs
Toshiba America Electronic Components announced the TB1311AFG analog video front-end processor.
2011-09-20 Passive infrared sensing with RS08KA MCU
Learn about the implementation of passive infrared motion detector using Freescale's RS08KA microcontroller family
2013-07-08 MIT researchers develop all-optical transistor
The researchers describe an optical switch controlled by a single photon that allows light to govern the transmission of light intended for new designs for both classical and quantum computers
2003-12-08 feinfocus system with digital imaging capability
feinfocus has introduced Direct Digital Detector imaging for its FOX series
2005-12-15 DVI IC allows three ports to be switched to single display terminal
The TMDS341 and TS3DV520 video switches for DVI or HDMI applications represent Texas Instrument's entrance into the growing DVI/HDMI switch market
2003-09-19 An Analysis and performance evaluation of a passive filter design technique for charge pump PLL's
This application note investigates the design of passive loop filters for frequency synthesizers using a Phase-Frequency Detector and a current switch charge pump.
2002-03-21 Acterna DWDM tester stores up to 1,000 test results
Designed to test 40Gbps networks and ultra-long haul links, the OLP-30C optical power meter measures from -55dBm to 30dBm, and stores up to 1,000 test results taken from DWDM networks.
2006-05-10 AC controllers prevent system failure, overload damage
ACC's current sensing devices with output relay switch enable easy and accurate detection of AC overload or underload to prevent system damage
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