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2005-04-07 Atmel adds five new MCUs
Atmel Corp.'s five newest 8bit AVR flash microcontrollers (MCUs) boast low power consumption for applications requiring a large code space and extensive interfacing capability, such as single-board computers
2006-11-29 Atmel adds 128KB device to 8051 flash MCU line
Atmel has beefed up its 8051-based MCU line with the launching of a new MCU with 128Kbytes of flash program memory.
2008-03-04 ARM7-based MCUs integrate power-saving techniques
Atmel's new series of high-performance, ultralow-power ARM7TDMI-based MCUs feature innovative power reduction techniques for both active and standby modes.
2009-10-27 ARM-based MCUs consume less than 18 ?A/MHz
Startup Energy Micro AS has unveiled its EFM32 family of microcontrollers that offer more than 4x the battery life of existing 8-, 16- or 32bit microcontrollers.
2005-05-26 AR Worldwide RF amplifier powers 100kHz to 250MHz apps
AR Worldwide has introduced its 1,000W model 1000A250 power amplifier designed for the 100kHz to 250MHz frequency range
2009-06-18 Applications of zero voltage crossing optically isolated triac drivers
This application note describes the operation of a basic driving circuit and the determination of circuit values needed for proper implementation of the triac driver.
2006-09-26 Antireflection-coated ball lenses come in larger sizes
Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI) announced it is offering the IsoSphere antireflection-coated ball lenses in a variety of glass indexes and in new, larger sizes.
2007-01-11 Anritsu unrolls portable spectrum analyzers
Anritsu has introduced the MS2724B, MS2721B and MS2723B portable spectrum analyzers.
2015-12-08 Anritsu rolls out high-speed serial bus receiver test sol'n
The solution packs Anritsu's MP1800A BERT SQA and software by GRL that eases calibration so engineers can conduct high-quality reproducible receiver and jitter tolerance tests on high-speed devices.
2002-06-18 Analog Devices adds dual fractional-N PLL offering
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a dual fractional-N PLL frequency synthesizer for the upconversion and downconversion of RF signals in wireless applications.
2005-04-15 Anadigics to supply AWM6430 PAs for WiMAX apps
Anadigics Inc. has received production orders for the AWM6430 Indium Gallium Phosphide (InGaP) heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) 3.5GHz class AB power amplifier (PA) for fixed point worldwide interoperability used in microwave access (WiMAX) applications.
2012-06-25 Amplifiers target wireless, portable designs
Avago's high-gain and high-linearity power amplifiers, ultralow-noise amplifiers and a combo GPS filter-LNA module simplify system design of small cell base stations, macrocells and GPS systems.
2007-04-17 Amplifiers exhibit low noise over 25-40GHz
Endwave strengthened its line of millimeter-wave JCA amplifiers that exhibit low-noise characteristics over broad bandwidths.
2012-08-17 All-states measurement method for PDL and PER with synchronous scrambler
This application note describes an implementation of the all-states PDL method.
2004-02-19 AKCP cameraProbe8 comes with 8 autosense ports
AKCP's integrated camera and sensor monitoring device is designed for physical and enterprises security based on the sensorProbe architecture.
2004-03-01 Airoha expands portfolio with wireless chips
Airoha Technology is boosting its portfolio with a series of transceiver chips and modules for cellphones and 802.11g WLAN-enabled devices.
2002-12-05 Agilent optocouplers transmits at 50MBd
The HCPL-7723/0723 optocouplers are capable of transmitting data at a 50MBd rate and exhibit 2ns of pulse width distortion.
2002-03-14 Agere, Nortel forge agreement for surface-mount 10Gbps receivers
Agere Systems and Nortel Networks have entered into a multi-source agreement to establish standards for surface-mount 10Gbps receivers.
2003-03-31 Aelis Photonics claims optical compensation breakthrough
Aelis Photonics Inc. is slowly taking the wraps off an optical equalization technology which the company claims can mitigate three separate sources of phase distortion.
2003-03-28 Aegis launches thin-films for tunable lasers
Tuneable filter technology introduced by Aegis Semiconductor Inc. is based on thermally-controlled semiconductor thin-films.
2004-05-11 ADI synthesizer first to enable DDS agility to 2.7GHz
The company has introduced a low cost, low power, monolithic solution to integrate both direct digital synthesis and phased locked loop circuitry.
2008-07-02 ADI revs up high-speed data conversion
The sleepy data converter sector is suddenly heating up, as Analog Devices Inc. has leapfrogged the competition to help enable a new class of industrial, medical and related equipment in the marketplace.
2004-06-11 ADI offers two PLL synthesizers for wireless apps
Analog Devices developed two PLL synthesizers for the upconversion and downconversion of RF signals in wireless apps.
2015-09-14 Addressing PCB size limits in wearables
Wireless wearable applications call for a degree of IC, package, and board size reductions that only wafer-level chip-scale integration can solve.
2011-11-17 Address challenges in 40G/100G SerDes design, implementation
Read about the various aspects of SerDes design such as transmit/receive portions.
2008-09-02 Achieve efficiencies with algorithmic synthesis
Algorithmic synthesis moves the creation of application engines (algorithms on silicon) to a higher level of abstraction, giving significant time and cost savings.
2013-01-18 A*STAR photodiode breaks broadband speed limits
A research team at A*STAR developed a 30?m photodetector that can be deposited on a chip using a cost-efficient thin-film deposition process that is compatible with electronic components.
2008-03-03 A simple method to reduce DC power consumption in CDMA RF power amplifiers through the LMV225 and an efficient switcher
This article presents a simple power tracking technique for efficiency enhancement in CDMA RF power amplifiers.
2003-07-16 A case for using hybrid optical switching in long-haul networks
There is a fundamental difference between using transparent elements at line sites - degree two junctions with only two fibre directions - and using them at switch sites that have a degree greater than two with three or more fibre directions.
2008-05-27 A 2.4GHz WiMAX direct conversion transmitter
The purpose of this application note by Cecile Masse and Qui Luu is to demonstrate the Analog Devices' WiMAX 5V transmit signal chain for applications extending up to 2.7GHz.
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