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2015-07-23 Zero-biased waveguide detectors support 26.5GHz to 110GHz
The devices from Pasternack target various aerospace, defence and commercial wireless applications used in instrumentation, power detection, power monitoring and direct detection receivers.
2006-12-04 Wave-shaping IC enables efficient data transmission
The NJM2299 wave-shaping IC from New Japan Radio enables data transmission without wasting power.
2001-06-04 Using microwave mixers as phase detectors
This application note discusses some of the general theory behind the use of microwave mixers as phase detectors, and provides some useful information for the system designer attempting to use a mixer.
2014-08-28 Using LMH2110 evaluation board
Learn about the board designed to help the evaluation of the Texas Instruments LMH2110, a 45 dB Logarithmic RMS power detector particularly suited for accurate power measurement of modulated RF signals.
2012-02-22 USB charger detectors boast universal usability
Maxim's MAX14578E and MAX14578AE operate from -40?C to 85?C and have an on-chip LDO that provides 5.3V output to power a USB transceiver.
2003-05-27 Understanding phase noise from digital components in PLL frequency
This application note explains how the phase noise from the digital components in a PLL synthesizer (dividers, phase detector and charge pump) can be understood in terms of timing jitter in these devices.
2012-10-05 Understanding LMH2121 evaluation board
This application note focuses on Texas Instruments LMH2121 power detector/RF envelope detector.
2008-03-06 Twin-set sensor detects cylinder position accurately
Turck's new twin-set sensor is especially useful for detecting the extended and retracted position of the cylinder's piston for longer cycles, and it has high sensitivity and switching accuracy.
2003-05-22 Toshiba single-chip RF/IF receivers eye wireless apps
Toshiba Corp. has broadened its wireless product lineup with the introduction of the TA31275FN and TA31273FN devices for short-range, low-power wireless applications.
2009-10-14 Tiny photo detectors boast 100ns response time
Vishay has expanded its optoelectronics portfolio with new AEC-Q101-qualified miniature photodiodes and phototransistors.
2000-09-07 The versatile Z86C08: Three key features of this Z8 microcontroller
This application note discusses the D/A conversion, zero crossing detection, and current sensing capabilities of the Z86C08 MCU's dual analog comparators.
2002-12-06 The mathematics of Log-based dynamic processors
This application note describes the basis for the mathematical treatment of dynamic processors and offers insights into its application to circuit designs based on log-corresponding components.
2010-02-21 Test
Electronic products sometimes fail EMC just before they can hit the shelves. You can avoid the cost of redesign and device recall, and product launch delay with "pre-compliance."
2006-06-02 Techniques for measuring RF gain using the MAX2016
This application note discusses how to implement the MAX2016 RF detector into an automated test system for gain measurements in heterodyne transceiver applications.
2002-11-14 TDK 73M223 to FX604 or MX604 migration document
This application note shows how the X604 could be used as a replacement modem device.
2002-10-16 Talismanic micro switches fit portable apps
Talismanic's TPS-2 series of micro switches is rated from 3Vdc, 50?A to 5Vdc, 1mA, making it suitable for use in portable devices.
2001-09-05 Suggested applications for the CMX673
This application note describes typical applications for connecting the CMX673 call progress tone detector to a balanced telephone line, call progress tone cadences and frequencies and an illustrative cadence timing diagram.
2012-07-18 ST plays a part in the discovery of Higgs
STMicroelectronics applauds CERN for their success in discovering the elusive Higgs boson particle.
2003-08-29 SPM12kHz and 16kHz Blocking Filters
This application note presents SPM (subscriber pulse metering or tax metering) detection and methods to attenuate SPM burst signals.
2002-11-14 SPM 12kHz and 16kHz blocking filters
This article presents SPM (Subscriber Pulse Metering or Tax Metering) detection and methods to attenuate SPM burst signals.
2003-08-29 SPM (Subscriber Pulse Metering) for PCMCIA, Data, and Fax Modems
This application note discusses the application of Subscriber Pulse Metering for PCMCIA, Data, and Fax Modems
2002-11-12 SPM (subscriber pulse metering) for PCMCIA, data, and fax modems
This article describes subscriber pulse metering for telephone lines, fax-call charging and data.
2005-01-04 Sipex PDIC tailored for 16x DVD writers
Sipex introduced its new photo detector integrated circuit (PDIC) designed for use in 16x DVD writers.
2003-05-07 Sipex PDIC meets demands of next-gen DVD drives
Sipex Corp. has released the SP8051 PDIC that is specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of next-gen DVD and CD drives.
2004-01-07 Sipex PDIC features 12ns saturation recovery
Sipex Corp. has released its latest Photo Detector Integrated Circuit (PDIC), the SP8052.
2003-06-23 Sipex PDIC eyes home entertainment market
Sipex Corp. has announced it has released its SP8055 PDIC that is designed for a flagship audio/video recorder that offers 8 high-speed data detection channels with two additional 140MHz summing channels.
2002-02-15 Sipex PDIC enables faster CD, DVD read speeds
The SP8040 is a high-performance four-channel PDIC that combines a photodetector array and high-speed analog processing in a single chip for the pick-up head read-channel.
2005-01-13 Silicon zero bias Schottky diodes span DC to 4GHz
M/A-COM announced the release of the MA4E2200 series of Zero Bias Detector (ZBD) silicon Schottky diodes for use in handset and RFID detector apps.
2003-07-15 Silicon opto-detectors reach near-infrared level
Associated Opto-electronics Corp. has released its GT101 series of silicon opto-electronic detectors that are suitable for visible light detection apps.
2006-11-01 Silicon IR detectors promise smallest pixel
ULIS, a developer of uncooled IR detectors, announced its 25?m family of amorphous silicon IR detectors, including the UL 02 15 2, UL 04 17 1 and UL 03 19 1.
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