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2004-11-16 SII voltage detectors consumes 350nA
The S-1000 series of high-precision voltage detectors from SII has been developed using CMOS process, and operates with a current consumption of 350nA.
2004-07-29 SiGe firm gains traction in 802.11 RF design
While GaAs, once an RF design forte, is slowly giving way to SiGe and CMOS technologies amid renewed industry efforts for lower costs and higher integration, one company that is striving to shatter myths about SiGe technology is its namesake: SiGe Semiconductor Inc.
2013-03-12 Self-powered microfluidic chip offers rapid cancer detection
Riken Advanced Science Institute researchers created a self-powered microfluidic chip that can perform an analysis for cancer-specific microRNAs in a drop of patient blood in as little as 20 minutes.
2003-03-11 SBIR announces new modernized facilities
Santa Barbara Infrared Inc. has relocated to a newly redesigned 25,000 square-feet facility in Santa Barbara, California.
2002-11-27 Researchers foresee availability of low-cost Geiger counters
GaAs diodes are being used to build real-time nuclear-radiation detectors that their inventors promise will be as small and cheap as today's non-real-time "dosimeter" badges.
2008-02-15 PXI RTD simulator promises high accuracy
Pickering Interfaces has expanded its range of PXI products with a new high-accuracy RTD simulator.
2011-08-03 Programming 73M2901CE call progress monitor filter
Learn how to use 73M2901CE modem for detecting and generating frequencies beside the ones normally used.
2001-05-11 Programmable double bi-quad filter for tone detection on fixed point DSPs
This application note describes user-programmable double biquad filters for tone detection that are implemented on Texas Instruments' TMS320C2xx fixed-point DSPs.
2001-04-17 Precision temperature measurement using RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) with the CS5516 and CS5520 bridge transducer A/D converters
This application note discusses how the CS5516/CS5520 bridge-measurement A/D converters can be configured for precise measurement of resistance using a ratiometric resistance measurement technique.
2005-07-15 Power detectors shrink to 1mm?
Manufactured using a BiCMOS process, the new RF power detectors from National Semiconductor are optimized for power consumption.
2007-11-20 Power amps reduce cost of Wi-Fi implementations
SiGe Semiconductor has released two power amplifiers that are designed to provide manufacturers with the lowest cost route to developing Wi-Fi systems.
2007-11-22 Power amplifier puts 802.11g in embedded
RF IC vendor SST is offering a power amplifier for Wi-Fi applications dubbed the 12LP14E, which supports 802.11g and consumes 90mA of power at 18dBm.
2010-06-02 Photocoupler achieves 8mm creepage distance
Renesas Electronics Corp. has launched the PS2381-1, a compact, slim photocoupler achieving long creepage distance of 8mm required by worldwide safety standards.
2002-11-08 Phase Locked Loops (PLL) in High Speed Designs
This application describes the contruction of a phase detector in conjunction with a voltage controlled oscillator to create a frequency generator synthesizer.
2010-07-13 Peak detection with PSoC 3 and PSoC 5
This application note describes several techniques for implementing a peak detector in PSoC 3 and PSoC 5. Some of the peak detector designs have been encapsulated as PSoC Creator components for easy reuse.
2006-08-23 PC-based software works with X-rays to find explosives
Guardian Technologies International announced that it has devised PC-based software that can be used in tandem with conventional X-ray detectors in the field, acting as "a second set of eyes" to identify liquid-based compounds for explosives in scanned baggage.
2015-09-25 Pasternack intros threshold detectors for mm-wave apps
The devices line-up consists of three unique models covering 2GHz to 40GHz and incorporate gain stages for higher dynamic range that cover input power levels ranging from -45dBm to 0dBm.
2011-09-20 Passive infrared sensing with RS08KA MCU
Learn about the implementation of passive infrared motion detector using Freescale's RS08KA microcontroller family.
2009-02-02 Optocoupler input drive circuits
An optocoupler is a combination of a light source and a photosensitive detector. In the optocoupler, or photon-coupled pair, the coupling is achieved by light being generated on one side of a transparent insulating gap and being detected on the other side of the gap without an electrical connection between the two sides.
2002-07-31 OCP introduces extended transmission distance transceivers
Optical Communication Products Inc. has introduced its High Sensitivity CWDM Transceivers in GBIC format with an extended transmission distance of over 100km.
2001-09-05 Noise immunity circuit for the MX633/643 call-progress detectors
This application note provides an evaluation circuit for bread boarding purposes and discusses an approach for limiting the MX633/643 call progress detector's sensitivity to noise in poor signal to noise situations.
2007-01-15 Nano imaging sensor discards flash in digicams
Planet82 says its new sensor's use of nanotechnology eliminates the need for energy-intensive flash in digital cameras, mobile phones and vehicles.
2002-07-23 MKS ships smallest portable helium leak detectors
MKS Instruments has expanded its PICO line of gas leak detectors with the addition of the PICO Sniffer and Vacuum leak detector.
2002-04-12 Microscope probes atomic wave functions
A team of Dutch and French researchers has built a microscope that can see atomic wave functions.
2002-08-14 Micromachine technique creates terahertz sensor
Photonic-crystal technology is being eyed by a European research consortium as a new route to a single-chip terahertz sensor.
2002-11-18 Maxim power amplifier covers up to 2.5GHz band
Maxim's MAX4003 power amplifier detector accepts an input power from -45dBm to 0dBm and operates in the 100MHz to 2.5GHz frequency range.
2003-05-11 Low Cost Coupling Methods for RF Power Detectors Replace Directional Couplers
This application note discusses coupling schemes for LTC RF Power controllers and RF power directors.
2005-05-27 Log amp spans 1MHz to 10GHz
Analog Devices released what it claims as the industry's first RF logarithmic detector/controller that accurately measures the power of radio signals from 1MHz to 10GHz.
2003-11-28 Lithium Tech battery packs to support Sartrex device
Lithium Technology Corp. will produce lithium battery packs for a portable radiation detector manufactured by Sartrex Corp.
2002-09-26 Linear Tech receiver ICs detect RF signals up to 2.7GHz
The LT5504 RF power detector and measuring receiver IC from Linear Technology Corp. is able to detect -75dBm to 5dBm RF input signal from 800MHz to 2.7GHz.
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