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2002-01-04 Linear Tech power detectors draw low supply current
The LTC5505-1 and LTC5505-2 RF power detectors offer a >40dB dynamic range for 300MHz to 3GHz applications.
2014-08-04 Light pulses key to graphene's electrical conductivity
By modulating graphene's electron concentration, the researchers found that they could effectively alter graphene's photoconductive properties from semiconductor-like to metal-like.
2003-10-10 Japan-based tech collaboration develops x-ray sensor
Shimadzu Corp., Sharp Corp., and Shindengen Electric Mfg Co. Ltd have developed an a-Se film and direct-conversion flat-panel detector x-ray process.
2010-07-06 IR sensors deliver digital, analog outputs
Extending its optoelectronics portfolio, Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a family of mid-range IR sensors featuring digital and analog outputs in three package types.
2002-02-23 Improving loudspeaker signal handling capability
This application note describes a method for increasing perceived headroom by compressing bass frequencies above some threshold signal level.
2002-07-01 Hanwei gas sensor measures 9.2(x)-by-8mm
The MQ-303 gas sensor from Henan Hanwei Electronics Co. Ltd measures 9.2(x)-by-8mm and dissipates <10mW of power, making it suitable for use in portable breath analyzer, gas detectors, and ignition locking systems in automobiles.
2003-08-22 FX631xxX Clocking Options
This application note discusses FX631xxX Clocking Options
2001-09-06 Filter coefficient generator for CMX860, CMX867 & CMX868
This application note describes the spreadsheet that calculates the required IIR filter coefficients for the programmable tone pair detectors (TPD) included in the CMX860, CMX867 and CMX868 devices.
2003-12-08 feinfocus system with digital imaging capability
feinfocus has introduced Direct Digital Detector imaging for its FOX series.
2015-10-21 Evaluating real-world MCU energy efficiency
Developing applications based on ultra-low-energy MCUs requires a sharper focus on several considerations. Read this article to learn more.
2008-06-26 European IR firm opens production facility in Singapore
European IR detector and imaging solution provider XenICs continues its worldwide extension strategy and growth by opening Singapore-based -based sInfraRed Pte Ltd.
2002-10-16 EM Micro supervisory ICs exhibit 1.5 percent accuracy
The company's EM655X supervisory ICs feature threshold voltages that range from 4.63V down to 1.31V, suitable for voltage supply monitoring apps.
2001-05-02 DTMF tone generation and detection: An implementation using the TMS320C54x
This application note describes the implementation of a DTMF tone generator and detector for the TMS320C54xE DSP. It provides some theoretical background on the algorithms used for tone generation and detection, and documents the actual implementation in detail.
2010-05-06 Digital optocoupler delivers high insulation voltage
Avago Technologies released of a 10MBd digital optocoupler with high insulation voltage ratings for power supply and high-power motor control application.
2010-05-07 Debugger combines detectors, activators
Dolphin Integration SA offers the Bird Owl built-in real-time debugger that applies the technique of Property Checkers to locate program bugs to accelerate the iterative debug-correction process.
2005-05-13 CyOptics completes acquisition of TriQuint's optoelectronics division
CyOptics Inc. has completed the acquisition of TriQuint Semiconductor's optoelectronics operations in Pennsylvania and Matamaros, Mexico.
2007-02-26 Compandor Application Automatic Gain Control
To overcome the physical dynamic range limitations of the audio equipment, a need arises for an AGC. This paper describes examples of implementation of AGC. ON Semiconductor offers a full line of compandors and low-noise op amps for many different implementations of an AGC.
2002-03-21 Codeon modulator integrates photodetector
The company has announced the integration of a photodetector into the Mach-10 12.5Gbps intensity modulator product, eliminating the requirement for an external fiber splice for power monitoring and bias control functions.
2003-05-27 Charge Pump saturation effects in PLL frequency synthesizers
This application note discusses how charge pump limiting can have a significant impact on the lock time, even if the phase detector output swing comfortably covers the required VCO tuning range.
2006-02-01 Change detection enhances video surveillance
Effective surveillance depends on real-time intelligent video systems. Read on.
2012-11-02 Caltech researchers develop microscale optical accelerometer
Researchers at Caltech and the University of Rochester created a type of motion detector that work by using a sensitive displacement detector to measure the motion of a flexibly mounted mass.
2003-06-03 BTexact, LG Electronics finalize IP contract
BTexact Technologies has entered an intellectual property (IP) agreement with LG Electronics Inc.
2012-10-29 Broaden functionality of MAX9930 for CATV apps
Learn how the MAX9930 can be used as either the RF controller or detector.
2002-12-06 Basic Compressor/Limiter Design
This application note describes in detail the circuitry for two basic compressor/limiter designs using THAT's 2252 rms/level-detector and 2180/2181 series of voltage-controlled amplifiers.
2002-02-23 Basic compressor/limiter design
This application note describes THAT Corp.'s 2252 rms-level detector and 2180/2181 series voltage-controlled amplifiers to make a basic above-threshold compressor/limiter.
2008-12-18 Applications of random phase crossing triac drivers
The MOC30XX family of random phase (non-zero crossing) triac drivers consist of an aluminum gallium arsenide infrared LED, optically coupled to a silicon detector chip. These two chips are assembled in a 6-pin DIP package, providing 7.5KVAC(PEAK) of insulation between the LED and the output detector.
2003-09-19 An Analysis and performance evaluation of a passive filter design technique for charge pump PLL's
This application note investigates the design of passive loop filters for frequency synthesizers using a Phase-Frequency Detector and a current switch charge pump.
2003-02-20 Alps power switches last 100,000 cycles
The SDKS series of power switches from Alps Electric Co. Ltd is available with electrical ratings of 2A, 250Vac and 4A, 125Vac.
2002-02-05 Alpha sampling phase detectors operate up to 22GHz
Claimed to be the industry's first surface-mount sampling phase detectors to utilize a unique hybrid assembly design, the SPD family is designed for use in VSAT and LMDS applications that operate in the 18GHz to 22GHz range.
2002-01-31 Agilent PCB assembly tester offers upgraded error detection
With the integration of the BGA Opens Detector and Defect Analyzer, the 5DX Series 5000 automated X-ray test system for PCB assemblies offers more comprehensive and accurate fault coverage.
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