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2002-04-29 Advanced Photonix to supply Optos with additional photodiodes
Advanced Photonix Inc., a developer and manufacturer of large area avalanche photodiodes (LAAPD), has received an additional order of proprietary LAAPD cooled detectors from Optos PLC.
2003-01-22 Advanced Photonix acquires optoelectronics manufacturer
Advanced Photonix Inc. has acquired the outstanding capital stock of Texas Optoelectronics Inc.
2002-03-21 Acterna DWDM tester stores up to 1,000 test results
Designed to test 40Gbps networks and ultra-long haul links, the OLP-30C optical power meter measures from -55dBm to 30dBm, and stores up to 1,000 test results taken from DWDM networks.
2006-05-10 AC controllers prevent system failure, overload damage
ACC's current sensing devices with output relay switch enable easy and accurate detection of AC overload or underload to prevent system damage.
2013-09-18 A*STAR IME, nanoX to create highly sensitive MEMS X-ray
The device from A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics and nanoX Imaging requires only a small dose of radiation to achieve high quality images with a high gain and low noise.
2002-02-23 A low parts count, two-slope compressor
This application note describes a combination compressor and limiter, with adjustable threshold and compression ratio, for just these types of applications.
2012-05-09 5MBd digital optocouplers tip lower power
Avago's ACPL-x2xL optocoupler family claim lower power, higher isolation voltage and better CMR performance.
2002-05-02 54100A series network analyzers: Using frequency multipliers to 110GHz
This application note describes the process of operating the user-defined scaling, external leveling and detector offset features of the 54100A series network analyzers, enabling users to make multiplied and frequency offset measurements accurately.
1999-11-13 24bit stereo A/D converter for digital audio
The CS5360 is a two-channel, single 5V supply, 24bit ADC for digital audio systems. The device performs sampling, ADC conversion, and anti-alias filtering. This note deals with the CS5360 and its application for digital audio.
2002-01-22 'Superconducting light-sensitive' camera spots single photons
The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed the S-Cam, a camera with a superconducting light-sensitive detecting array.
2013-03-08 Voice activation sol'n based on CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP
Ceva and Sensory's solution includes Sensory's Low Power Speech Detector technology that claims to cut power use for always listening devices, smartphones, tablets, games, TVs and cars.
2014-08-13 Vishay rolls out RTD simulator with built-in climate control
Designed to simulate resistance temperature detector PT-100 and PT-1000 outputs for the calibration of RTD instruments, the device features a low nominal TCR of 1 ppm/C.
2009-06-18 Using the QVE00033 surface mount phototransistor optical interrupter switch
The QVE00033, phototransistor optical interrupter switch, consists of an infrared LED emitter that is optically coupled to a phototransistor detector through a 0.4mm aperture on both sides.
2008-12-09 Using the HT77XX step-up DC/DC converter
The HT77XX is a variable frequency voltage-mode step-up DC/DC converter for portable device such as PDAs and digital still cameras. The HT77XX combines a PFM step-up switching regulator, an N-channel power MOSFET, a bandgap reference generator and a voltage detector in a single monolithic device.
2007-05-04 Using GMR sensors with the MSP430 scan interface
This application report describes implementation of a rotation detector that uses a pair of giant magneto-resistive (GMR) sensors, which can detect magnetic fields. The sensors are positioned such that they do not use a quadrature signaling sequence, and this provides an opportunity to discuss how the SIF can be configured for non-quadrature situations. Techniques for debugging SIF applications are discussed, and a tool is provided for designing non-quadrature processing state machines.
2010-12-02 Understanding source-synchronous SerDes
Know how to efficiently use primitives in conjunction with the input delay blocks and phase detector circuitry.
2003-04-29 Toshiba rolls 2.4GHz radio transceiver
The TB32301AFL 2.4GHz radio transceiver from Toshiba Corp. incorporates a low-noise amplifier, FM detector, and VCO in a 36-pin QON package.
2011-12-21 Synthesizer touts -226dBc/Hz in-band phase noise
The LTC6945 comprises a reference buffer, a reference divider, phase-frequency detector with phase-locked indicator and an ultralow noise programmable charge pump.
2003-09-25 SiGe Semiconductor power amp cuts space
SiGe Semiconductor Inc. has added an on-board directional coupler and power detector to its 802.11b/g WLAN power amplifier lineup.
2005-02-09 SiGe PA raises the bar on size, performance
SiGe announced its SE2550L RF front-end module and SE2523L power amplifier with integrated power detector for 802.11 b/g WLAN systems.
2010-07-05 Sensor monitors breathing patterns wirelessly
TiaLinx Inc. has developed the Eagle5-N, a small form factor standoff breathing detector sensor that detects breathing patterns in a queue and uplinks the data remotely to a monitoring station.
2006-07-06 RFIC tailored for wireless infrastructure equipment
Analog Devices has developed an RFIC that comprises a dual detector/controller.
2014-03-17 Research team creates self-powered wireless photodetectors
A team from A*STAR IMRE developed a light detector that can harvest just small quantities of detected light to generate enough energy to power a sensing signal transmission through an RF transmitter.
2012-09-12 Power amps for E-band radio cover 71-76GHz, 81-86GHz range
The GaAs pHEMT MMIC power amplifiers EXP7602 and EXP7603 from GigOptix feature on chip temperature compensated output power detector to simplify system assembly and increase power efficiency.
2013-02-04 Photocouplers tout IGBT protection, high-speed switching
The PS9332L and PS9332L2 from Renesas consist of a gallium-aluminium-arsenide LED, photo detector IC and an IGBT protection circuit that target industrial machinery and solar power systems.
1999-12-16 Optical sensing for the HBCS-1100
This application note describes the electrical and optical design considerations for using discrete optoelectronic devices, or the HBCS-1100 High Resolution Optical Reflective Sensor. The application areas addressed include non-contact transmittive, or reflective sensor systems. Each of these application areas includes an optical emitter, a transmission path, and a detector to perform the sensing function.
2011-03-08 NI wireless sensor networks extend measurement capabilities
National Instruments' new programmable gateway and voltage/resistance temperature detector increase each of the company's WSN platforms.
2002-10-21 Maxim 802.11a SiGe PAs eliminate extra op amp
The MAX2840 and MAX2841 SiGe PAs feature an on-chip power detector that allows for the implementation of an automatic level control function, eliminating the use of an extra op amp required on GaAs HBT PA solutions.
2006-04-18 IR detectors deliver fast response, high photosensitivity
TT electronics Optek Technology unveiled a high-sensitivity IR detector capable of fast response times.
2013-06-06 Gold nanoparticle improves sensitivity of SPR sensors
A*STAR Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology researchers determined the ideal size of nanoparticle to increase the sensitivity of a light-based chemical detector.
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