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2005-10-31 Virtio aids EMS software developers with cycle-approximate tech
Virtio Corp. extended its Virtual Platform technology to support highly accurate timing analysis in software simulation.
2008-08-05 Tuner IP cuts costs, minimizes risks for GPS developers
MIPS's silicon-proven GPS RF tuner IP integrates low-noise RF front-end for GPS receivers, enabling embedded system designers to reduce costs and time-to-market for next-generation GPS devices.
2008-05-12 Sony sets up FeliCa program for system integrators, app developers
Sony Electronics has established an integrator and developer channel program for its FeliCa contactless IC chip technology.
2010-09-15 Salary Survey of Embedded Developers
Embedded development consultant and lecturer Jack Ganssle shares the results of a salary survey he conducted among almost 1,000 embedded developers worldwide.
2015-11-27 RF pointers for embedded developers
Here are five tips on RF technology for developers without much prior experience in dealing with RF now tasked with adding wireless connectivity to their embedded designs.
2010-08-16 Portal gathers embedded Linux device developers
MontaVista launches Meld 2.0, an enhanced community providing a forum to share ideas on the development of feature-rich, and highly optimized embedded Linux systems.
2005-03-01 Pentek adds support for system developers
Pentek disclosed that it has boosted support for system developers with the introduction of its RTS2503 Development Platform and the SystemFlow API and libraries.
2008-03-10 Outside developers get to tinker with iPhone software
Apple Inc. has opened its iPhone software to outside developers in a bid to make the gadget even more popular.
2005-07-01 OS helps developers get to market on time
Off-the-shelf software is more than merely providing code--it's helping harried developers get to market on time.
2005-02-14 Nucleus RTOS support TI's OMAP1710 for cellular apps developers
Accelerated Technology, a Mentor Graphics division, announced the availability of the Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) for Texas Instruments Inc.'s (TI's) OMAP1710 processor.
2005-04-21 North America to have fewer developers than Asia-Pacific
North America is expected to have fewer software developers than the Asia-Pacific region beginning in 2006, due primarily from automation techniques and increasing productivity in North America and the trend among companies to move jobs to low-wage countries, a market research firm said Tuesday.
2004-07-08 MRAM developers on target for rollout within 2004
Near the end of the 1990s, a flurry of announcements promised a 2004 rollout for a radical approach to memory chip technology based on manipulating electron spin.
2009-09-07 Memsic, game developers push motion-based UI
Memsic has collaborated with game developers to bring a new level of motion-game integration to cellphones. Manufacturers
2005-03-22 LSI Logic ASIC aids developers
LSI Logic's new RapidChip Xtreme2 family of Platform ASICs promises to provide the necessary resources for developers to tackle the demanding high-speed serial apps.
2002-11-05 Latest Jungo WinDriver to expand options for developers
Jungo Software Technologies will soon introduce a newer version of its WinDriver, a software development toolkit that enables developers to create custom device drivers that can run on a multitude of OSs without modification.
2004-10-08 Intel software tools help developers on platforms supporting EM64T
Intel announced new software tools to help developers design, analyze and optimize apps running on Intel-based platforms supporting its EM64T.
2004-04-26 Intel backs four more digital-home developers
Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel Corp., has announced its $200 million Digital Home Fund investment in four more companies.
2005-04-06 Intel aids software developers
Intel Corp.'s Software and Solutions Group recently announced the creation of the Intel Software Network, a collection of software development products, tools, training and expert advice designed to help software developers bring more innovative products to market even faster on Intel platforms.
2005-01-13 IBM offers patents to open source developers
IBM Corp. announced Tuesday (Jan. 11) that it will give open source developers free access to 500 of its software patents.
2011-06-06 HTC Sense source code open for developers
HTC announced that source code for its HTC Sense mobile user interface will be available for third party developers in the next few weeks.
2004-06-25 Freescale goes ZigBee with Developers Starter Kit
Freescale Semiconductor is providing manufacturers with a single source ZigBee-Ready platform.
2005-03-09 Express Logic offers developers 'unprecedented visibility' in TCP/IP stack
Express Logic announced the addition of TCP/IP stack and File System awareness to the ARM RealView debugger's robust RTOS kernel awareness for ThreadX.
2008-11-17 Embedded developers make OS choices
Here's the second installment of a two-part report of Embedded Systems Design magazine's 2008 Embedded Market Study results.
2005-09-27 EldoS addresses needs of software developers
EldoS Corp.'s SecureBlackbox 4.0 is a suite of six component packages for software developers that need to hide the details of low-level security protocols and algorithms to make networking safer.
2011-06-23 Dual-mode SoCs for small cell developers
Texas Instruments launched two dual-mode SoCs for metro, pico and enterprise base stations developers.
2002-06-14 Dongbu launches program for CMOS image sensor developers
Dongbu Electronics Co. Ltd has launched its GeneCIS program for developers of CMOS image sensors that target high-volume applications.
2006-08-01 Developers ramp open source
Embedded developers are increasingly turning to open-source tools for building reliable and flexible systems and software. Open-source code can provide both raw material for building system software and applications, and development tools for creating that software.
2005-06-09 Developers hold key to Apple's X86 success
If Apple CEO Steve Jobs is to ensure the success of his plan to jettison long-time support for IBM's PowerPC and transition the Macintosh to processors made by Intel Corp., he'll have to make converts out of one key constituency: software developers
2012-06-18 Cloud computing provider favors game developers
SoftLayer Technologies offers game developers a platform that lets them roll out cloud computing instances in minutes, and have the capacity they need, when they need it, through a consumptive billing model.
2004-09-20 Aspex rolls out new platform for video effects developers
Aspex's Accelera 3000 plug-in hardware acceleration platform is targeted at video effects developers who want to accelerate PC-based image processing tasks.
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