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2009-03-24 Gateway kit fits home, car audio systems
Atmel Corp. has announced the AVR32 ATEVK1105 Digital Audio Gateway kit, demonstrating digital audio streaming, decoding and playback. These audio capabilities serve the market of audio accessories and peripherals that connects home and car Hi-Fi audio systems
2004-06-25 Freescale goes ZigBee with Developers Starter Kit
Freescale Semiconductor is providing manufacturers with a single source ZigBee-Ready platform.
2010-04-06 FPGA-based starter kit accelerates design cycle
Pigeon Point Systems is offering ATCA IPMC and AMC Carrier IPMC board management reference starter kits using Actel's SmartFusion intelligent mixed-signal FPGA.
2013-02-04 FPGA starter kits speeds product development
Microsemi's SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA starter kits support industry-standard interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C and UART and includes a breadboard to support various design requirements.
2012-07-02 FPGA kit targets high bandwidth apps
The Kintex-7 FPGA Connectivity Kit helps increase our customers' productivity by offering a TRD that removes much of the tedious work customers would otherwise have to do on their own
2013-09-11 FMC adapter kit designed for Virtex 7 based prototyping
The proFPGA FMC adapter kit contains a FMC carrier board adapter with two high speed connection cables, which provide a connection between a FMC carrier card and the proFPGA prototyping system
2008-09-03 Flexible MCU kit provides high capacity, low-cost solutions
Atmel has launched its AT91CAP7X-STK Starter Kit for evaluating its ARM7-based CAP family of MCUs, claiming its single-chip solution that delivers lower unit cost, high performance and less active power use compared to ARM-plus-FPGA solutions
2006-07-03 Evaluation kit rolls out for Oki's ARM-based MCUs
Enea and IAR Systems announced a new evaluation platform for Oki Electric's family of ARM-based ML67Q4050 and ML67Q4060 microcontrollers.
2008-03-06 Evaluation kit revs up low-power design for ISM band
Atmel has introduced an evaluation kit that provides designers a ready-to-use development platform in the low-power wireless market for the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band.
2006-07-11 Evaluation kit for LM3S102 MCU now available
Luminary Micro and Rowley Associates have announced the availability of CrossFire LM3S102 evaluation kit for the Stellaris LM3S102 Cortex-M3 microcontroller
2006-03-20 Development tools support wireless USB silicon
WiQuest's reference design tool provides an integrated end-to-end approach in designing Wireless USB products.
2011-05-09 Development tools for 71M651X energy meter IC
Know the various development and programming tools available for the 71M651X, 71M652X, and 71M653X families of energy meter ICs
2005-10-03 Dev't kit from TAK Imaging helps craft dye sublimation printers
The SKRRPP-DS rapid prototyping platform from TAK Imaging is said to pack all the hardware and software needed to speed the development of next-generation dye sublimation printers
2015-02-11 Desktop PCB printer eases prototype development
The printer is targeted at surface-mount designs. In addition to being able to print two conductive layers separated by an insulating medium, it can dispense solder paste into the requisite locations.
2004-01-05 Cypress tool simplifies USB 2.0 development
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled a suite of software tools designed to simplify the development of USB 2.0 peripherals
2007-02-26 Cypress reference kit eases wireless HID designs
Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a reference design kit that promises to simplify the design of wireless mice, keyboards and dongles
2014-06-17 Cypress outs prototyping kit, offers PSoC 4 chips at $1
The prototyping kit serves as a low cost alternative to customers looking to sample PSoC 4 devices featuring the low-power Cortex-M0 core. In addition, select PSoC 4 devices are available for $1
2002-07-25 Crossware offers starter kit for Atmel microcontroller
Crossware's starter kit features an evaluation board outfitted with an Atmel T89C51RD2 Flash microcontroller and an 8051 Development Suite.
2011-01-03 Cortex A8-based development board supports open source
Mistral Solutions launched its Craneboard, which the maker is boldly positioning against TI's AM35x Sitara ARM Cortex-8 MPU evaluation modules.
2007-06-14 CoolRunner-II CPLD starter kit suits low-power apps
Xilinx Inc. announces the immediate availability of its low-cost CoolRunner-II CPLD starter kit suitable for prototyping high volume, ultralow power applications such as handheld devices, smartphones, motor control interface, and embedded CPLD applications
2013-02-05 Chip integrates reference design kit from Comcast
ST's Orly STiH416 SoC with integrated RDK promises to speed development of set-top boxes and video gateways as part of next-generation home entertainment systems
2005-08-08 CANopen safety chip simplifies safety-related development
Safety-related devices are increasingly being networked together. Expensive safety controllers and safety monitors are available already, but the number of simple and inexpensive safety-related devices is still low. Networked safety technology makes sense only if the peripherals are available at acceptable prices.
2006-04-28 Cadence AMS kit adopted by non-volatile memory supplier
Cadence announced that Saifun Semiconductors has adopted Cadence's Analog Mixed Signal Methodology Kit
2008-08-11 Bluetooth kit makes embedded design simple
ZBA Inc. has introduced the BT44-DEV-KIT Bluetooth evaluation kit, which includes Bluetooth dongle access to the company's BT44 evaluation board
2010-09-09 Battery-powered FPGA development board integrates PSoC 3
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that its PSoC 3 Programmable Embedded System-on-chip has been adopted by AVnet in its low-power Xilinx Spartan-6 LX16 FPGA Evaluation Kit
2007-04-17 AVR RFID demo kit suits tracking apps
Atmel has released the ATA2270-EK1125-kHz RFID demo kit, which enables the evaluation and prototyping of the company's portfolio of LF IDICs used in a broad range of RFID applications
2015-10-05 Avnet rolls out low power FPGA evaluation kit
The ARTY Xilinx Artix-7 35T FPGA evaluation kit claims to provide users a complete development system for exploring FPGA designs for cost sensitive, low-power, embedded applications.
2006-11-02 Avnet rolls out evaluation kit for Actel ProASIC3
Avnet has released an evaluation kit that enables product development and evaluation using the highest density ProASIC3 FPGA.
2003-03-10 austriamicrosystems design kit speeds RF IC development
The company has announced the availability of the HIT-Kit product design kit that helps speed up the development of RF ICs.
2007-01-19 Audio platforms deliver fastest time-to-market, lowest development risk
BridgeCo's latest reference design platforms enable consumer electronics OEMs to rapidly create audio products that allow users to network iPods and other portable music players, and manage all of their digital audio content through a new full-color GUI.
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