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2004-01-14 C-based co-development environment rolls for FPGAs
Startup Impulse Accelerated Technologies Inc. has rolled out its CoDeveloper product, which offers a hardware/software co-development environment for FPGAs
2011-05-03 Bsquare rolls next-gen Snapdragon development platform
The MSM8660-based Snapdragon MDP offers new features such as a dual-core CPU that supports asynchronous architecture and console quality and stereoscopic 3D graphics performance.
2002-08-07 Boeing, IFAD collaborate on software development
Boeing Co. and IFAD have launched an enhanced software product called the VDMTools, which offers advanced analysis and debugging tools to aid in software development.
2010-05-11 Bluetooth-MCU platform simplifies development process
Texas Instruments Inc. has coupled its seventh-generation Bluetooth offering, the CC2560, with an embedded Bluetooth stack running on TI's ultralow-power MSP430 microcontroller.
2001-06-16 Berkeley spin-off to spread use of Ptolemy tools
Enhancements are on their way for Agile Design Inc.'s Ptolemy hierarchical simulation tools to boost engineering designs
2006-12-11 Baseband analyzer is tailored for cellphone chipset development
Rohde & Schwarz said its new baseband analyzer is tailored to the requirements of chipset development for mobile phones and base stations
2006-08-18 Avago unrolls development kits for RGB color sensors
Avago Technologies has introduced three easy to use "plug and play" development kits that are designed to save time when evaluating the company's RGB color sensors
2003-03-10 austriamicrosystems design kit speeds RF IC development
The company has announced the availability of the HIT-Kit product design kit that helps speed up the development of RF ICs
2006-09-21 Atmel unrolls low-cost development kit for AVR MCUs
Atmel said its AVR Dragon development kit provides a complete on-chip debugging and programming tool for more than 30 different AVR Flash MCUsall at $49making it the industry's most comprehensive low-cost development solution
2004-06-09 Atmel rolls out development kits for UHF ICs
Atmel's new family of development kits promises to enable customers to get started with the company's UHF ICs easily and quickly
2006-12-07 ASML, TEL team on advanced litho tools
Tokyo Electron and ASML Holding NV are joining forces to develop next generation R&D and manufacturing tools
2002-08-29 ASIC vendors heed call for virtual prototyping tools
If time is money and product development budgets are being slashed, it follows that the time it takes to design and tape out a custom chip should fall too
2014-05-30 ARM taps Duolog for IP integration tools
Today's eight-core ARM-based SoCs require configuring debug and trace across as many as a thousand connections and 500 registers, leveraging Duolog's platform will facilitate a faster turn-up.
2011-11-04 ARM buys IC design tools developer
ARM has acquired Prolific Inc., a privately-owned company that develops leading-edge IC design optimization software tools
2004-03-31 Aptix, SoftRISC collaborate on VoIP development platform
SoC design supplier Aptix Corp. and SoftRISC, a provider of field-deployed communication software solutions have signed an agreement to collaborate and produce a high performance VoIP development and prototyping environment based on the ARM PrimeXsys platform
2008-05-16 Analog tools require reinvention
Until recently, the majority of ICs were either purely digital or purely analog in nature. Today, to satisfy cost, size, weight and power consumption requirements, sophisticated combinations of analog and digital functions are being implemented on "mixed-signal" devices.
2003-06-06 Anadigm tool enhances PID controller development
The AnadigmPID tool from Anadigm allows users to build an analog PID control loop on an integrated silicon platform.
2013-02-01 An assessment of PCB layout tools
The selection of the right tool for the layout should be at the forefront of PCB layout planning and must never be ignored.
2002-12-23 AMD ships development kits for Alchemy SoCs
The company has announced the availability of the DBAu1000, DBAu1500, and DBAu1100 development board kits for its Alchemy Solutions processor family
2006-04-06 Altera' ESL tool reduces development time
Altera announced the Nios II C2H Compiler, a new productivity tool for developers of Nios II-based systems that promises to substantially increase the performance of their embedded software.
2005-02-22 Altera unveils DSP Development Kit, Cyclone II Edition
Altera introduced its new DSP Development Kit, Cyclone II Edition featuring Altera's Cyclone II FPGAs, TI's ADS5500 ADCs and an interface to TI's DSKs
2004-09-06 Altera development kits target FPGAs, CPLDs
Altera has introduced development kits for its Stratix II FPGAs and Max II CPLDs
2002-09-23 Aldec: Taiwan to drive EDA development in Asia-Pacific region
Taiwan continues to be Asia Pacific's no.1 consumer of EDA tools
2007-11-19 Agilent teams with Elektrobit on FlexRay test tools
Agilent has announced a partnership to license certain automotive-network products in Elektrobit 's FlexRay product line, creating an integrated design and test toolset for software and test engineers.
2008-10-17 Agilent 3GPP LTE: System overview, product development, and test challenges
This application note describes the Long Term Evolution of UMTS, which is being developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).
2006-01-20 Actel unveils development ecosystem for mixed-signal FPGAs
Actel has enhanced its Fusion mixed-signal FPGA offering with a development ecosystem that supports power and thermal management applications
2016-01-25 Accelerating FPGA development schedules
In this article, we discuss the importance of sophisticated synthesis tools in order to achieve accelerated FPGA development schedules.
2004-11-16 A tools-centric view of embedded Linux
Study the development phases and specialized tools available in creating an embedded-Linux product.
2001-06-08 3D design tools for package flexibility
With IC packaging continue to grow in functionality and complexity, a new generation of 3D design tools are needed to speed up the design and development process.
2002-09-20 Zygo receives product development contract
Zygo Corp. has signed a $29.69 million contract to develop a product utilizing metrology technology and application specific solutions for next-generation lithography tools
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