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2006-08-15 IR unveils driver ICs for HID ballast apps
International Rectifier has introduced a family of integrated 600V self-oscillating full-bridge driver ICs for HID ballast applications
2004-07-02 IR rolls out driver IC for Class D amps
International Rectifier unveiled a high- and low-side MOSFET driver IC for 100W to 1,000W Class D audio amplifier circuits
2005-07-18 IR rolls new buck controller-driver ICs
IR's new IR3621M and IR3621F voltage-mode, dual output bi-phase synchronous buck controller-driver ICs are designed for high performance point-of-load buck converters used in networking, computing and communications systems
2002-02-27 IR controller IC eliminates external driver
The IRU3038 DDR memory controller IC from International Rectifier integrates a high-side and low-side driver, eliminating the need for an external drive circuitry and enabling the device to drive multiple banks of memory.
2004-06-16 Invector Ethernet device eyes 8-, 16-bit embedded systems
Invector Embedded Technologies introduced a new, small sized, 100Mb Ethernet module that can be used in 8 to 16-bit embedded systems.
2013-02-04 Intersil unveiled single-ended LED driver controllers
Geared for industrial and commercial lighting systems, the ISL1903 and ISL1904 support single-stage conversion of the AC mains to a constant current source with power factor correction.
2002-05-20 Intersil driver MOSFETs shrink to micro-leads
Three entries to Intersil Corp.'s Endura line of driver MOSFETs in MLFPs target designs in which board real estate and power dissipation are significant concerns
2011-09-15 Integrated pre-driver saves 60% space
TI has launched DRV8301, a three-phase brushless motor pre-driver, which integrates step-down voltage regulator and dual current-sense amplifiers, resulting to a 60 percent reduction in board space
2008-10-13 Integrated pre-amp, output driver earmark voltage comparators
Advanced Linear Devices has released its dual precision CMOS voltage comparator series, touting an industry-first integrated precision pre-amp and output driver
2009-01-15 Integrated driver-MOSFET touts 96.5% efficiency
Renesas Technology Europe announced the R2J20651NP integrated driver-MOSFET, which is designed for use in the CPU and DDR type SDRAM power supplies used in PCs and servers, and achieves what is believed to be the industry's highest power supply efficiency of 96.5% at Vin = 5V, Vout = 1.8V
2009-12-11 Integrated Driver-MOSFET handles 20V input voltage
Renesas Technology Corp. has introduced the R2J20653ANP Integrated Driver-MOSFET for use in voltage regulators for the CPU, memory of notebook PCs
2010-03-01 Integrated buck driver reduces part count
TI has launched a digital power dual synchronous-buck driver with integrated power MOSFETs, protection blocks and monitoring features, which help save board space and reduce component counts
2011-12-20 Installation guide for USB HHID class driver
Here is an installation guide for the USB Host Human Interface Devices Class Driver
2008-05-22 Industrial stepper motor driver
This application note from Cypress Semiconductor describes stepper motor control based on PSoC.
2005-09-26 Indian start-up announces support for SDIO-WiFi driver
embWiSe Technologies, a start-up in Chennai, India, announced support for SDIO-WiFi driver with their SDIOWorx Linux SDIO stack
2008-08-25 Improved clock driver responds to DDR3 server needs
Inphi offers a JEDEC-compliant DDR3 registered clock driver to support DDR3-1600 data rates at 1.35V, 5 percent. This new registering clock driver enables quad-rank support for enhanced capacity in server memory
2009-11-03 Implementation of integrated MPPT solar charger and LED driver using PowerPSoC
Cypress' MPPT Solar Charger and LED driver is a PowerPSoC-based solution. It is used to charge solar-based lead acid batteries by employing a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm
2003-02-25 Holtek rolls VFD driver IC
The HT16511 VFD driver IC of Holtek Semiconductor Inc. is capable of driving 8-grid/16 segment to 12-grid/20-segment VFD devices
2007-12-10 High-speed MOSFET driver supports step-down/-up DC/DCs
Linear Technology has unveiled the LTC4444 a high-speed, high-input supply voltage (100V) synchronous MOSFET driver designed for upper and lower power n-channel MOSFETs in synchronous rectified converter topologies
2005-07-18 High-side driver includes error monitoring programmable I/O part
The iC-JX from iC-Haus is a 16-fold, 24V high-side driver with error monitoring programmable I/O device with diagnostic function and A/D converter.
2006-12-13 High-side driver ASSP suits 24V industrial apps
AMI Semiconductor's new high-side driver ASSP is qualified for operation up to 28V and suited for designs with nominal system supply voltages of 24V
2007-01-12 High-side driver ASSP controls LEDs, relays
AMI Semiconductor has expanded its family of high-side driver ASSPs with a new device designed specifically for the control of LEDs, relays, solenoids, transistor gates, valves, and other loads in industrial systems.
2008-07-18 High-quality LCD display driver targets handsets
Leadis Technology Inc. has shipped its first 1 million units of the LDS342, a QVGA LTPS LCD display driver for the Nokia E71 mobile phones
2011-01-18 High-efficiency 6-channel WLED driver for 72 LEDs
LDS8763 white LED driver from IXYS Corp. designed for wide array of display and lighting needs
2007-10-30 High-brightness LED driver powers 15W systems
National Semiconductor's two new high-brightness LED drivers in its PowerWise product family are suited to industrial and automotive tasks and general lighting/signage.
2005-10-03 Headphone driver IC designed for space-constraint portable apps
ST introduced a compact stereo headphone driver chip with an I�C bus control interface intended for portable apps such as mobile phones equipped with FM radio that need quality audio output and minimum additional components
2010-05-17 HBLED driver integrates PWM dithering
Micrel Inc. is rolling out the MIC3203 step-down high-brightness LED (HBLED) driver controller IC with high-side current sense and PWM dithering feature for EMI control
2010-05-21 HB LED driver tailored for outdoor LCDs
Semtech Corp. has released the SC446 three-channel high-brightness LED (HB LED) driver with an integrated 2.5A boost power switch
2008-12-22 HB LED driver simplifies green lighting designs
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX16834, a current-mode, high-brightness (HB) LED driver for boost, buck-boost, SEPIC and high-side buck topologies
2007-08-28 HB LED driver powers common-anode LEDs
Maxim Integrated Products claims that it has introduced the MAX16821 synchronous HB LED driver with rapid current pulsing, said to be the first to drive common-anode LEDs
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