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2013-11-20 Yole: Diamond materials market for chips to top $43M
The growing interest in diamond for optical and thermal applications, and for high-power, high-frequency devices working at high temperatures is expected to drive the market, said Yole Developpement.
2007-12-11 Tensilica adds trace support to Xtensa, Diamond processors
Tensilica has added an optional full-speed, non-intrusive instruction trace capability to its Diamond Standard and Xtensa configurable processor cores.
2011-03-08 Silver, diamond make cooling composite for defense systems
Georgia Tech Research Institute researchers have developed a composite of silver and diamond for cooling microelectronics used in defense systems such as phased array radars.
2002-05-09 PECVD diamond films for use in silicon microstructures
This application note describes how the PECVD diamond films could be used in silicon microstructures.
2006-03-10 Nucleus RTOS supports new Diamond CPU cores
The Nucleus RTOS from Accelerated Technology now supports all six of Tensilica's new Diamond Standard processor cores.
2003-08-27 NTT verifies diamond semiconductor operation at 81GHz
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) has developed a diamond semiconductor device that operates at 81GHz frequency.
2014-01-29 MIT team shows method to control nanoscale diamond sensors
The control technique allows the tiny sensors to monitor how magnetic fields change over time, such as when neurons in the brain transmit electrical signals to each other.
2005-06-22 Japanese researchers craft novel diamond semiconductor
Researchers at Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have used a vapor deposition process to synthesize an n-type semiconducting 001 oriented diamond substrate.
2008-05-19 HTC's Touch Diamond touted as iPhone2 rival
Taiwan's HTC has introduced a cellphone that is designed to make Web browsing as easy as making calls.
2008-05-09 HTC Touch Diamond snaps at iPhone's heels
HTC this week launched a more powerful version of its popular Touch smart phone, hoping to lure consumers from better-known rivals such as Apple's iPhone.
2009-04-21 Group claims smallest diamond transistor
University of Glasgow researchers have developed what they claim to be the smallest diamond transistor ever with 50nm gate lengths.
2009-04-16 Diamond, sapphire wafers, anyone?
Two vendors are separately utilizing new materials for emerging applications. sp3 is taking orders for 2- and 4-inch silicon-on-diamond wafers while Rubicon has grown sapphire crystal for wafer products with dimensions over 12 inches.
2008-09-01 Diamond Video Engine controller code exampleA tutorial on developing control code for the 388VDO Engine
This application note describes how to write basic control code to control video decoding functionality using the 388VDO Diamond Video Engine.
2015-07-30 Diamond substrate unleashes GaN potential
Diamond substrates and heat spreaders enable GaN devices to operate near its peak power output without degradation in lifetime.
2001-09-10 Cleaning diamond turned and polished mirrors
This application note explains the recommended techniques that must be used to clean both diamond turned and polished mirrors.
2013-07-09 Boron-doped diamond coating enhances semiconductors
A team of researchers at Advanced Diamond Technologies created thin films of boron-doped diamond at temperatures low enough (between 460-600C) to coat sensitive electronics devices.
2007-02-01 Video processors roll for mobile handsets, PMPs
Claiming to have solved one of the "grand challenges" of video system design, Tensilica Inc. has introduced a family of software-based video processor engines for mobile handsets and personal media players.
2006-04-03 Switching lines play up Metro Ether
Cisco Systems Inc. and Extreme Networks Inc. are expanding their metro Ethernet switching strategies to meet carriers' need for resiliency.
2012-05-09 Star topology enables management of 36 power supply rails
Lattice Semiconductor's scalable, in-system upgradable, star topology power management architecture can be used for circuit boards that need more than 12 power supply rails
2014-08-26 Serial port modules offer optional opto-isolation
The EMM-8EL-XT from Diamond Systems is a family of high performance PCIe/104 OneBankT serial I/O modules offering four or eight serial ports with software-controlled configuration.
2006-08-21 Researchers focus on integrating MEMS unto CMOS
The world's first microelectromechanical systems directly integrated onto a CMOS chip is the aim of a new joint effort among U.S. laboratories, industry and academia.
2007-03-06 Pioneer MP3 player resembles Nano
The overall PMP300 architecture bears a resemblance to one of today's most popular flash-based players, the Apple Nano.
2008-09-02 Optimizing for energy using the Xenergy energy optimizator tool
This application note examines the use models for Xenergy. It also demonstrates how to use Xenergy as an effective tool.
2012-05-08 NXP rolls smallest logic package
NXP claims that the SOT1226 saves engineers time and costs by offering a 0.5mm pad pitch that is 50 percent larger for easier soldering.
2008-08-13 Low cost, large multisite test capacity sets apart Credence's HDVI instrument
Automated test equipment (ATE) solution provider Credence Systems Corp. introduces the latest addition to instruments line for the Diamond test platform.
2005-04-06 LightPath unveils long wavelength infrared lenses
LightPath Technologies announced it now has the ability to mold long wavelength infrared aspheric optics.
2002-03-18 Ion source applications: Si-doped DLC
This application note relates processes developed on Advanced Energy's gridless multi-cell ion source (MCIS) for the deposition of Si-doped DLC materials.
2002-03-18 Ion source applications: DLC depositions
This application note relates processes developed on Advanced Energy's gridless multi-cell ion source (MCIS) and linear ion source (LIS) for the deposition of DLC materials.
2005-10-06 Hynix tips DRAM process roadmap to 60nm
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. outlined its aggressive DRAM process roadmap to keep pace with its rivals, including the development of a 60-nm technology called
2006-02-24 GUC, Tensilica disclose 'comprehensive' processor partnership
GUC disclosed it will create hardened versions of Tensilica's new Diamond Standard Series processors for TSMC foundry for technologies at 0.13?m and below.
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