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What is analog-to-digital converter?
An electronic circuit that converts a continuously varying signal (temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.) into digital number comprising zeroes and ones.
Applications include anything that involves the digital processing of signals by a digital signal processor, microprocessor or microcontroller.
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2002-02-22 Philips dc/dc converter programs output voltage
Targeted for use in battery-powered communications, computing, and A/V equipment, the TEA1211 dc/dc converter can program its output voltage from 1.5V to 5.5V in 0.1V steps via the I?C bus
2008-04-29 Shunt-type reference voltage IC suits data converter, industrial apps
New Japan Radio offers the NJM2825, a high-precision micropower shunt-type reference voltage IC that is for data converter and industrial measurement applications
2009-02-19 Power converter harnesses green energy
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has developed an integrated mixed-signal chip that can convert the output from a single solar cell into a usable power source.
2005-12-19 Boomer audio amp incorporates digital, analog input paths
National Semiconductor introduced the LM4934 Boomer stereo audio subsystem, which it touts as the industry's first subsystem to incorporate both digital and analog input paths.
2003-12-03 Wolfson DACs target DVD, SACD players
Wolfson Microelectronics plc has introduced a family of low-cost, power-efficient multi-channel DACs.
2002-07-26 Wolfson DAC operates down to 3V
Wolfson Microelectronics has announced the availability of the WM8726 stereo DAC that runs at supply voltages down to 3V and is targeted towards cost-sensitive applications.
2002-08-20 Wolfson audio DAC offers 112dB SNR
The WM8718 24-bit differential stereo DAC that offers a 112dB SNR and -100dB THD.
2003-04-29 Wolfson audio DAC features AC'97 interface
The WM9709 stereo audio DAC from Wolfson Microelectronics features an Intel-specified AC-Link architecture.
2002-07-10 Wolfson AFE targets flatbed scanners, multi-function peripherals
The WM8150 analog front end from Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd works with CIS or CCD sensors at a pixel sample rate of up to 8MSa/s.
2002-11-06 TI DAC targets industrial, portable process controls
The company's latest 16-bit quad DAC offering is targeted at portable and low-power systems such as industrial process control apps.
2003-05-07 TI DAC supports four WCDMA carriers at half the power
The DAC5686 programmable dual DAC of Texas Instruments supports up to four WCDMA carriers, while consuming half the power of comparable solutions.
2003-09-11 Pentek rolls digital upconverter, FPGA module
Pentek Inc. today announced the industry's first 4-channel DAC, digital upconverter and FPGA module.
2003-03-10 Micronas stereo DAC targets portable devices
Micronas GmbH has introduced the DAC 3560C stereo DAC, which is available in a 6-by-6-by-0.9mm QFN package that eyes portable multimedia devices.
2002-10-01 Maxwell ships space-qualified DAC
Maxwell Technologies' space-qualified, quad multiplying DAC is a monolithic device based on Analog Devices' 8408 product.
2003-01-07 Maxim DACs offer enhanced accuracy
The company's MAX5200 to MAX5207 rail-to-rail buffered 16-bit DACs offer a maximum INL of 20LSB.
2009-02-16 Low-power DACs come in SC70 packages
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched what it claims to be the first single-channel DAC family available in tiny SC70 packages.
2002-04-18 Intersil DACs perform up to 210MSa/s
Intersil Corp. has shipped its ISL5X29 family of 3.3V dual DACs consisting of 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-bit versions that perform either 130MSa/s or 210MSa/s and support baseband or high IF applications.
2003-09-19 Input Leakage Current in High Speed Applications
This application note examines the input currents found on high speed sigma-delta ADCs
2002-07-23 ICmic DACs target process, motion control apps
IC Microsystems (ICmic) Sdn. Bhd. Has announced the release of the ICM7323 quad 8-bit and ICM7343 quad 10-bit voltage-output DACs.
2002-03-05 Fujitsu DAC technology provides 1GSa/s conversion rate
Designed for video systems, test equipment, and 3G cellular infrastructure, Fujitsu Microelectronics America (FMA) has announced an advanced DAC technology that provides a resolution of 14 bits and a minimum guaranteed conversion rate of 1Gsa/s.
2003-02-03 Fujitsu DAC aims to cut cellular infrastructure costs
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe's MB86064 dual 14-bit, 800MSa/s DAC is capable of reducing cellular infrastructure cost.
2002-12-06 Digital gain control with analog VCAs
This application note explains how to build gain-control blocks using DACs and VACs.
2010-07-26 DAC features dynamic power control
The AD5755 quad-channel 16-bit voltage/current-out digital/analog converter from Analog Devices incorporates dynamic power control to reduce power needs by 80 percent.
2002-09-17 Cirrus audio DACs sample at 192kHz
The CS4340A and CS4341A audio DACs support the 24-bit conversion and samples up to 192kHz, allowing them to be used in DVD-Audio players and other consumer entertainment applications.
2002-08-05 AKM multimedia codec consumes lesser power
The AK4564 16-bit codec from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd uses digital technology during recording to achieve a 30 percent reduction in power consumption compared to previous products.
2003-03-21 AKM DAC supports SACD DSD, DVD-Audio formats
Asahi Kasei Microsystems has announced the availability of the AK4358 8-channel DAC that is compatible with both the SACD DSD and DVD-Audio 24-bit formats.
2003-01-28 AKM audio DAC integrates A/V switching
The AK4702 from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd is claimed by to be the world's first audio DAC with integrated A/V switching and analog volume controls.
2002-09-23 AKM 24-bit DACs target DVD apps
Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd's AK4381 and AK4384 24-bit DACs are suitable for use in DVD, A/V, and automotive audio applications.
2002-07-19 ADI DACs offer 3V operation without performance hit
Three additions to Analog Devices Inc.'s TxDAC family of DACs are said to support 3V operation without sacrificing ac and dc performance.
2002-09-30 ADI chip combines direct digital synthesizer with DAC
The AD9858, combines a 1GSa/s direct digital synthesizer with a 10-bit, 1GSa/s DAC, 2GHz RF analog mixer, 150MHz phase frequency detector, and a programmable charge pump with proprietary fast-locking acquisition logic.
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