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2008-06-25 Host Design Considerations: NAND MMC and SD-based Products
SanDisk's MultiMediaCard (MMC) and Secure Digital (SD) Card have been designed into a wide variety of consumer electronic products: MP3 players, cellphones, PDAs, digital still and video cameras, data loggers, and more. This application note will review these options and provide recommendations on the optimum way to manage them.
2006-08-01 HDMI will boost data rate to 275MHz
HDMI 1.3 will increase the copy-protected link's data rate from 165MHz to an expected 275MHz.
2006-09-26 Fujitsu enables one-third image compression rate in cars
Fujitsu Laboratories announced an image compression technology for automotive use that complies with the IDB-1394 standard for in-vehicle digital imaging transmission system networks
2008-08-18 Fit out for HD DTV broadcasting
The U.S. TV broadcast industry's march toward becoming digital is set to unfold by the February 2009 digital switchover, when all high-power analog transmitters will be switched off. To be positioned to successfully compete in the future, serious consideration should be given to migrating as quickly as possible to a core infrastructure that is all-digital, HD-capable, and able to support the origination of multiple program streams
2008-06-30 Elpida rolls 'first' 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM with x32-bit I/O
Elpida Memory Inc. has developed what it claimed to be the first 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM with x32-bit I/O configuration.
2003-04-01 DVR, biometrics lead the security industry
The article will focus on the physical aspect of security, particularly digital video recorders, which has a high growth potential
2009-09-10 Dual-axis MEMS gyro tailored for digicams
Invensense Inc. claims to be the first MEMS vendor to offer a digital, two-axis gyroscope chip for camera stabilization
2008-09-19 DTV SoCs allow versatile connectivity design system
Broadcom has released a pair of SoC devices for the U.S. DTV market that include multiformat decoding, Ethernet network connectivity, a 3D GUI and 3D color management.
2003-06-16 DSPs face new competition
Competitors such as FPGAs and general-purpose processors are squeezing DSP vendors to make their devices attractive in a wider range of applications.
2002-11-08 Divio MPEG-4 codec delivers 30fps
Divio Inc. is sampling an integrated MPEG-4 codec it claims can deliver 30fps video quality in systems targeting the emerging solid-state camcorder market.
2013-03-07 Developing video image stabilisation IP for FPGAs
Image stabilisation can improve many practical viewing systems, spanning a wide range of applications in defence and security sectors.
2006-10-16 Defining new solutions for 3G power challenges
The handset manufacturers are packing their 3G phones with every feature possible, challenging power supply manufacturers to maintain long runtimes.
2007-12-26 Cypress image sensor powers ARRI camera
Cypress Semiconductor has announced that its OSCAR custom CMOS image sensor is incorporated into the Arriflex D-20 Digital Motion Picture Camera and Arriscan Film Scanner from ARRI
2011-12-14 CSR re-org cuts Zoran DTV chip biz
CSR's restructuring initiatives involve stopping its investments in its acquired Zoran DTV chip business and laying off around 800 employees.
2008-11-03 Composites beat steel as surveillance system case
In designing a wireless pole camera system for digital video surveillance, Boundless Security Systems has chosen to use composite over steel for its cabinet
2008-01-18 Compact angular rate sensors enhance digicam pics
Panasonic Electronic Devices has introduced a series of compact angular rate sensors for consumers, suitable for correction for small movements by the operator's hands when taking pictures with digicams.
2007-01-22 Codecs deliver hi-fi audio for headsets, digicams
Two new codecs from Wolfson Microelectronics are designed to deliver hi-fi stereo quality for stereo headset applications as well as high-quality audio for digital camera systems
2011-01-19 CoaXPress standard first edition approved for public release
The Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA), host of the CoaXPress high-speed digital interface standard for imaging applications, announced that the first edition of the standard has been approved by its Working Group as a JIIA standard for public release
2008-11-26 Chips aim to resolve H.264/AVC issues
From digital TVs to portable electronics, the H.264/AVC next-generation video compression standard is becoming mainstream
2004-11-23 Chip makers debate clock frequency, architecture in apps processors
As 3G services begin a slow global ramp-up, a handful of chip makers debated the need to push cell phone applications processors into the gigahertz range at the 3G World Congress here this week.
2004-08-31 China's consumer electronic industry to hit $94B
China's consumer electronics sector is projected to reach $49.6 billion in sales this year, growing by more than 20 percent annually to reach $94 billion in 2007, according to a report from Global Sources Ltd on August 26, 2004.
2006-07-01 Cellphones get image makeover
The need to improve low-end sensors has become a rallying cry for designers.
2009-02-10 Audio connectors handle harsh field use
ITT Interconnect Solutions has released a complete line of rugged audio connectors designed to withstand extreme field use.
2006-01-10 Audio CODECs consume 14mW
Texas Instruments introduced the TLV320AIC3x family of low-noise, stereo, portable audio CODECs with power consumption as low as 14mW.
2005-01-03 Asia ups ante on wireless functionality
Functionality and convergence are painting Asia's wireless landscape a shade brighter this year as more consumers in the region go mobile.
2002-04-11 Altek opens offshore factory in Qushan
Taiwan-based Altek Corp. has opened its first offshore factory in Qushan, China. The company manufactures chipsets and mechanical-system designs for digital-still cameras.
2003-05-21 Altek adopts ARC SoC development platform
Altek Labs Inc. has licensed an integrated development platform from ARC Int. for use in the development of advanced product families.
2003-02-27 AKM ships integrated audio CODEC in 28-pin QFN
Asahi Kasei Microsystems' AK4536 16-bit mono codec integrates an ALC, microphone, and speaker amps into a single 28-pin QFN package.
2011-11-10 ADCs offer 205MHz bandwidth
TI's OPAx836 operational amplifiers claim to use 33 percent less power than similar solutions while providing more than twice the bandwidth.
2004-07-07 Accelerated Tech RTOS designed for TI platform
The Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics announced the release of the Nucleus RTOS for Texas Instruments' OMAP1610 platform.
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