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2005-02-21 FSA: IC design houses eye digital, wireless network solutions
Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) in Taiwan reports that IC design houses see potential growth in demand from sectors of digital electronics and wireless network solutions this year, as consumers demand more products manufactured in these two fields
2003-06-27 Eiso PCB targets digital camera systems
The ML06 four-layer PCB from Eiso Enterprise Co. Ltd is made from FR-4 base laminate materials that are 0.4mm to 3.2mm thick.
2013-05-14 Digital cameras mimic visual prowess of bugs
Researchers from UIUC created digital cameras touting wide-angle fields of view, with low aberrations, high acuity to motion and nearly infinite depth of field similar to those of bees and mantises.
2004-01-06 Digital camera shipments up 15 percent in November
Digital camera shipments from Japanese vendors totaled 5.1 million units in November, up 72 percent from the like period a year ago and up 15 percent sequentially, according to a report from WR Hambrecht + Co. LLC
2007-04-26 Digital camera market to shrink by 2011
IDC reported that demand for digital cameras will slow down over the next few years as the market enters a maturity phase.
2003-09-08 Digital camera market to further expand over the years
In the next three years, broadband, LCD and Bluetooth will be the three technologies with promising growth potentials because of their numerous apps.
2012-03-01 Digital camera market suffers blow from camera phones
Cellphones touting at least 3MP cameras are hurting sales of dedicated still cameras that are now desperately trying to win back its market by featuring novel capabilities
2002-12-02 Dain mylar speakers fit digital camera systems
The M16A238S series of mylar speakers measure 16(?)-by-2.5mm and has a sensitivity of 86dB.
2005-01-04 Consumers devices to continue invading the digital home
In the near future, all home consumer electronics will become digital and only the human interface will remain analog
2007-06-06 Codec enhances voice recording in digital cameras
Asahi Kasei EMD Corp. releases AK4646, a low-power, high quality stereo ADC and DAC suited for digital video cameras, still cameras and other voice recording equipment.
2009-06-26 CMOS sensor tailored for digital cameras
OmniVision Technologies is offering the OV5653, its latest 5Mpixel CMOS solution for digital-still and digital-video cameras.
2002-09-13 Chip aids image display for digital TVs, cameras
The AT76C112 from Atmel Corp. is designed to read, decompress, and play back images and video clips stored in Flash cards.
2013-05-21 Capturing 3D images without cameras
The single-pixel technique crafted by University of Glasgow physicists that allows cameral-less 3D capturing may lead to more affordable forms of 3D imaging in the future.
2009-05-19 Audio codec packs dual ADC paths, digital voice filters
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX9860, a low-power, mono audio codec with dual ADC paths and programmable digital voice filters
2011-07-14 ARM leads in digital home space
For several years, ARM has held on to the #1 spot as the processing architecture in the digital home but is now getting competition from the Power Architecture, says Semicast
2006-01-26 Analyzer bits ensure communication between digital cameras, devices
FotoNation is rolling out its PTP-IP Analyzer software. Running under Windows, PTP-IP Analyzer tests and analyzes firmware in digital imaging devices
2004-06-02 Ampex seeks ban on imports of Sanyo's digital cameras
Ampex Corp. is claiming that Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd infringed its intellectual property and is seeking a ban on U.S. imports and sales of Sanyo's digital still cameras and camera phones using the dispute technology.
2002-03-01 Western Digital external FireWire HDD spins 7,200rpm
The company has announced the availability of its 120GB WD FireWire external HDD that boasts of a rotation speed of 7,200rpm.
2003-03-18 Vimicro selects Teradyne for latest digital image processor
Vimicro Corp. has selected Teradyne Inc. in the design verification and production test of its next-generation digital image processor
2010-07-15 Video tools enable image stabilization in cameras
Tessera Technologies Inc. debuts the FotoNation Video Tools for capturing high-quality videos in mobile devices such as camera phones, pocket camcorders and digital still cameras.
2001-08-21 Using CMOS digital image sensors with Ax36 video DSP chips to build Smart cameras
This application note describes the use of the Ax36 family of video DSPs to build smart cameras
2013-12-26 USB 3.0 cameras boast 2.8MP progressive scan sensor
Lumenera's Lt365R family runs at 53fps at full resolution or 66 at an HDTV resolution of 1920 x 1088 without lost frames while running the camera at the sensor's maximum output.
2010-11-23 True single-chip motor controller integrates digital, analog and power
High-performing motor drives for equipment may now be realized more quickly, utilizing a complete motor-control system on a chip designed by STMicroelectronics. The 'digital SPIN', or dSPIN, integrates all the necessary digital control, analog measurement, and power electronic circuitry for controlling stepper motors using ST's advanced BCD fabrication process
2006-01-10 TI's digital media processing tech powers Kodak cams
Texas Instruments announced that its latest digital media processing technology is incorporated in three new Kodak EasyShare cameras that were announced at last week's Consumer Electronics Show.
2006-09-07 TED releases 'fastest' JPEG chipset for DVRs, cameras
Tokyo Electron Device has announced the inrevium JPEG chipset, a three-chip solution touted to be the industry's fastest.
2002-11-05 Talismanic tact switch suits digital camera apps
The company's T2DASP double action tactile switch requires an operating force of 1N for the first actuation and 3.5N for the second actuation.
2013-09-13 ST tweaks gyroscopes for shake-free images on cameras
The new 2-axis and 3-axis gyroscopes operate with a resonant frequency of the sensing mass at around 20kHz.
2013-04-10 Social media bolsters ASEAN growth of Wi-Fi ready cameras
Digital still cameras with Wi-Fi capabilities gaining ground in Southeast Asia, making up nearly one in five sold, according to GfK Asia.
2014-05-22 Smart Terrain feature enriches digital experience
The feature adds a 3D reconstruction capability that steps up the interactivity level to AR experiences, where characters, for example, can interact with objects in the user's environment.
2003-01-10 Single-chip TV cameras eye NTSC systems
A line of single-chip color and black-and-white cameras from IC Media Corp. is designed for apps that include a standard NTSC television interface
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