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2009-06-03 The ISO72x family of high-speed digital isolators
This application note provides an overview of the need for, implementations of and characteristics of electrical isolation in high-speed digital circuits
2008-10-03 Rouse future digital input designs
Modern digital input module designs require high-channel count, small form factor, low-power consumption and high data rates. Conventional designs using discrete resistor-diode networks are unable to match requirements due to high-power use and extensive component count. Instead, new innovative circuit designs such as digital input serializers exceed requirements and thus, lay the groundwork for future digital input designs
2006-01-26 Isolators transmit data at up to 150Mbps
Texas Instruments developed what it claims is the first on-chip capacitive digital isolators that are 3x faster than optocouplers.
2007-07-17 Isolators deliver higher magnetic immunity, longer life
Using its capacitive isolation technology, TI has introduced a new family of dual-channel digital isolators, featuring faster data transmission, higher magnetic immunity and longer life expectancy than competitive devices.
2013-04-16 Improving digital isolators' quality, reliability
Know how to enhance digital isolators with an extra level of qualification, additional inspections, and even greater test coverage.
2006-03-22 Dual-channel isolators provide data, power isolation in single package
Analog Devices' latest iCoupler digital isolators employ a proprietary technology called isoPower, which enables the transformers not only to isolate data or signals, but also power in a single package.
2015-10-30 Digital isolators target industrial, healthcare environments
The iCoupler digital isolators from ADI promise to deliver high noise immunity and surpass previous digital isolator options to ensure signal integrity and remarkable surge protection.
2010-02-15 Digital isolators tailored for HEV batteries
Analog Devices Inc. expands its portfolio of AEC-Q100 products with the introduction today of quad-channel digital isolators with integrated, isolated power.
2011-08-05 Digital isolators provide high channel count
Silicon Labs' digital isolators offer high channel count, performance and data rate for applications with isolation ratings up to 5kV.
2011-08-02 Digital isolators offer up to 5kV isolation ratings
Silicon Labs' Si86xx 3.75kV and 5kV digital isolators feature isolation ratings that translate into a longer service lifetime in harsh application conditions.
2013-07-02 Digital isolators for AC voltage motor drives
Here are the benefits of digital isolators, including reductions in cost and component count.
2008-05-26 Digital isolators fit for use in hybrid vehicles
Addressing the reliability and quality needs of emerging electric-hybrid vehicles, ADI designed its new digital isolator family to operate in today's electrically challenging automotive environment
2010-06-30 Digital isolators displace optocouplers in harsh setups
From Silicon Laboratories comes a line of 5kV digital isolators designed to replace traditional optocouplers in harsh application environments and systems powered from universal mains supplies.
2009-05-18 Digital isolator ICs support SMBus, PMBus apps
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced its Si84xx ISOpro digital isolators, comprising over 70 distinct devices with various combinations of channel count and directionality up to six channels.
2015-11-04 Digital isolator flaunts 10kV surge protection
The Si86xxxT devices from Silicon Labs are aimed at microinverters, base station power supplies, manufacturing equipment, motor controls, industrial UPS and battery management systems for EVs.
2009-06-08 Digital isolator design guide
This application note helps system designers of galvanically isolated systems to begin designing with the Texas Instruments ISO72xx family of digital isolators in the shortest time possible.
2013-03-14 Delta sigma modulation for isolated digital power
Know the significance of a first order sigma-delta modulator mode built into the switch cap block of a PSoC.
2010-07-16 Capacitive isolators: functional principle, internal construction
This article explains digital isolators' functional principle and internal construction, and discusses their current consumption and life expectancy.
2013-09-17 Benefits of isolated PLC digital inputs
Reduce cost and use less space by employing isolated PLC digital inputs for industrial control
2003-06-19 ADI digital isolators reduce per-channel costs
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the addition of multi-channel digital isolators to its iCoupler family of high-voltage digital isolators.
2008-05-23 ADI beefs up digital isolation portfolio
ADI is expanding its extensive family of digital isolation products with a series of four-channel devices that isolate both data and power
2011-09-12 Achieving reinforced insulation in data isolators
Here's a discussion on the requirements and mandates for electric-shock safety with respect to this common component.
2014-10-06 Understanding digital level shifting
In this article, we will talk about shifting real-world voltages and some of the oddball techniques for doing so. We will kick off with a 3V3 to 5V interface.
2012-12-19 TI's unveils low power bidirectional I2C isolators
The ISO1540 and ISO1541 employ a capacitive isolation technology with a silicon dioxide barrier to separate logic input and output buffers, improving isolators lifetime by more than three times
2003-10-03 Murata isolators target cellphones
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has announced the availability of the CES30 series of isolators that are designed for cellphones
2015-05-13 8-channel digital output switch touts space, power savings
Maxim said the MAX14900E provides up to 70x faster speed, uses over 20 per cent less power and occupies 40 per cent less space than existing solutions to target various industrial apps.
2014-08-12 How to isolate SPI in high bandwidth sensor apps
Here is look at the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus, its constraints, and how to deal with those constraints in isolated systems using ADuM3150 in high bandwidth sensor applications.
2015-10-01 Bridge gap between USB and traditional interfaces
In this article, we examine how integrated isolation and power bridge the gap between USB and traditional industrial interfaces.
2006-12-22 Analog Devices sues Silicon Labs for patent infringement
Analog Devices has filed a lawsuit against Silicon Laboratories for multiple patent infringement and copyright complaints.
2008-02-05 Power-supply optocoupler basics
Here's the basics on today's LED/photodetector isolators and what you need to know to apply them to your system
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