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2002-12-13 Yokogawa oscilloscope features 16-bit input channel
The DL4700 series of digital oscilloscopes combines eight analog input channels with a 16-bit logic input channel
2006-01-13 Unique form-factor Windows-based digital scopes debut
LeCroy now offers a line of Windows-based digital oscilloscopes that are claimed to eliminate tradeoffs between performance, display size and bench footprint
2007-10-16 Oscilloscope rolls for next-gen serial data standards
A digital oscilloscope for next-generation serial data standards. Has been announced by LeCroy Corp.
2008-08-27 Low-cost implementation of digital oscilloscope in Nextreme structured ASIC
In the deep-submicron design era, it is clear that standard cell ASIC has become far too costly for most applications and its lengthening turnaround time is an additional drawback.
2003-07-03 LeCroy oscilloscope, SDA feature 20GSps sampling rates
The 8620A oscilloscope and SDA6020 serial data analyzer (SDA) from LeCroy Corp. are based on the company's WaveMaster digital oscilloscope platform and has a real-time sampling rate of 20GSps per channel.
2004-03-31 LeCroy oscilloscope offers high sample rate, long capture time
LeCroy has conducted interviews with more than 50 of its customers that resulted in the development of its new line of WaveSurfer digital oscilloscopes
2004-01-16 Encoder quality test using digital oscilloscopes
Building a PC-based system with three NI 5102 oscilloscopes for PCI synchronized over the RTSI bus and controlled with LabVIEW answers the need to quantify and document the quality of encoders built into servo motors.
2013-10-01 Digital oscilloscope boasts trigger unit, analogue front end
The DS1000Z series of digital oscilloscopes feature comprehensive trigger functions, advanced hardware based real time waveform record-replay as well as search and analysis functions
2005-08-29 ZTEC's 90MHz digital scope plug-ins play in PCI, PXI
ZTEC will be making its newest PC-hosted digital storage scope plug-in available in both PCI Extensions for Instrumentation flavors
2012-10-22 Tektronix's oscilloscope offer full serial bus decode
The new oscilloscopes are also well suited for education environments where instructors need to keep the classroom and lab experience consistent with real-world industry trends.
2005-01-31 Tektronix unveils 15GHz oscilloscope
Tektronix's new product release is touted to be the world's fastest, most capable real-time oscilloscopes.
2003-05-13 Tektronix oscilloscope selected by NI
Tektronix Inc. has sold its oscilloscope and an array of accessories to National Instruments
2002-01-08 Tektronix oscilloscope boasts 6GHz operation
The TDS6604 digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) is a 2G high-performance SiGe instrument that provides up to 6GHz bandwidth and simultaneous 20GSa/s sampling rate on two channels.
2006-08-23 Tektronix expands differential oscilloscope probe line
Scope maker Tektronix is extending its existing Z-Active family of differential oscilloscope probes with the immediate availability of its 6GHz P7360 Active Differential Probe
2002-05-07 Tektronix digital scope eases the capture of high-speed signals
The TDS1000/2000 series digital sampling oscilloscopes automatically capture and scale high-speed signals and practically tell the user what can be done with them
2010-12-10 Tektronix adds low-price, enhanced oscilloscope series
Tektronix has expanded its oscilloscope offerings with a mixed-signal oscilloscope series and high-bandwidth and low capacitance passive voltage probes
2012-08-14 Solder-in probing sol'ns target oscilloscope probing
Agilent introduced the high-bandwidth accessories for its InfiniiMax III oscilloscope probing system for high-speed digital system design, component design and differential serial bus measurement.
2007-07-31 Software eases digital RF test signal creation
Tektronix has rolled out an advanced software solution that performs RF/IF/IQ waveform creation and edits digitally modulated signals.
2016-01-08 Rohde & Schwarz uncovers handheld oscilloscope
RTH Scope Rider series from Rohde & Schwarz allows 500MHz maximum bandwidth and measurements in the field for up to four hours on a battery charge.
2011-10-10 Pros and cons of different high speed digital tests
Here's a discussion on the relative merits and demerits of high speed digital test approaches and dynamic protocol reconfiguration
2010-10-14 Oscilloscopes offer digital storage
The DSO5102B 100MHz and and the DSO5202B 200MHz oscilloscopes offer two channel digital storage oscilloscope with a 1GSps sample rate.
2009-08-04 Oscilloscopes handle analog, digital, serial signals
Mixed signal oscilloscopes let designers visualize and analyze analog, digital and serial signals
2013-01-30 Oscilloscope supports 20Gsps in 8-channel config
The Agilent Infiniium 90000 X-Series MSOs, which range from 70MHz to 33GHz of analogue bandwidth, boast up to 400 million points of data capture behind each digital channel
2010-06-22 Oscilloscope handles high-speed design characterization
Agilent Technologies launched the 86100D DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscilloscope that provides engineers with the tools needed to characterize their high-speed digital designs easily and accurately.
2010-10-22 Oscilloscope family tips 5x oversampling
A new series of digital and mixed-signal oscilloscopes from Tektronix deliver 100GSps sample rate on 2 channels or 50GSps on 4 channels
2007-10-15 Oscilloscope card suits high-speed DAQ apps
Strategic released the UF2e-2031 oscilloscope PCIe card that has four 100MSps 8bit ADC's that can operate in an interpolated mode to acquire two channels at 200MSps for increased versatility
2011-09-02 Mixed domain oscilloscope features spectrum analyzer
TI has claimed an 'industry first' with an oscilloscope that can capture time-correlated analog, digital and RF signals.
2007-09-17 Instruments combine RF, digital test
Changes in both RF communications and digital bus structures are creating the need for cross-cultural approaches to testing, and instrument developers are responding
2014-07-22 How to calculate power with an oscilloscope
Find out how to use the Power Analysis software package on the Teledyne LeCroy HDO 6000 scope to eliminate the need to set up proper math operations.
2016-01-13 Handheld oscilloscope offers 500MHz max bandwidth
The 10bit RTH Scope Rider series from Rohde & Schwarz enables measurements in the field for up to four hours on a battery charge and store the data to an SD memory card.
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