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digital signal processing What is digital signal processing/processor (DSP)? Search results

What is digital signal processing/processor (DSP)?
1. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the study of signals in a digital representation and the processing methods of these signals. 2. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a specialised microprocessor designed specifically for digital signal processing. These processors efficiently and rapidly perform calculations on digitised signals that were originally analogue. DSPs are programmable, allowing parameters to be easily changed.
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2009-05-22 LatticeECP3 sysDSP usage guide
This application note discusses how to access the features of the LatticeECP3 sysDSP (digital signal processing) slice described in the LatticeECP3 Family Data Sheet.
2002-11-20 Implementing a High Performance Pipelined Multiplier in a Lattice ispLSI5512VE Device
This application note describes some of the techniques available for performing high-speed signed multiplication in a Lattice ispLSI 5512VE-80LF256 device.
2008-10-03 Hybrid mobile TV tuner backs wider video standards
SiTune has released a Hybrid (universal) CMOS TV tuner known as the STN-25T1000 that exceeds all of global digital and analog TV standard requirements under 150mW
2010-12-30 FPGA DSP development kits address performance, cost needs
Xilinx's new Spartan-6 FPGA, Virtex-6 FPGA DSP development kits address a full range of high performance to cost effective DSP requirements across the spectrum, including specific focus on peak performance, price-optimized performance and co-processing acceleration. The company developed the kits with AVnet, Mathworks, TI and 4DSP
2003-06-16 Early history of the DSP chip
Digital signal processing (DSP) is a technology that has become pervasive in our society, but it did not become pervasive overnight. Here's a look at how DSP developed through the years.
2003-06-16 DSPs face new competition
Competitors such as FPGAs and general-purpose processors are squeezing DSP vendors to make their devices attractive in a wider range of applications.
2006-01-02 DSPs draw in power savers
Traditionally spendthrift with energy in the pursuit of higher throughput, DSPs are now running headlong into power-consumption restrictions.
2003-03-11 DSP16410CG to DSP16411 Migration Considerations
This document details the differences between the DSP16410CG and DSP16411 and provides information to facilitate migration from the DSP16410CG to the DSP16411.
2003-03-10 DSP16410 to DSP16411 Migration Considerations
This application note details the differences between Agere Systems' DSP16410 and DSP16411 and provides information to facilitate customer's migration from the DSP16410 to the DSP16411.
2012-11-22 DSP traces roots in speech synthesis chip for a toy
Back in the day, implementing digital signal processing technology in chips was expensive and exclusive to military and academic applications. Texas Instruments brought it to the consumer market via a speech synthesis chip embedded in an educational toy.
2007-03-12 DSP takes the mutlicore road
The DSP market is moving towards multicore solutions in order to solve a host of new problems.
2009-01-19 DSP system design in Stratix III devices
The Stratix III family of devices have dedicated high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) blocks optimized for DSP applications.
2007-08-08 DSP enables sensitive sound quality adjustment
New Japan Radio has introduced the NJU26120 DSP that enables sensitive adjustments to sound quality for different TV/audio equipment.
2010-07-26 Development board integrates ARM plus floating-point DSP for Linux apps
The HawkBoard, based on the OMAP-L138 processor from Texas Instruments (TI), empowers Linux developers to harness the power of floating-point DSP to design unique open-source applications.
2003-03-10 Determining the Processor ID of the DSP16210 and the DSP16410 with C Code.
This application note outlines how to determine the processor ID of the DSP16210 and DSP16410 by accessing the internal ROM locations from within the C source code.
2003-12-16 Decoupling echo cancellation from DSPs in VoP gateways
Co-processing echo cancellation can save designers half the space and power of DSP solutions
2008-05-28 Contest cultivates DSP innovation among students
TI's DSP design contest once again showcased China's growing knowledge about the field.
2014-07-03 Configuring complex audio use cases
To manage the complexity of smartphone audio use cases and make sense of all the options, you need a graphical tool where you can draw out your routes.
2010-12-21 CMSIS 2.0 with DSP Library for Cortex announced
Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processor-based systems benefit from CMSIS. Instruction extensions boost execution speed by a factor of 2 for fixed-point and a factor of 10 for floating-point DSP algorithms.
2010-06-07 Cisco to boost optical nets biz via CoreOptics
Cisco plans to acquire privately held CoreOptics Inc., a designer of digital signal processing (DSP) solutions for high-speed optical networking applications.
2002-01-11 Cirrus Logic DSP supports DTS 96/24 standard
Said to be the highest-performance single-chip audio-processing solution for high-volume consumer systems, the CS49400 DSP enables home theater systems to deliver the realism of the DTS 96/24 audio standard
2006-07-07 Chinese ASIC design company buys LSI Logic's DSP unit
Fabless ASIC design company VeriSilicon has acquired the ZSP digital signal processor unit of LSI Logic for an undisclosed sum
2012-06-01 Characterize probe system with PrecisionProbe on Infiniium scopes
Know how to address the loss due to the probing system and its impact on oscilloscope measurements.
2002-09-01 Building DSP engines for wireless video apps
Wireless video for PDAs is a distinct possibility, designers only need to customize VLIW DSP cores to push processors to the maximum.
2012-01-04 Boost SDR performance
Here are some examples of how software for system simulation of RF end-to-end architecture design can be used to address the software defined radio design challenges.
2011-08-09 Audio SoC ICs optimised for flat panel TVs
STMicroelectronics has released the STA381BW and STA381BWS digital-audio system-on-chip ICs for home entertainment applications
2005-09-01 Audio DSP line adds performance, features for consumer apps
Texas Instruments has beefed-up its Aureus family of audio DSP chips, a move that will enable consumer electronics manufacturers to provide more performance and features.
2010-04-19 ARM-based DSC achieves over 150MHz at low power
The Cortex-M4 digital signal controller (DSC) family is implemented using an 90nm process and enables performance in excess of 150MHz, as well as very low active power consumption
2002-02-01 Amphion IP core codes up to 3,470 channels
The CS4590 ADPCM core is designed to support multichannel encoding/decoding of up to 3,470 simplex or 1,735 duplex speech channels for implementation of high-end telecommunications systems such as OC-192.
2005-02-22 Altera unveils DSP Development Kit, Cyclone II Edition
Altera introduced its new DSP Development Kit, Cyclone II Edition featuring Altera's Cyclone II FPGAs, TI's ADS5500 ADCs and an interface to TI's DSKs.
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