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2002-08-20 WECA potentiometer ICs have selectable output buffer
The WMS72xx series of 256-tap, nonvolatile, digitally programmable potentiometer ICs feature a selectable output buffer and can be programmed by a microcontroller through a SPI interface.
2008-05-28 Minimizing the temperature dependence of digitally programmable potentiometers
This application note by Chuck Wojslaw for Catalyst will look at approaches in reducing the temperature dependence of electronic products.
2008-05-28 Everything you wanted to know about digitally programmable potentiometers
This application note by Chuck Wojslaw for Catalyst Semi answers frequently asked questions about the fundamentals of electronic or digitally programmable potentiometers
2008-05-28 CAT51DB2 digitally programmable potentiometer (DPP) demonstration board with incremental up/down interface
This document by Denisa Stefan describes the CAT51DB2 evaluation/demonstration board for Catalyst DPP ICs with an increment up/down interface.
2008-05-28 CAT51DB1 digitally programmable potentiometer (DPP) demonstration board with incremental up/down interface
This document by enisa Stefan describes the CAT51DB1 evaluation/demonstration board for Catalyst DPP ICs with an increment up/down interface.
2002-07-30 Xicor rolls dual audio potentiometer
A digitally programmable dual 32-tap potentiometer IC from Xicor Inc. enables full digital control of audio volume via front-panel pushbuttons or remote control, eliminating the use of mechanical potentiometersl.
2006-05-15 Programmable potentiometer has on-chip EEPROM
Catalyst Semiconductor expanded its family of digitally-programmable potentiometers with the CAT5133, a 15V, increment/decrement interface, 128-tap (7bit) device
2008-04-07 32-tap potentiometer enables easy digital interface
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has rolled a 32-tap digital potentiometer, a volatile, single-pot device with a simple up/down control to provide an easy-to-use digital interface
2004-01-26 Xicor releases 32-tap digitally controlled potentiometer
Xicor Inc. has disclosed that its X93254 is the industry?s first dual non-volatile linear taper 32-tap digitally controlled potentiometer
2001-06-11 Programmable Tee Networks
This application note is intended to illustrate the idea of using digitally controlled potentiometers to form tee networks and provide the design engineer with reference designs for using tee networks and their derivatives as building blocks in analog circuits and systems
2007-08-20 Non-volatile digipot comes in 2mm x 2.5mm TDFN
Catalyst announced the availability of its CAT5114 digitally programmable potentiometer in an 8-lead 2mm x 2.5mm TDFN package, touted to be the smallest non-volatile digital potentiometer.
2009-06-17 Hi-res digipots pack I?C, SPI connectivity
ON Semiconductor has further extended its family of digitally programmable potentiometer (DPP) ICs with new high-resolution devices incorporating I?C and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus connectivity.
2009-10-16 Dual-channel digipots pack volatile wiper register
ON Semiconductor's digitally programmable potentiometers can also be used as a two-terminal, variable rheostat
2006-05-11 DPP tailored for high-voltage consumer, industrial apps
Catalyst expanded its family of digitally programmable potentiometers with a 15V, increment/decrement interface, 128-tap device designed for calibration and control functions in high-voltage consumer, industrial and medical apps
2007-03-22 Digital pot offers one-time wiper programmability
Catalyst's new digitally programmable potentiometer, the CAT5126, offers one-time wiper programmability via a two-wire serial interface for applications requiring one-time calibration.
2003-04-03 Catalyst names Mouser Electronics as authorized distributor
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has signed Mouser Electronics to distribute its serial and parallel EEPROMs, digitally programmable potentiometers, and mixed-signal ICs
2003-10-08 Catalyst expands product line with digital pots
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its digital potentiometer IC market coverage with the release of its DPP offerings
2003-01-15 Catalyst digital pots store data for 100 years
The quad CAT5401 and dual CAT5411 64-tap, non-volatile digital pots are able to retain data for up to 100 years.
2006-12-21 Digital pots offer alternative to DACs
Catalyst's five new digital programmable potentiometers offer low-noise, stable and reliable alternatives to DACs and mechanical potentiometers
2009-05-20 Digipot integrates I?C interface, EEPROM
ON Semiconductor has extended its family of Digitally Programmable Potentiometers (DPP) with a new 256-tap, single-channel linear-taper device
2005-02-16 Intersil DCP with non-volatile memory for wiper position
Intersil's new low noise, low power, 256-tap DCP is designed for system applications requiring control, parameter adjustments or signal processing.
2005-09-21 Digital pots eliminate instability
A family of volatile, 32-tap digitally-controlled potentiometers from Intersil were designed to address the need for space-constrained apps that require ultra-low power
2005-06-09 Digital potentiometers are priced like mechanical counterparts
The new family of digitally-controlled potentiometers from Microchip Technology are said to be cost and size competitive with current mechanical potentiometer devices
2002-08-28 ADI digital pot enables precision
Analog Devices Inc. claims to be among the first IC vendors to offer an 8-bit, six-channel, digitally-controlled variable potentiometer
2004-07-06 Xicor DCPs offer low power dissipation
Xicor announced a family of non-volatile linear taper 32-tap DCPs with the introduction of the X93156 and X93256.
2003-06-25 Catalyst Semi strengthens China presence
U.S.-based Catalyst Semiconductor has opened its third Far-East sales office in Shanghai, China.
2003-03-05 ADI IC replaces mechanical trimmers in "set and forget" systems
The AD5273 64-step digital trimmer IC from Analog Devices Inc. offers a one-time programmable, digitally controlled variable resistor and replaces mechanical trimmers in "set and forget" factory adjustments
2010-01-28 DPP to control LED brightness
This application note shows a DPP circuit used in combination with the CAT32 white LED driver. The digitally programmable potentiometer is connected as a 2-terminal variable resistor.
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