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digital-to-analog converters What is a bipolar digital-to-analog converter (DAC)? Search results

What is a bipolar digital-to-analog converter (DAC)?
A bipolar digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is one that can give out both positive and negative voltages according to the sign of its input.
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2009-04-03 Virtex-5 FPGA interface for Fujitsu digital-to-analog converters with LVDS inputs
This application note describes how to interface a Fujitsu MB86064 DAC with parallel LVDS inputs to a Virtex-5 FPGA utilizing the dedicated I/O functions of the FPGA family.
2007-09-24 Setup and hold times for high-speed digital-to-analog converters demystified
This application note defines setup and hold times for high-speed digital-to-analog converters DACs and identifies their proper interpretation.
2009-06-03 Measuring the linearity of differential-output, current-mode digital-to-analog converters (DACs)
Measuring the linearity of DACs is not a trivial task. There are many potential sources of error, including thermal effects, ground loops and instrument accuracy. This application note details how to perform these tests quickly with minimal errors.
2004-07-02 Intersil converters each loaded with two DACs
Digital-to-analog converters with its own DACs are Intersil's latest offering.
2011-01-24 Data converters offer support for ET and DPD solutions
NXP Semiconductors' JESD204A-compliant data converters now play with Nujira's ET and DPD solutions
2004-11-26 TI announces 'highest performing dual DACs'
Texas Instruments introduced what it claims as the highest performing dual 200MSPS digital-to-analog converters.
2012-08-14 The significance of JESD204
The JESD204 offers several advantages over its CMOS and LVDS predecessors in terms of speed, size and cost.
2011-08-01 Signal chain basics: Using the digital features of high-speed DACs
Here's a look at the function and value of each of the digital features in today's high-speed digital-to-analog converters.
2005-11-11 Maxim's TQFN-packaged DACs save 'considerable' board space
Maxim Integrated's MAX5548 and MAX5550 devices are dual, 30mA, current-output DACs housed in a 3-by-3mm TQFN package
2004-03-11 Maxim rolls out most compact DACs
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has disclosed that its MAX5732 to MAX5735 devices are the world's highest precision and most compact 32-channel, 16-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs).
2012-09-20 Incorporating flexibility to 32bit MCU designs
Read about the implementations of standard 32bit MCU peripherals that provide needed capabilities, while also reducing BOM and simplifying the design.
2012-07-23 IDT acquires data converter assets from NXP and Alvand
IDT has acquired assets from NXP Semiconductors and Alvand technologies in hopes to solidify its position in the wireless infrastructure markets.
2007-04-19 Dual, quad ADCs promise high speed, low power
TI unveiled a new family of two- and four-channel 12bit and 14bit ADCs featuring high speed, low power and high performance housed in tiny 9-by-9mm packages.
2011-04-26 Databeans: Analog Devices profits from data converter needs
Analog Devices benefits from growing demand for digital devices, according to Databeans.
2005-08-22 DACs with 500MS/s update rates
Maxim expanded its high-speed data-converter portfolio by introducing 10 low-power, high-dynamic-performance, pin-compatible, 12-/14-/16-bit, dual digital-to-analog converters with update rates up to 500MS/s
2005-07-14 DACs tout low power
National Semiconductor expanded its data conversion offering with three low-power, pin- and function-compatible 8-, 10- and 12-bit digital-to-analog converters.
2005-11-04 DACs jammed with functionality
Analog Devices' multichannel DACs are said to pack the highest concentration of analog signal processing performance in a single chip
2005-04-15 DACs consume 2mA supply current during write operations
These dual and quad buffered, rail-to-rail, 8bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) from Maxim Integrated Products tout low power and the I?C interface
2012-05-08 A primer on JESD204 standard for ADCs
Learn about this digital interface standard and its design implications.
2012-05-29 Signal chain basics: Understand spurious signals in high-speed DACs
Here's how to develop tactics and techniques for troubleshooting this likely problem.
2004-11-03 High-performance DACs support six-, eight-audio channels
Cirrus Logic unveiled two new 24bit, 192kHz, multi-channel digital-to-analog converter ICs, the CS4365 and CS4385
2012-11-08 DAC fine-tunes reference output
Find out how to dynamically calibrate the reference, fine-tune its output value, or generate a slightly different value.
2006-03-03 Lower system costs with tiny DAC
Analog Devices expanded its nanoDAC family with eight devices including a 16bit, quad, DAC in a 3-by-3mm, 10-lead LFCSP.
2006-02-16 Audio codec suits cellphones, PMPs
STMicroelectronics' new stereo audio/voice codec is designed as a compact solution for delivering audio in the low voltage conditions of battery-powered multimedia products and cellphones.
2004-04-27 ADI DAC offers 1.2 GSPS sample rate
Analog Devices has released what it claims as the industry's first 14-bit DAC to clock at a sample rate of 1.2GSPS.
2012-11-29 Using JESD204B for wideband data converter apps
The JESD204A/B interface minimises the number of digital inputs/outputs between data converters and other devices, such as FPGAs and SoCs
2005-08-11 DACs integrate programmable offset, gain calibration algorithm
Maxim Integrated Products announced the MAX5762-MAX5765 (16-bit) and MAX5773/MAX5774/MAX5775 (14-bit) 32-channel, digital-to-analog converters that integrate a programmable offset and gain calibration algorithm
2004-11-01 Winbond introduces new solutions at IDF
Winbond announced its new generation I/O 83627EHF, which can adapt to all platforms consisting of Intel and AMD, as well as other platforms.
2011-04-11 Why measure differential gain and phase?
Learn about the role and impact of these closely associated video-signal parameters.
2004-12-10 Video encoders with DVI transmitter, TV-out and VGA outputs
Conexant's new video encoders are fully compliant with Intel's serial digital video output front-end interface.
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