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2005-05-16 Digitization of analog, RF circuits
The migration of analog functions to the digital domain reduces cost per channel as the move to 3G progresses.
2000-01-01 telecom, ip, mobile communications, sub-micron, ic, irda,
Most companies feel the region is losening itself from the grip
2011-04-28 Mobile apps give education a new face
Mobile apps, digitization, and smartphone penetration have provided new approaches to learning through high degree of interaction and personalized education.
2002-12-28 Tews ships synchro/resolver module
The company's TPMC150 synchro/resolver-to-digital PMC module allows digitization to drive synchro/resolvers in commercial, industrial, and military systems.
2007-01-16 Design all-digital audio for HDTVs
The digital lifestyle explosion is driving A/V system integration. Architecture digitization is driving decreasing system cost for CE products.
2012-01-17 What's the future of connected TVs?
George Haber of silicon tuner vendor Cresta Technologies believes TVs first have to overcome their regional limitations before becoming truly hi-tech.
2009-06-10 Weighing in on the Intel-Wind River deal
With its acquisition of embedded software provide Wind River Systems Inc., Intel Corp. has unambiguously signaled that it is again attempting to diversify beyond X86 processors. We polled our U.S. and European editors to get their take on the deal.
2005-10-21 VXS board packs dual 2.2GS/s A/D channels
The new Quixilica Neptune 2 VXS from TEK Microsystems combines field programmable gate arrays with dual 2.2GS/s data conversion channels.
2012-05-29 Using signal analyzer as down converter with scope and VSA software
Learn how to use the Agilent PXA signal analyzer as a microwave down converter for an Infiniium oscilloscope or Acqiris digitizer running the 89600 VSA software.
2012-10-18 Understanding SAR and delta-sigma ADC signal path
Learn about the signal characteristics of several representative sensors and signal chain components for each converter type.
2011-04-01 The unfulfilled dream of a grand, unifying EDA database
Conceptualized as the solution to the problem of tool interoperability over a decade ago, the idea of a unifying open-source database for EDA has yet to be realized.
2007-02-14 Temperature sensor delivers 0.5C accuracy
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS28EA00, a digital temperature sensor with 0.5C accuracy.
2005-05-16 Tackling RF, mixed-signal integration
As mixed-signal and analog RF circuits are slowly integrated in today's chip designs, designers have to face many challenges
2002-07-19 STMicro digital radio chipset directly digitizes IF
STMicroelectronics has announced that it is sampling an AM/FM radio receiver chipset that directly digitizes 10.7MHz intermediate frequency.
2005-10-06 SoC boosts capacity in small form factor disk drives
Agere Systems' SC1200 TrueStore CE storage SoC is directed at improving storage space in Small Form Factor hard disk drives, and supports all of the HDD formats that exist.
2008-08-04 Showing in Hong Kong homes: Interactive TV
The delivery of news and other developments about the 2008 Olympics will be more interactive.
2006-10-31 Sanyo Epson makes LCD with pixel-integrated RAM
Sanyo Epson has announced the development of a 2.8-inch transflective low-temperature polysilicon LCD with pixel-integrated RAM that offers low power consumption.
2003-10-16 RF "sleep modes" can improve battery life in cellphones
It is through techniques collectively known as "power management" that we have attained such talk and standby times in today's products.
2011-05-10 PXI digitizers boast industry's highest bandwidth
NI has announced the release of what they claim as the industry's highest bandwidth PXI digitizer, complementing the rapidly expanding suite of performance instrumentation available in PXI.
2009-07-03 Panavision, Tower team on linear image sensors
Panavision Imaging LLC and Tower Semiconductor Ltd have announced production of Panavision's family of DLIS-2K re-configurable line scan CMOS image sensors.
2005-11-10 On the road to the 4-Gpixel camera
As a physicist who has always been fascinated with cameras and photography, Graham Flint has applied his skills to information display
2009-07-28 NXP mulls alternatives for digital TV biz
NXP BV is looking to make a strategic change its digital consumer business as part of efforts to focus on high-performance mixed-signal circuits, according to CEO Rick Clemmer.
2005-10-05 NI offers excellent value for price with its new 8-bit digitizer
NI announced that engineers can now use its PXI-5114 dual-channel, 8-bit digitizer for a broad range of high-speed validation and manufacturing test applications such as consumer electronics test and semiconductor component test.
2008-08-26 New batch of wireless wallets, anyone?
Intel's People and Practices Research group has been for the last year pondering the electronic infrastructure needed to support a new generation of wireless wallets.
2011-05-16 MPA: High cost for Asia's pay-TV growth
Pay-TV has a bright future in Asia Pacific for companies who are willing to invest, but this will affect other industries at a high cost.
2002-08-23 Maxim dual ADC consumes 201mW per channel
The MAX1190 dual 10-bit ADC from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. offers a sampling rate of 120MSa/s and consumes 201mW per channel.
2006-04-06 Matsushita to acquire Tropian's business assets
Matsushita Electric Industrial has signed an agreement with Tropian to acquire the assets of Tropian's business.
2009-06-09 Low-power RF chip mimics inner ear
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers claim to have developed a fast, low-power radio chip imitating the human inner ear, or cochlea.
2008-06-17 Linearity amplifier promises better signal fidelity
TI has introduced a dual-channel, high-speed current feedback amplifier that features 70 percent greater bandwidth gain at +2V/V than competitive devices.
2006-04-17 Internet security video ICs to soar
Rapidly expanding markets for IP cameras and video servers are expected to boost sales of security-related DSPs and MPEG encoders in the years ahead.
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