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2014-06-11 Techniques for enabling dimmable LED bulbs
Many LED lamps are advertised as dimmable, however in reality the performance of many of them is unimpressive with varying results depending on the dimmer used and loading of the circuit.
2013-08-29 Reference design for dimmable LED spotlight
The DER-350, uses Power Integrations' LYT4317E, a member of the company's LYTSwitch-4 family of single-stage drivers, along with Cree's MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs.
2013-01-02 Metric for evaluating dimmable LEDs' performance
Learn which aspects of phase-cut dimmable LED lamp electronics should be considered in evaluating performance in terms of dimmer compatibility.
2003-06-27 Low Voltage DC Supply Dimmable Ballast for 1x36W T8 Lamp
This application note provides a design for a low voltage dc supply dimmable ballast for T8/36W lamps using the IR2159.
2009-06-12 Low voltage DC supply dimmable ballast for 1 x 36W T8 lamp
It is possible to design an effective dimmable ballast based around the IR21592 that is powered from a low voltage DC supply instead of the AC line. This application note shows a ballast for a single 36W T8 lamp driven from a 30V DC supply.
2003-06-20 IR2159: 40W/PL-L Lamp Dimmable Ballast
This application note discusses the design of a fully-functioning ballast adjusted specifically for the PL-L/40W lamp type.
2013-05-30 Employ SSL2101, SSL2102 dimmable mains LED driver
Know how to design a mains dimmable LED driver using the NXP SSL2101/2102 LED Driver IC in flyback mode.
2009-12-01 Driver IC improves dimmable LED efficiency
iWatt Inc. has released the iW3610 digital LED driver IC with primary side regulation, which eliminates the need for an optocoupler.
2011-07-14 SSL2108X driver for SSL applications
Know how to design a buck converter using the SSL2108X driver platform for non-mains dimmable LED applications. Also, learn about the method of calculating components for such applications.

2015-04-16 Gesture-controlled windows improves air passenger experience
Vision Systems' Nuance SPD-Smart electronically dimmable windows allow aircraft passengers to use gestures to control the tint of their aircraft windows, much like those used to operate a smartphone.
2006-06-05 Atmel, IXYS release new light ballast demo kits
Atmel has unveiled dimmable and non-dimmable light ballast demo kits, the result of its cooperation with IXYS.
2011-11-23 Using SSL2108X driver for SSL apps
Here's an application note that tackles how to design a buck converter, using the SSL2108X driver platform for non-mains dimmable LED applications. It also illustrates the method of calculating components for such applications.
2012-03-29 TI's LED driver boasts primary side sensing, PFC
The TPS92310 AC/DC constant current driver for non-dimmable LED lighting that aims to reduce cost and shrinks-to-fit high-power LED retrofit bulbs including A19, PAR30/38 and GU10.
2011-02-15 PFC LED driver IC designed for space-constrained apps
iWatt debuts its first power-factor-corrected (PFC) LED driver IC with primary-side-regulated, leading- and trailing-edge-dimmable, AC/DC Digital PWM Controller.
2011-12-07 LED module delivers 80lm/W
Cree's LMH2 LED module family can operate up to 50,000 hours and is dimmable to five percent.
2010-02-24 LED driver achieves >0.95 power factor
ON Semiconductor has launched a new power factor corrected dimmable LED driver for residential and commercial lighting applications.
2006-03-07 Lamp driver offers higher brightness, lower noise
Supertex introduced a higher brightness, lower noise, dimmable electroluminescent lamp driver designed to light keypads for handheld devices such as cellphones and PDAs.
2000-06-20 L638X high voltage drivers family application guide
This application note presents various design strategies that highlight the versatility and flexibility of the L638X family of high-voltage gate drivers. These design implementations include three-phase motor control, dimmable lamp ballast, horizontal deflection stage, two-switch forward converter, asymmetrical half bridge, and H-bridge with cycle-by-cycle control.
2015-07-13 Drives LEDs efficiently with constant-voltage topology
Here is a look at an AC/DC single-stage driver for dimmable LEDs that combines digital control techniques with embedded algorithms.
2012-05-16 Driver lights up LEDs in 150ms
Microsemi's dimmable LXMG221W-0700030-D0 LED driver module is compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz AC power sources.
2011-08-08 CFL bulb teardownWhat makes it a green solution?
Here's a product tear down that focuses on a dimmable CFL demonstration lamp made by Chinese manufacturer, Baishi.
2010-04-06 AC/DC power controllers pack auto dimmer detection
Cypress Semiconductor has launched new AC/DC digital power controllers that offer a cost-effective solution for both non-dimmable and dimmable LED lighting.
2011-06-14 16-channel EL driver offers high voltage output
Supertex has released a dimmable 16-channel EL lamp driver designed to deliver high-voltage output to EL lamps for backlighting cellular phone keypads and other mobile devices.
2013-08-16 Use DALI, LED converters for high-tech dimming
The advantages of DALI light management systems which have been designed specifically for professional lighting solutions in the commercial and architectural sectors are evident.
2013-05-15 Understanding link between PFC, efficiency in LEDs
Learn why high-power LED drivers must come with power factor correction.
2009-01-20 Trouble in CFL land
These little wonders of engineering have improved the efficacy of lighting over the incandescent bulb by quite a bit, but are still relatively expensive and have serious issues with lighting systems and dimmers.
2012-01-02 The lowdown on power line communication
Here's a discussion on power line communication and its segments, applications, and challenges.
2011-01-19 The future is high-performance mixed signal
NXP Semiconductor's Rick Clemmer sees mixed-signal semiconductors as the main growth area enabling four major trends that are driving growth: energy efficiency, personalized healthcare, mobility and security.
2013-08-14 SSL LED driver integrates boost, flyback converters
The iW3623 from Dialog Semiconductor offers a universal 100-277VAC input range and output power up to 45W.
2008-11-17 Smart lamp ballast IC eyes fluorescent lamps
Infineon Technologies AG launched its next-generation lamp ballast controller that features intelligent digital/mixed signal power control.
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