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2010-08-23 Glass board tests laser weapon energy
Researchers have developed a system to measure a laser's power and spatial energy distribution simultaneously by directing the laser beam onto a glass target board
2014-10-24 Graphene aerogels to boost electrical energy storage
Researchers at Lawrence Livermore found that graphene aerogel-based supercapacitor electrodes boast high surface area, good electrical conductivity, chemical inertness and long-term cycling stability.
2001-09-06 The destructive effects of Kelvin leaded packages in high-speed, high-frequency operation
This application note explores in detail the impact of intermediate speed enhancement techniques in power MOSFET die technology, such as the Kelvin lead, without commensurate attention to other stray inductive terms.
2001-09-07 PCO-7110 laser diode driver module: Installation and operation notes
This application note details the installation and electrical I/O requirements for the PCO-7110 laser diode driver. It also contains information on the mechanical dimensions and provides detailed instructions for mounting and connecting the laser diode to the PCO-7110 driver.
2001-09-06 Operation of the GRX, PVX-41XX and PVM-41XX pulse generators with common pulse (+HV) and bias (-HV) dc power supply polarities
This application note describes how to install a current path to ground to simplify the operation of pulse generators with same polarity DC power supplies.
2002-01-07 IXYS driver IC controls high-current power MOSFETs, IGBTs
The IXDD415 is a high-speed, HF CMOS MOSFET/IGBT driver IC that has two driver channels, each capable of 15A peak into a capacitive load.
2001-09-06 Gate driver design for switch-mode applications and the DE-Series MOSFET transistor
This application note discusses the gate driver design pattern philosophies that are essential in maximizing the performance of the DE-Series MOSFET in both switching speed and frequency for switch-mode applications.
2003-01-20 GaAs Schottky diodes feature fast recovery times
Directed Energy Inc. has introduced a family of high-speed, high-voltage GaAs Schottky diodes that offers fast recovery times.
2001-09-06 DE-Series MOSFET installation
This application note describes the low average power and high average power mounting techniques for the DE-Series power MOSFET transistors.
2001-09-06 DE-Series fast power MOSFET: An introduction
This application note describes in detail the patented technology used in the DE-Series power MOSFET transistors to optimize their electrical, thermal and mechanical performance.
2001-09-07 1kW Class-E 13.56MHz single device RF generator for industrial applications
This application note discusses the theory of operation and circuit design of the Class-E RF generator using the DE-Series MOSFETS.
2008-02-28 LED City initiative extends to Tianjin, China
The Tianjin Economic Development Area in China has joined the LED City program, a consortium formed to promote and deploy energy-efficient LED lighting
2015-03-20 Boost medical apps efficiency through wireless links
Using FPRF devices, manufacturers can incorporate a cost-effective enhancement to their equipment that will differentiate them from their competitors and improve medical care.
2003-02-05 IXYS forms division focused on RF devices
IXYS Corp. has reorganized its wholly owned subsidiary, Directed Energy Inc., resulting in two divisions, thus creating a newly formed division called IXYS RF.
2007-12-24 Synthetic fuel recipe mixes reclaimed CO2, water, sunlight
Sandia National Laboratories of the U.S. Department of Energy is building a reactor that would use reclaimed carbon dioxide emissions to create renewable synthetic fuel by combining the CO2 with water
2009-01-19 Researchers claim 'world-record' PV efficiency
Researchers from Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems have managed to squeeze an efficiency of 41 percent out of photovoltaic cells, which it is a world record
2007-09-07 Nanyang, Rice U nanotech initiative eyes probabilistic CMOS
A nanotech initiative by Nanyang and Rice University focuses on probabilistic CMOS, an approach to IC design that's claimed to reduce the energy consumption and size of chips, enabling longer battery life and faster turn-around in new designs
2014-10-14 Creating more cost-effective GaN LEDs for homes
Plessey Semiconductors aims to be the first company to make energy-efficient LEDs for home lighting at a price that consumers will pay, and is using a technology made by Cambridge researchers
2012-06-04 A look at environmentally-aware lighting
The coming wave of cognitive lighting will demand independent smart sensors that are environmentally aware to provide data on the surrounding environment and save energy
2002-12-12 TRW to develop solid-state laser for U.S. military
TRW Inc. has received a $21.3 million contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop an electrically powered solid-state laser that puts out 25kW of laser beam power.
2014-06-02 Voice, gesture controls double as always-on observers
Always-on analytics pair with always-on connectivity and augmented reality, promising more conveniences where every gesture or every spoken word may create actionable data.
2002-08-28 Unnatural optics create precise photonic lens
Optical experiments using arrays of nanowires are demonstrating that the concept of a negative refractive index could be realized in practical systems.
2013-04-23 Understand thermal management for power supplies
Know the basics of dissipating heat in power supplies while keeping the noise down.
2012-07-27 UCSB fellows develop the first m-plane nitride based nonpolar VCSELs
The first violet nonpolar m-plane VCSEL based on gallium nitride, developed and demonstrated at UCSB, marks new chapter in laser technology.
2007-04-02 Standards afoot to curb CE power usage
Some of the same engineers who helped create power consumption standards for PCs and printers are turning their attention to network gear and consumer electronics.
2002-02-27 Silicon nanoparticles enable microscopic lasers
Researchers at the University of Illinois have demonstrated a method of producing fluorescent red, blue, green and yellow nanoparticles from plain-vanilla silicon wafers.
2015-07-30 Silicon Labs develops Bluetooth module for IoT
Silicon Labs' Bluegiga subsidiary has introduced a hardware/software combination in its BT121 Bluetooth Smart Ready module that claims to deal with the needs of developers for the Internet of Things.
2014-03-20 Samsung announces prod'n of 20nm-based 4Gb DDR3 memory
A key element of the latest design and manufacturing technology by Samsung is a modified double patterning and atomic layer deposition that allows for continued scaling.
2011-04-28 Researchers enhance green LED light output
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a new method that they claim will aid in manufacturing green-colored LEDs with greatly enhanced light output.
2013-09-19 Research interfaces solid-state with biological systems
A team of researchers from Columbia University won a $1 million 3-year grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation to advance their research in combining biological components with solid-state electronics.
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