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2002-10-14 ON Semi IC drives LEDs directly
ON Semiconductor's NLSF995 8-segment tri-color LED driver features an overvoltage tolerance at its output, allowing the IC to drive LEDs directly thus eliminating the need for discrete drivers.
2003-06-30 ON Semi devices come in SOD-123FL packages
ON Semiconductor has added the SOD-123FL package to its portfolio of discrete components.
2011-11-18 Nitronex ups capacity with GCS deal
GCS will provide Nitronex with NRF1 discrete and MMIC foundry services as part of a long-term supply agreement.
2006-07-01 New trends in WLAN front-end modules
This article shows the benefits of using an RF FEM in WLAN applications, particularly the 802.11b/g, 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n standards. As FEMs begin to achieve cost parity with discrete solutions, they will emerge as the dominant RF solution in WLAN applications as they provide ease of design, resolve implementation issues and ensure performance improvements.
2001-05-25 New packages for pressure mounting
This application note discusses the advantages of discrete power semiconductor packages and their mounting considerations.
2005-06-13 Murata component library targets RF, multi-gigibit PCB designs
Murata Mfg and Ansoft have released a new device library for Ansoft's Nexxim circuit simulation for high-frequency products based on Murata's discrete capacitor and coil inductor products
2008-04-01 Multiply efficiently in wireless base stations
A key feature of WiMAX system design is the support for OFDM. FPGAs make it extremely easy to implement OFDM transmitters and receivers in discrete time using IFFT and FFT, respectively. This article focuses on the reduction and optimal implementation of multiplier blocks in FFT and FIR implementation for WiMAX base stations.
2003-03-17 Motorola switch IC enables low pin count MCUs
Motorola's MC33993 multiple switch detection interface IC enables designers to eliminate discrete and standard linear ICs in their designs.
2001-09-11 MIL-PRF-19500 Qual chips versus MIL-PRF-38534 Qual chips
This application note defines two qualification levels in purchasing discrete chips for use in highly reliable hybrid and MCM systems.
2007-06-18 Meeting mobile VoIP design challenges
There are several system hardware architecture options available for IP voice and video applications, including solutions based on single general-purpose processors, processors with on-chip dedicated hardware accelerators, or processors with discrete programmable coprocessors.
2002-05-22 Maxim SiGe buffers/splitters reduce component count
The MAX9987 and MAX9988 SiGe LO buffers/splitters from Maxim Integrated Products provide 11dB output power variance while replacing four discrete amplifiers, a passive splitter and coupler, and biasing components.
2002-12-13 Maxim power supply IC occupies smaller footprint
The company's MAX1534 triple-output, keep-alive power supply IC is packaged in a 16-pin, 4-by-4mm QFN - occupying 33 percent less board space than discrete solutions.
2002-05-22 Maxim LED display driver has built-in ASCII, HEX fonts
The MAX6954 LED display driver and controller from Maxim Integrated products can interface microprocessors into LED displays or discrete LEDs, and provides a built-in 104-character ASCII font for 14/16-segment displays and hexadecimal fonts for 7-segment displays.
2002-10-11 Maxim active mixer reduces component count
The MAX9982 SiGe active mixer replaceas two amplifiers, two baluns, an LO switch, and other discrete components in cellular wireless infrastructure applications.
2006-01-06 Low-power transmitter puts HDMI capability into mobile devices
Silicon Image has unveiled the SiI 9020 discrete high-definition multimedia interface transmitter that is low-power and housed in a chip-scale package, two features that make it suitable for mobile devices.
2000-06-12 Low-Cost Integrated Solution for Analog Cellular RF Blocks
This technical note presents an IC solution to the analog cellular receive LNA/Mixer and transmit PA blocks that satisfy the performance and size requirements at a favorable cost, competitive with discrete solutions.
2008-03-28 LM5015 non-isolated two-switch DC/DC regulator evaluation board
The LM5015 non-isolated DC/DC regulator evaluation board provides a low cost and fully functional DC/DC regulator without employing any discrete power MOSFET.
2008-06-10 Lithium-ion battery charging using bipolar transistors
This application note by Khagendra Thapa discusses linear charge techniques and associated discrete pass elements. It highlights the dominant discrete parameters and selection criteria.
2003-12-30 Linear Li-ion charger reduces board components
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4059 single-cell Li-ion linear charger that eliminates the need for three discrete power components.
2002-06-22 IR lighting control IC cuts parts count by 30 percent
The IR2166 ballast control IC from International Rectifier is positioned to replace a separate ballast control IC, gate driver IC, power factor correction IC, and additional discrete circuitry.
2003-10-20 IR IGBTs improve industrial motor drive performance
International Rectifier has introduced a pair of 600V 50A non-punch-through (NPT) discrete IGBTs for motor drive apps in D2Pak and TO-220 packages.
2010-02-08 Intel wants top spot in SSD market
Intel Corp. hopes to be the technology and solid-state storage (SSD) leader, but it is not seeking to be the top player in the discrete market.
2013-06-20 Intel touts eDRAM as forerunner to 3D ICs
Intel's eDRAM technology is expected to challenge discrete graphics sockets in high-end notebooks and servers.
2009-12-09 Intel pulls plug on Larrabee chip
Intel Corp. has dropped its first discrete graphics processor, dubbed Larrabee, and will offer it as a software platform instead.
2012-08-30 Integrated overvoltage, overcurrent devices for consumer electronics
TE Connectivity's PolyZen CE, which targets tablets and other portable consumer electronics, claim to offer significant performance advantages over discrete solutions using fuses, Zeners and other passive devices.
2008-02-27 Integrated hybrid TV tuner saves space, cost
Maxim's MAX3541 single-conversion, hybrid TV tuner requires only one external SAW filter, a crystal and a few discrete components in order to complete the solution, thus providing a cost-competitive alternative to canned tuners.
2001-05-07 Implementing fast Fourier transform algorithms of real-valued sequences with the TMS320 DSP family
This application note discusses the theory and usage of two algorithms used to efficiently compute the DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) of real-valued sequences as implemented on Texas Instruments' TMS320C6x DSP family.
2007-03-14 IF receiver cuts 3G base station size, power draw
ADI said its AD8376 VGA and AD6655 IF diversity receiver combo replaces 48 discrete components, which enables 3G micro- and pico-cell base stations with much reduced power consumption and physical volume.
2009-08-12 I'm OOK. You're OOK?
This application note describes ASK/OOK techniques, and outlines implementations of ASK/OOK receivers using RF power detectors and a few discrete components.
2001-09-11 How to quickly obtain Spice parameters for diodes
This application note provides background information and methods useful for quickly obtaining many of the discrete diode SPICE parameters from either specified data sheet parameters or other known information.
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