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2013-08-20 Tablet display market gains from smaller-sized devices
IHS revealed that global shipments of capacitive touch screen displays for media tablets reached 45.2 million units in Q1, representing a 111.9 per cent increase compared to the same period last year.
2005-09-27 eMagin discusses production plans at display conference
eMagin Corp. CEO Gary Jones has outlined scenarios that would require expanding the company's manufacturing capabilities at the Display Technology and Supply Chain Conference sponsored by W R Hambrecht + Co. and the United States Display Consortium in San Francisco
2004-11-11 Tiny display optimized for video on handheld devices
Sharp developed a new 2.2-inch QCIF+ Advanced-TFT LCD module that is capable of displaying full-motion video and images on a standard cellphone size display
2009-01-21 Startup samples display-battery modules
Prelonic Technologies OG has built prototype samples of display-battery modules created by printing on a single substrate
2009-06-15 Square-wave oscillator includes no external components
This application note presents a square-wave oscillator that requires no external components except the bypass capacitor. This circuit generates a square-wave that is useful as a clock signal or AC drive for the excitation of sensors
2007-05-08 Solomon touts first MIPI total solution for display market
Solomon Systech claims that its SSD2218 TFT driver controller, together with the SSD2802 MIPI master bridge chip, is the world's first MIPI total solution for the display market
2013-11-19 Smartphone display technologies dissected
To gain insight into their design choices and tradeoffs, TechInsights analyzed the display technology used in the flagship smartphones from five leading OEMs
2006-12-06 Samsung makes display driver with touch sensor
Samsung Electronics said its new mobile display driver IC integrates a touch-sensitive sensor, eliminating the need for a separate touch panel
2006-04-12 RISC processor integrates display controller
Toshiba announced the availability of the TX4961XBG-240, a 64bit RISC processor with integrated graphics and display controller
2011-01-27 Rambus acquires Imagine Designs' lighting, display portfolio
Hoping to expand its lighting IP and help inventors protect their IP, Rambus Inc. has purchased Imagine Designs' lighting and display portfolio of patents and technology
2004-04-02 Pioneer strengthens plasma display business
Pioneer Corp. has established the Plasma Display Business Co. on April 1, 2004 as a new internal divisional company and the reorganization of its Home Entertainment Co
2002-03-14 Philips, E Ink completes display codevelopment deal
Royal Philips Electronics, and E Ink Corp. have completed the first phase of their joint development agreement for electronic ink displays announced in February 2001.
2002-10-14 Philips to restructure components division
Royal Philips Electronics has made public the conclusions of an earlier announced review of its Components Division
2007-05-18 Panel display market recovers from oversupply, price declines
Korea Display Industry Association said that despite the oversupply and price declines suffered last year and early 2007, the flat panel display market seems to be improving faster than expected
2010-05-20 Overview of ultrasound imaging systems, electrical components required for main subfunctions
This application note is an introduction to ultrasound imaging systems. It discusses the trend towards smaller, lower cost and more portable imaging solutions.
2002-05-13 Opportunities abound in display electronics
The display electronics marketplace represents a growth segment for semiconductor suppliers, according to the latest forecasts for display controller and driver components from iSuppli/Stanford Resources Market Intelligence Services.
2006-03-30 OLED driver IC extends display lifetime, battery life
Leadis Technology has announced production volume shipments of the LDS518, a low-power single-chip area color OLED display driver IC with integrated controller
2002-06-04 OLED display market to reach $2.3B in 2008
iSuppli Corp./Stanford Resources forecasts that the worldwide market for OLED displays will be valued at $112 million in 2002 and will grow to $2.3 billion in 2008, with an CAGR of 65 percent.
2004-12-22 NSG, JSR to allot ?8B for new PDP components plants
Japan-based plasma display panel (PDP) components and materials makers Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd (NSG) and JSR Corp. are projected to invest over ?8 billion ($76 million at ?104.56:$1) for production expansion in 2005.
2005-06-15 MicroDisplay rolls out new LCoS micro display, driver chip
MicroDisplay introduced FHD, its next generation single-panel 1,920 x 1,080 LCoS micro display and the companion MSP-51 LCoS driver chip
2002-03-14 Meixian display maker mulls additional investment in PMMA panels
Guangdong Meixian Meiyan TFT Display Co. Ltd has revealed plans to inject more funds to boost production of their patented, high luminance polymethyl methacrylate panels used in backlighting LCDs
2014-07-14 Meet the display of the future: Flexible, transparent OLED
The 18-inch transparent, flexible OLED panel from LG Display can be rolled up into a cylinder with a radius of 3cm, and boasts 30 per cent transmittance
2011-06-17 MCU touts single-chip car dashboard display
Freescale Semiconductor has released the MPC5645S, expanding its portfolio of Qorivva 32bit MCUs built on its Power Architecture technology.
2005-12-13 Maxim Class D amp targets flat-panel display apps
Maxim introduced a high-power, highly efficient, Class D amplifier optimized for flat-panel display applications, including LCD and PDP televisions and home audio equipment
2015-06-17 Machine vision for automated LCD display testing
Read about a machine vision-based tool using a camera and Vision Option software from National Instruments for detecting dead pixels on LCD displays.
2006-04-24 LED display suits commercial-use billboards
Shenzhen BOE Intelligent Display Technology announced at the recent China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components the availability of its new Model BOE-DN-M512 "day and night" LED display.
2004-02-12 LCDs lead Hong Kong electronic components exports
Hong Kong's electronic components exports continue to register steady growth, according to data from the SAR Census and Statistics Department
2006-06-12 LCD display suits industrial apps
Toshiba America Electronic Components has expanded its line of active matrix TFT-LCDs for industrial apps with a broad line of 6.5-inch to 15.0-inch RoHS-compliant displays
2004-10-26 ITIS expects FPD components to grow by 75 percent
Taiwan's Industrial Technology Intelligence Service (ITIS) predicts that flat panel display (FPD) materials and components may reach a 75 percent year-on-year by year-end 2004, with NT$93.77 billion ($2.77 billion at NT$33.79:$1) up from NT$53.70 billion ($1.58 billion) last year.
2010-07-19 Introduction to spirometers, important design considerations for selecting electrical components
This application note provides an introduction to spirometers and their basic functions.
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