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2007-07-11 Using the DS89C450 as a static LCD display controller
This application note describes how to implement a display controller for a simple, static LCD panel with 7-segment digits by using the DS89C450 ultra-high-speed flash MCU.
2010-08-31 System-80 asynchronous display on the i.MX31 WINCE 6.0 PDK
This application note provides the necessary information, considerations and procedure to add or adapt a System-80 Type 2 asynchronous panel to the WINCE600 BSP for the i.MX31 PDK.
2006-04-12 RISC processor integrates display controller
Toshiba announced the availability of the TX4961XBG-240, a 64bit RISC processor with integrated graphics and display controller
2002-10-07 Philips TFT-LCD controller integrates RSDS interface
Royal Philips Electronics' SAA6740 TFT-LCD controller features a RSDS digital panel interface that enables the device to reduce bus interconnects
2009-06-10 Palm Pre teardown intros new multitouch controller
A teardown of the Palm Inc.'s Palm Pre revealed few surprises, but left two intriguing questions unanswered.
2002-05-13 Opportunities abound in display electronics
The display electronics marketplace represents a growth segment for semiconductor suppliers, according to the latest forecasts for display controller and driver components from iSuppli/Stanford Resources Market Intelligence Services.
2005-02-21 OLED display controller minimizes burden on CPU
Epson unveiled its second display controller targeted at the growing market for car electronics and amusement systems with OLED displays.
2004-10-14 NEC designs Genesis controller into WXGA TV monitor
NEC Corp. has designed Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gm1501 display controller into the 23-inch LCD TV monitor for its latest VALUESTAR PC bundle products.
2002-04-10 Micronas develops flat-panel video controller chip
Designed to simplify the integration of video and TV functionality for flat-panel displays, the DPS 9450 video controller SoC from Micronas GmbH includes an IP core, embedded memories, I/Os, and customized analog macros
2003-03-31 Maxim VFD controller includes filament drive
A vacuum-fluorescent display controller from Maxim Integrated Products features embedded fonts and filament timing for flicker-free displays.
2002-06-11 Maxim LED display driver operates down to 2.7V
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX6952 LED display driver/controller that operates from 2.7V to 5.5V and saves 0.6W of power when driving four digits at 40mA segment current from a 3.3V supply.
2002-05-22 Maxim LED display driver has built-in ASCII, HEX fonts
The MAX6954 LED display driver and controller from Maxim Integrated products can interface microprocessors into LED displays or discrete LEDs, and provides a built-in 104-character ASCII font for 14/16-segment displays and hexadecimal fonts for 7-segment displays.
2005-06-03 LG Electronics selects Genesis Microchip's video display controller
LG Electronics has designed Genesis Microchip Inc. integrated FLI8532 (Cortez) flat-panel TV controller into multiple LCD TV platforms to be distributed worldwide
2002-02-22 LG Electronics integrates Genesis Microchip controller into LCD monitors
LG Electronics has announced the integration of Genesis Microchip's gmZAN2 LCD controller into its L1510S and L510T LCD monitors
2003-08-28 LG designs Genesis controller into LCD monitor
LG Electronics Inc. has selected Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gmZAN3L XGA display controller to be integrated into its latest FLATRON L1515S LCD monitor.
2004-06-11 LG adopts Genesis display controller
LG Electronics Inc. has integrated Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gm1501 display controller and FLI2300 video format converter into its new 42-inch plasma TV receiver.
2004-04-19 LG adopts Genesis controller, converter for LCD TV
LG Electronics Inc. has designed Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gm5221 display controller and FLI2300 video format converter into its new 23-, 26-, and 30-inch LCD TV receivers.
2010-01-11 LCD controller simplifies car infotainment design
The devices feature an embedded MCU, LED/CCFL backlight controllers, and a four-wire resistive touch screen controller
2010-11-10 High-res display controller IP core is 4K digital cinema ready
Evatronix SA has just introduced its next generation high-performance display controller, the DISPLAY-CTRL-4K. This Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant IP core accommodates resolutions of up to 4096x2160 pixels with 24 bits/pixel color depth, yielding 60 fps at full HD resolution.
2006-03-02 Graphics controller tailored for automotive display apps
Altera and TES Electronic Solutions announced the availability of a reconfigurable platform for automotive display applications
2004-01-22 Genesis controller combo powers Samsung LCD TVs
Genesis Microchip Inc. announced that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has selected the combination of Genesis' gm1601 display controller and FLI2310 video format converter for its new 46-inch and 57-inch LCD TV receivers.
2002-10-29 Fujitsu rolls graphic display controller for telematics apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. has introduced its 3D Coral graphic display controller that is capable of delivering in-vehicle display apps.
2002-06-11 Fujitsu graphics display controller renders 1 gigapixels/s
The MB86293 graphics display controller features a 166MHz geometry processor and a 133MHz rendering engine that enables the device to have an embedded rendering capability of 1 gigapixels per second.
2002-02-21 Fujitsu display controller operates at 200MHz
The MB86293 "Coral" graphics display controller operates at an internal frequency of 200MHz (400MHz for display dot clocks)twice that of previous devices.
2002-01-02 EM Microelectronic display controller/driver draws very low power
The EM6125 is a bitmap controller and driver for full dot-matrix monochrome STN LCDs that offers very low power consumption, as well as a partial display mode.
2006-03-20 Display controllers tailored for small LCD TVs
Oki Electric Industry launched the ML86V8208, a chip that integrates video signals and conforms to NTSC, PAL and Secam video signals.
2008-04-30 Display controller supports VGA in mobile LCDs
A display controller designed to support LCD panels up to VGA resolution has been introduced by Solomon Systech for mobile and handheld applications requiring high-resolution displays.
2010-04-16 Display controller supports MDDI Type 2
QuickLogic claims the first display controller solution using the MDDI Type 2 interface for smartbook, smart phone and tablet applications using Qualcomm chipsets.
2007-03-20 Display controller supports 3D stereoscopic mode
Kopin released a display controller chip capable of driving two CyberDisplay WVGA LV or SVGA LV displays, either in 2D or 3D stereoscopic mode at frame rates up to 60Hz.
2010-05-20 Display controller integrates color processor
Seiko Epson and E Ink have jointly developed the S1D13524 display controller IC, a high-performance EPD controller with a built-in color processor for E Ink's electronic color paper displays.
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