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2006-12-01 Powering passive OLED displays in handhelds
OLED is an emerging technology that is set to revolutionize displays, offering a number of advantages over LCDs.
2012-02-06 Power supply ICs target smartphone displays
The STOD13AS integrates the step-up and inverting DC/DC converters needed to generate the positive and negative supplies on the same chip, noted Vishay.
2007-08-15 Power supply IC rolls for automotive displays
Intersil's new power supply IC promises to improve the performance and reduce the cost of powering 7-inch and 15-inch TFT-LCD automotive displays.
2007-05-01 Power line conditioning for plasma and HD displays
A parallel power delivery system ensures plasmas and other HD displays perform with laboratory precision.
2011-05-09 Port receiver supports 3D displays
Analog Devices has introduced 3GHz HDMI dual port receiver that is effective for next-generation home entertainment AV systems and is compatible with emerging 3d and HD content requirements.
2002-04-30 Polymer transistors hint at all-organic displays
Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have built an active-matrix (AM) LCD that uses polymer transistors in place of silicon devices.
2006-10-09 PMOLED targets cellphone, MP3 player displays
MagnaChip Semiconductor has launched a PMOLED designed for use in the sub-displays of mobile phones and displays of MP3 players.
2004-12-06 Plastic Logic to develop displays with Siemens Communications
Plastic Logic Ltd, a developer of plastic electronics for flexible display backplanes and sensors, has entered into a joint development agreement with mobile phone maker Siemens Communications, to develop flexible displays for Siemens mobile devices, Plastic Logic said.
2013-02-12 Plasmonic resonator arrays key to future reflective displays
Researchers at the University of Michigan the e-readers of the future could use plasmonic resonator arrays as wide field of view colour filters for reflected light.
2004-11-24 Pioneer to replace defective supplies in plasma displays
Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. said it would replace, free-of-charge, power supplies in some of its second- and third-generation plasma displays due to reported power supply failures.
2004-10-27 Pioneer to produce OLED displays in 2005
Japan-based display maker Pioneer Corp. will start making organic LEDs (OLEDs) in the first quarter of next year as researchers predict an increase in OLED demands, particularly in small-sized panels, such as those used in mobile handsets and cameras.
2004-04-06 Pioneer develops three plasma displays, two video cards
The company has introduced three high-definition plasma displays for the industrial market in Japan.
2003-05-19 Philips to supply L-3 Communications with PolyLED displays
Royal Philips Electronics has secured an order for its PolyLED technology from L-3 Communications' Display Systems Division, an integrator of avionic displays.
2006-10-23 Osram rolls out ref design kit for small OLED displays
Osram Opto Semiconductors has unveiled a new development tool for 2.7-inch and 1.6-inch 128 x 64 OLED displays.
2003-01-03 Organic displays near critical mass
Organic polymers are expected to play a larger role soon in enabling flexible color displays for computers, comms devices and consumer electronics.
2006-09-20 One Stop Displays develops 'first' 20x4 PLED module
One Stop Displays said it has developed the industry's first 20x4 character PLED module featuring low-current consumption and high contrast ratio, which makes it suitable for battery-, solar- or other low-power systems.
2005-02-01 OLEDs illuminate the future of displays
What makes OLEDs hot these days and how does it differ from any other display technology in today's market?
2008-05-21 OLED power driver ups image quality in small displays
TI has introduced an OLED power driver designed to enhance image quality for small form factor displays up to 2.5-inches.
2006-09-06 OLED driver IC suits sub-displays of mobile apps
Integrating 139Kbits of full frame memory, an on-chip oscillator and a DC/DC converter, the new OLED driver IC from Leadis Technology is a highly integrated SoC designed to provide vivid and accurate color images for MP3 player and mobile phone sub-display applications.
2004-11-11 OLED displays with 50,000h operating lifespan
United Radiant Technology developed a new series of OLED displays that are designed for use in telecom, portable device and signboard apps.
2009-10-02 OLED displays find success in mobile phones
The growth was due to strong mobile phone main display shipments, with more than 15 new models released in 2009.
2005-12-14 OLED displays achieve long life
One Stop Displays has unveiled a new series of 256 x 64 monochrome OLED displays that are rated for 100,000 hours.
2009-09-24 OLED cellphone displays top 178M by 2015
Shipments of OLED displays for cellphone main screens will increase by a factor of eight from 2009 to 2015.
2006-12-11 NXP unveils ESD protection ICs for high-res displays
NXP has launched a new family of ESD protection chips designed to support next-generation UXGA PC and 1080p TVs resolutions used in PC notebooks, mainboards, TVs, VGA cards, STBs and other applications supporting the VGA interface.
2010-01-29 Notebook displays drive HB LED growth
High-brightness LEDs, including GaN and InGaN, have been experiencing record breaking growth from early 2009 because of the rapid shift to LEDs in notebook displays.
2005-01-17 No-monochrome path to Philips' billion displays
It took Philips 45 years to ship 1 billion displays, but now, CEO Hoskens hopes to reach the next billion in only six or seven years.
2006-02-16 No illusions: Toward brighter flat displays
R. Colin Johnson talks with Candice Brown Elliott of Clairvoyante Inc., who revealed the specific aspects of the human visual system that the company harnessed.
2005-08-02 New LCD driver supports alphanumeric, bar graph displays
The new RoHS-compliant LCD driver from austriamicrosystems is targeted for industrial and automation markets, and supports alphanumeric and bar graph displays.
2003-06-02 New driving technology for portable TFT displays
Today's phones incorporate a sophisticated 'interface screen', a far cry from the 2x12-line character displays used in phones just a few years ago.
2004-08-25 New displays dramatically extend battery life
Kopin said its new color-filter microdisplays embody a breakthrough in power efficiency that dramatically extends the battery life of mobile consumer electronics.
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