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2006-01-23 New charge pumps for cellphone LED displays
Linear Tech released low noise, high efficiency 1x/1.5x/2x multimode charge pumps for driving main, camera and auxiliary LED displays in cellphones.
2002-04-04 NEC 3.5-inch TFT LCD displays up to 260,000 colors
Designed for mobile terminals, the 3.5-inch NL2432HC22-20 transflective TFT color LCD module from NEC corp. displays up to 260,000 colors at a resolution of 240x320 pixels, and comes complete with a driver and backlight system with six LEDs.
2012-10-29 Nanorods pave the way for better LED displays
Collaborative work between researchers from the University of Florida and CHESS has resulted in a novel way to make colloidal "superparticles" from oriented nanorods of semiconducting materials.
2014-07-17 Nano-pixels to bring flexible, high-res displays
Oxford University scientists found that phase change materials could lead to low-energy, flexible displays for applications such as 'smart' glasses, synthetic retinas and foldable screens.
2008-12-09 MultiLEDs eye LED video displays
Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc. has launched two new MultiLEDs for LED video displays. The new MultiLEDs are targeted at high-resolution video display applications that require high brightness and high color fidelity from all viewing angles.
2008-09-03 Motherboard delivers two independent displays
The LS-572 5.25-inch form factor motherboard from BVM supports current and 45nm next generation processors of the LGA775 packaged Core 2 Duo and Quad processors with up to 1,333MHz system bus; Pentium dual-core and Celeron processors are also supported.
2007-02-20 MOSFETs enable system efficiency, space optimization in plasma displays
Fairchild's new n-channel MOSFETs are designed to provide system efficiency and space optimization in plasma display panel applications.
2007-01-22 Mobile DVR ref design targets in-car displays
Techwell has introduced a mobile DVR reference design for the in-car display market.
2005-05-02 Mobile displays get brighter
The trend is heading toward the development of brighter displays that easily switch from 3D to 2D images
2009-04-27 Miniature pushbutton switches fit avionics displays
C&K Components has developed the PBA series of miniature illuminated pushbutton that feature high tactile feel suitable for cold lighting and illuminated displays in avionics applications.
2005-03-29 Microsoft opts for NEC-Mitsubishi's displays
Microsoft Corp. has selected NEC-Mitsubishi's MultiSync LCD2080UX and MultiSync LCD4000 displays.
2004-05-04 MIC sees 56 percent growth in large-size displays
According to Taiwan's Market Intelligence Center (MIC), the total worldwide production capacity of large-size TFT-LCD panel in 2004 is forecasted to increase by 56 percent from 2003.
2009-10-20 MEMS film usher in brighter, cheaper displays
Uni-Pixel's Opcuity MEMS films are used in TMOS displays and are 10x brighter and 60 percent cheaper to manufacture than LCDs.
2008-05-26 MEMS displays outdo LED, OLED counterparts
The new line of Qualcomm's colorful displays offer two advantages over LEDs and OLEDs: they consume very little power and are readable under outdoor ambient lighting conditions.
2014-02-17 MEMS displays offer always-on experience in wearable devices
While a vision of an always-on device may be borne out of the upcoming proliferation of smart wearable devices, the trend towards continuous consumption is already taking place.
2004-09-09 Maxim rolls out step-up converters for LCD, OLED displays
Maxim released its MAX8570 to MAX8575 family of step-up converters for LCD and OLED display bias used in handheld portable equipment.
2003-12-31 Maxim audio amplifiers eye PC displays
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9713/MAX9714 mono and stereo class-D audio amplifiers.
2009-04-24 MAX6960 programming guide for large LED displays
This application note details how multiple MAX696x 8 x 8 matrix LED drivers can be arranged and programmed to support larger LED displays or dot-matrix elements.
2006-11-06 Matsushita plasma displays now Pb-free
Matsushita Electric Industrial announced that it has eliminated lead from all its plasma display panels, making it the first panel maker to comply with new environmental guidelines.
2002-12-10 magink, Mitsubishi co-develop outdoor displays
magink display technologies Inc. has entered an agreement with Mitsubishi Electric Corp. to create full-color digital ink displays for the outdoor advertising industry.
2006-07-12 LVDS signal switches suit high-resolution displays
Pericom said its LVDS devices provide a high-bandwidth, robust and economical digital interface for high-resolution flat panel displays.
2005-02-11 Luxell, IMC to develop capabilities of OLED displays
Luxell Technologies Inc. and IMC Capital Corp. have recently signed a memorandum of understanding to develop manufacturing capability of OLED display production in mainland China.
2002-03-06 Lumex 10-segment LED array allows bar graph, moving dot displays
The company's 10-segment LED array is composed of 10 1.27-by-4.06mm LEDs and a programmable driver circuitry that allows the intensity of the individual bars to be adjusted electronically.
2004-08-11 Linear Tech voltage converter drives multiple displays
Linear Tech's new step-up/step-down fractional charge pump voltage converter can drive a 1-6 LED main display and 1-4 LED sub-display plus an RGB display.
2004-12-16 Linear Tech switching regulator tailored for TFT displays
Linear Tech's new quad switching regulator is designed to provide all necessary power supply functions for TFT displays and their required white LED backlighting.
2005-08-03 Lighthouse, Sony to provide LED visual displays programs
Lighthouse Technologies, a supplier of LED video panels systems for mobile and fixed applications, has signed a letter of intent with Sony Electronics Inc. to utilize Sony's resources to provide national on-site service programs to Lighthouse's existing and new professional grade LED large screen video customers in North America.
2002-01-09 LG.Philips showcases wide-format displays at CES 2002
LG.Philips LCD is demonstrating its 17W and 30W wide-format display modules and 20.1-inch wide-format VGA LCD module at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas.
2005-03-08 LG.Philips Displays to close U.K. TV tube factory
LG.Philips Displays said Wednesday (Mar. 2) that it would close its CRT plant in Durham, in the northeast of England, because of &quote;crippling price erosion,&quote; and a shift of demand from Europe to Asia-Pacific.
2003-05-27 LG.Philips Displays to close Newport, Southport plants
LG.Philips Displays has announced its plan to close plants in Newport, Wales and Southport, England.
2007-03-20 LG.Philips Displays to become LP Displays
LG.Philips Displays announced it will change its brand and name to LP Displays effective April 1.
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