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2006-02-09 Displays fail mobile needs, warns Philips exec
Mobile devices will not realize their full potential unless the display industry develops a new generation of "mobile-friendly" displays, according to Karl McGoldrick, chief executive of Polymer Vision NV
2008-03-03 DisplayPort-to-HDMI level-shifter drives legacy displays
Maxim's new level shifter enables PCs with a DisplayPort output to directly drive an HDMI/DVI-capable display, such as an LCD screen.
2008-03-31 DisplayPort receiver debuts for flat-panel displays
IDT has announced the availability of a DisplayPort receiver and timing controller device for inclusion in flat-panel displays for monitors, notebooks and LCD TVs.
2001-09-03 Displaying in negative or positive mode on graphics displays
This application note compares the difference between displaying in negative mode or positive mode on graphics displays.
2002-06-25 Display Werks 24-inch LCD monitor displays 16.7 million colors
Display Werks Inc. has announced the addition of a 24-inch open-frame LCD monitor to complement its retail and kiosk open-frame LCD monitor line.
2000-09-06 Direct drive of LCD displays
This application note describes how the designer can interface directly to a simple LCD using the Z86X3X and Z86X4X family of microcontrollers.
2004-12-07 Digital AC power meter displays up to four parameters at once
Yokogawa's new digital power meter is designed to provide cost-effective measurements of extremely small currents and high currents.
2008-02-15 Dialog Semi to bring PMOLED displays to mobiles
Dialog Semiconductor has introduced it SmartXtend technology that will allow the main displays of many mobile devices to use passive-matrix OLED displays rather than LCD or active-matrix OLEDs.
2008-08-25 Device controls mobile displays
With an eye on the consumer electronics market, particularly higher-resolution displays for smartphones, silicon foundry provider Silterra Malaysia is promoting its 0.13?m high-voltage technology.
2012-04-23 Design platform for high-res 4K2K displays
Xilinx announced the Display Targeted Design Platform (TDP) built around the company's Kintex-7 family of FPGA devices based on 28nm technology.
2008-09-26 Dell turns laptops green with LED displays
Dell Inc. announced plans to transition all of its new laptop displays to LED in the next 12 months, a major achievement in its commitment to become the 'greenest' technology company on the planet.
2010-06-16 Copper nanowires make flexible displays, solar panels
Duke University researchers have demonstrated a new copper nanowire technology for making transparent flexible displays, solar panels and electronic circuitry.
2008-03-20 Controller IC fit for LCD displays
RAiO Technology has developed the RA8806 LCD controller for small and mid-size LCD panels that suits commercial, industrial and medical appliances.
2016-01-14 Combined multi-touch, 3D-gesture modules aimed at displays
Microchip Technology and Silicon Integrated Systems worked together to roll out projected-capacitive touch and 3D-gesture interface modules geared to speed up development and slash costs.
2002-10-17 Colored displays drive handset, PDA market
In-Stat/MDR reported that the "no growth" status observed in the wireless handset and PDA market over the past 18 months is beginning to be replaced by real, measurable, manufacturing increases, as more consumers buy new handsets and PDAs.
2007-04-05 Color STN driver chips target mobile displays
The LDS195 from Leadis Technology is a 262K color driver with integrated controller, supporting 128 (RGB) x 160 resolution displays. The LDS194, a 65K color driver with integrated controller, supports 98 (RGB) x 70 and 98 (RGB) x 64 resolution displays.
2006-04-26 COG displays available in additional sizes
Displaytech has expanded its 128 x 64 chip-on-glass LCD display product line with three distinct sizes, and white LED and RGB backlights.
2004-08-27 Clarity to build projection displays for InFocus
Clarity Visual Systems Inc. has announced a contract with InFocus Corp. to manufacture a 61-inch rear projection display, in line with a display development relationship the Wilsonville, Oregon, companies announced in March.
2007-10-22 Clairvoyante displays offer PenTile backlight control
Clairvoyante will exhibit a variety of displays from several industry-leading licensees of its PenTile technology at the Flat Panel Display International 2007 conference on Oct. 24-26.
2002-04-08 Choose converters for image displays
This article describes the various factors that affect image display in the conversion of analog signals to digital.
2007-07-02 Chip displays 4,096x2,400 resolution at 20,000:1 ratio
JVC has developed what it claims is the industry's highest pixel density projection chip that will enable future 4K2K projectors to be smaller, lighter and more affordable.
2004-01-15 China Display buys LCoS displays from SpatiaLight
China Display buys LCoS displays from SpatiaLight.
2005-08-16 Cellular phone displays go hi-res
Global adoption of cellphones has prompted the development of high-resolution color displays to handle the devices' stringent audiovisual needs.
2005-04-20 CCFL inverter sheds light on the larger displays
Suited to the larger (19 to 24-inch) LCDs, Endicott Research's DmF6 series of (dc-ac) inverters offers system integrators a high-power module in a compact package for powering the cold-cathode fluorescent lamps used for backlighting.
2009-03-19 Car displays remain in the fast lane of growth
While automobile sales have fallen dramatically due to the recession, the automotive display market remains one of the fastest-growing segments for small/medium displays in terms of both shipments and revenue.
2002-08-26 Broadcom displays range of architectures
Broadcom Corp. seemed to be announcing its arrival as a major embedded processor vendor at this year's Hot Chips conference.
2004-04-23 Bright Amber LED displays feature 150cd/m? brightness
The NVN-DP5D dual-color LED displays from Bright Amber offer a resolution of 64 x 32 lines/unit and brightness of 150cd/m?.
2005-01-20 BOE Hydis to begin producing mobile phone displays
Thin-film liquid crystal display supplier BOE Hydis announced Tuesday (Jan. 18) it would begin producing displays for mobile phones starting in February.
2003-05-22 Barco displays provide navigation aid to Airbus A380
Barco has received a contract from Airbus for its 18-inch MRFD246 modular rugged flat displays to be used in the A380 test flight program.
2011-02-21 Audi displays LTE-equipped A8 sedan
To be integrated into Audi cars soon, the LTE broadband equipment installed in the A8 sedan showed bandwidth-hungry applications such as video streaming, music file download, navigation and web browsing.
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