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2001-05-25 Processing gain for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum communication systems and PRISM
This application note addresses the concept of processing gain (PG) of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) systems
2010-05-20 Overview of ultrasound imaging systems, electrical components required for main subfunctions
This application note is an introduction to ultrasound imaging systems. It discusses the trend towards smaller, lower cost and more portable imaging solutions
2009-02-26 Introduction to audio processing using the WOLA Filterbank coprocessor
This document provides an overview of the features and typical usage of the IOP and the WOLA filterbank coprocessor
2009-07-20 Integrating MEMS-based motion processing devices
Motion processing is the next major disruptive technology that will drive innovation in handheld consumer electronic product design. This article defines a six-axis motion processing solution
2007-11-16 Effectively link real, processing worlds via ADCs
ADCs provide the link between the "real world" of analog phenomena and the "processing world" that uses digital information. Delta sigma ADCs offer inherent advantages that result in significantly improved performance due to low sensitivity to noise and improved accuracy
2015-02-23 e-con Systems introduces ultra-HD 13Mpx camera
e-con Systems announces the new See3CAM_CU130 which is based on the AR1820HS CMOS image sensor provided with the S-mount (M12) lens mount and has Ultra HD support for video streaming at 30fps in MJPEG over USB3.0
2007-07-02 Create car safety systems using models
This article shows the model-based design of a lane-detection and -departure warning system, and how to implement it on a Texas Instruments DSP and verify its on-target performance in real-time.
2007-08-01 Combine security, affordability in 802.11 systems
By implementing strong Layer 2 pre-802.11i, followed by IEEE 802.11i-compliant products, 3eTI has bridged the gap to provide FIPS 140-2, 802.11i and WPA2 for security, interoperability and affordability of its wireless products.
2006-11-01 Use model-based design to optimize video safety systems
Discover how a model-based design can reduce the time required to develop and optimize a video system that monitors unintended lane departure.
2002-06-16 Speeding up security processing
This technical article discusses how with gigabit operation becoming a standard in communication systems, designers must secure data at wire speed using secure socket layer accelerators
2006-09-18 Simulation boosts FPGA-based DSP systems
The use of FPGAs as coprocessors provides considerable speed gains over high-end DSPs. The wide range of automated tools makes the development of FPGA-based DSP systems faster and easier than ever before
2000-06-05 Digital Signal Processing with the PIC16C74
This application note describes the basic issues that need to be addressed in order to implement DSP systems using the PIC16C74 and provides application code modules and examples for DTMF tone generation, a 60Hz notch filter and a simple PID compensator for control systems
2001-09-27 Baseband simulation of communications systems
This application note describes the application of baseband processing to the SystemView simulation tool
2013-08-26 Mentor Graphics licenses Thine's V-by-OneHS technology
V-by-OneHS has been developed to make internal interface smarter and less expensive for various markets such as flat panel displays, document processing systems and automotive infotainments.
2001-10-02 Low power, low voltage modem analog front-end STLC7550
This application note describes a low-power host processing modem application using the STLC7550 single-chip AFE. It also describes the features and functions of the STLC7550 that are relevant to host processing systems
2009-05-29 TPIC8101 knock sensor interface technical brief
The TPIC8101 is a dual-channel, signal processing IC for detection of premature detonation in combustion (gasoline) engines. This device serves as an interface between acoustical sensors or accelerometers and automobile engine management systems
2007-02-01 Streamline body electronics system development with model-based design
Model-based design reduces time-to-market by ensuring throughout the design process that the control system meets requirements, and by enabling hardware validation as it becomes available through hardware-in-the-loop testing.
2009-06-10 STA328 Evaluation board
The STA328 is a single chip solution for digital audio processing and control in stereo applications. It provides high-quality, high-efficiency, all digital amplification
2009-10-09 Integrated receiver simplifies the analog side of digital predistortion
Digital processing power offers several methods to improve the efficiency of base station PAs. Improvements in PA efficiency lead to significant reduction in the operating expense for cellular service providers
2007-08-16 Incorporate, assess speech algorithms
Maintaining the proper level of performance is the key to integrating speech algorithms. Speech processing mainly involves compression-decompression, recognition, conditioning and enhancement algorithms
2014-11-06 Get long pulse width when watchdog detects fault
Read about a configuration that can achieve a long pulse width at the RESET pin when the watchdog detects a fault. This pulse width equals the power-on reset delay time.
2009-06-03 Features and benefits of FPGA-based DDCs
This article explores some of the key advantages of implementing digital downconverter (DDC) designs in FPGAs and describes some of the situations when ASICs can still offer the best solution.
2012-09-25 Enhance MCU performance, security with hardware accelerated crypto
Discover how to accelerate compute-intensive cryptographic algorithms and off load those tasks from the ARM core.
2014-03-28 Embedded Web app server development (Part 2)
Find out how web application servers are set up and know how to implement this optimal solution.
2013-09-26 Design Linux-based femtocell base-station (Part 2)
Here's the second of a two-part series on building a wireless femtocell with a base station SoC powered by a Linux-based fast-path software architecture.
2007-06-18 Achieve good audio quality in portables
This article provides suggestions for good system design and PCB layout practices relevant to the design of any portable system that includes audio playback and/or recording functionality.
2003-03-11 Trigonometric Functions on the DSP16000 Core Digital Signal Processor
This application note describes how to program trigonometric functions on the DSP 16000 Core Digital Signal Processor.
2003-07-16 Selecting ASICs or ASSPs for key net functions
Network system design activity is accelerating with a renewed emphasis on product differentiation and cost-effectiveness. System design teams must evaluate technology options that usually lead them to choose between ASICs and ASSPs for most of the network packet processing functions they require
2003-07-01 PC technology boosting visual inspection
Due to recent advancements in hardware and software, vision applications are becoming more efficient and more accurate--which makes the technology suitable to integrate with other inspection systems
2005-12-01 Overcome sub-90nm challenges
New tools in comprehensive design flows are needed for reliable silicon performance of sub-nanometer designs.
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