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2002-11-13 PTN3151 evaluation board documentation
This application note serves as documentation for the PTN3151 application board, which is designed for the optimum evaluation of the 1:10 LVTTL clock distribution device with 3-state outputs.
2002-11-08 PTN products demo board documentation
This application note serves as documentation for the PTN Demo Board, a device used to show the simultaneous operation of PTN products such as the PTN1111, PTN2111, PTN3310, PTN3311, and PTN3322.
2013-10-24 Pegoda EV710 documentation, sample guide
Here are the details on how to receive documentation and samples for operation of the Pegoda EV710.
2000-05-16 Other available documentation for DSP56009
This application note describes the DSP56009EVM device. The device serves primarily as a model for both prototype and development purposes for Dolby Digital (AC-3) functionality.
2006-10-16 DownStream upgrades PCB documentation tool
DownStream Technologies has upgraded its BluePrint for PCBs, an automated documentation tool, with new functionality and new integrations with PCB CAD systems.
2014-05-02 Testing as an art (Part 3)
This instalment relates some of the lessons I have learned.
2014-04-25 Testing as an art (Part 2)
It is vital to remember that the test equipment documentation is as important as the product itself.
2014-07-09 P3041 integrated processor design checklist
Here is a design checklist that is useful in debugging newly-designed systems by highlighting those aspects of a design that merit special attention during initial system start-up.
2014-07-08 P2041 integrated processor design checklist
This document is useful in debugging newly-designed systems by highlighting those aspects of a design that merit special attention during initial system start-up.
2009-06-29 Next-gen Smart Energy requirements previewed
The Zigbee Alliance and HomePlug Powerline Alliance have made available to the public the next-generation market requirements document for Smart Energy and supporting use cases.
2002-10-28 CMUCopy - transferring CMU hardcopy to PC using the IEEE bus or the serial interface
This application note describes a program for transferring hardcopies of the screen from a CMU Radiocommunication Tester to a PC, connected via the IEEE bus or the serial interface.
2013-12-12 Xilinx UltraScale FPGA boasts 50M equivalent ASIC gates
The company announced its 20nm portfolio of All Programmable UltraScale devices, along with documentation and Vivado Design Suite support.
2002-10-12 Using SPI to Configure and Control the ispPAC30
This application note provides the required documentation to design a system to control and configure the ispPAC30 device via SPI.
2004-06-16 TMS320C6410/C6413 DSP hardware design guide
The DSP Hardware Design Guide (DHDG) is a collection of the most commonly used technical documentation, models and FAQs for DSP hardware system designers.
2006-09-04 Tektronix offers 'first' limited lifetime warranty for scopes
With up to 200MHz bandwidth, 2GSps maximum sample rate per channel, and the industry's first lifetime warranty, Tektronix said its new oscilloscopes simplify configuration, testing and documentation for design and test engineers and offer unprecedented value.
2003-12-10 Software yields graphical 'views' from HDL code
Novas Software Inc. will announce the Reusner Design Knowledge Publisher, which generates and automatically updates graphical "views" from HDL code. The views can be used for debugging or documentation.
2014-07-24 OrCAD solutions optimise PCB design process
Cadence developed three OrCAD PCB products targeting emerging electronic product design challenges. These are Engineering Data Management, Library Builder, and Documentation Editor.
2002-04-19 NetEnforcer system Version 3.0
This application note details some issues, problems and clarifications to the current NetEnforcer product release, its features and associated product-specific documentation as well as New Features for the NetEnforcer system.
2015-02-05 MediaTek platform eases dev't of Wi-Fi enabled IoT devices
The new platform provides a Software Development Kit for Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux, a Hardware Development Kit co-designed with Seeed Studio and related documentation.
2009-08-28 MCU kit eases touch/motion sensing designs
Microchip Technology Inc. has released the MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC18 microcontrollers containing all of the components, documentation, schematics, debugging and programming capabilities for USB and touch-sensing applications.
2013-10-23 Introduction to MIFARE SAM
Here's an application note that introduces MIFARE SAM AV2 as well as all documentation and samples.
2010-09-09 Free software tool fixes MCU pin conflicts
Energy Micro offers a free software tool designed to eliminate the usually time-consuming problem of debugging I/O pin conflicts. "EnergyAware Designer" insures correct pin configuration and automatically generates set-up code and documentation, while supporting the complete EFM32 Gecko low power MCU family.
2004-01-05 EDA startup offers graphical Verilog tool
Aiming to simplify HDL code development and documentation, Orion Consulting Inc. has rolled out Visual RTL.
2012-10-12 Designing base station antenna
Read about Antenna Magus touted to provide a structured catalog of antennas with documentation, design algorithms and export models.
2000-06-29 Chip-level HDL simulation using the Xilinx Alliance series
This application note describes the basic flow and some of the issues to be aware of for HDL simulation with Alliance Series software. It also familiarizes the user with some of the concepts but should not be considered a replacement for the Xilinx or HDL simulator's documentation
2005-11-11 Cell processor to support Linux
IBM Corp. and Sony Corp. have released new software components and documentation for the Cell processor, including extensions to Linux
2008-02-19 Cadence, Mentor enhance OVM source-code library
Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics have announced an enhanced release of the source-code library and user documentation for the Open Verification Methodology (OVM), claimed to be the industry's first open, interoperable SystemVerilog verification methodology.
2008-05-15 Booting from embedded MMC
This technical note describes booting from an embedded MMC device#8212;such as Micron's Managed NAND#8212;and provides supporting documentation for designers incorporating MMCs in their applications.
2010-04-26 Avnet, Xilinx collaborate on FPGA DSP dev't kit
Avnet and Xilinx have co-developed a DSP development kit that combines Virtex-6 FPGA devices, development board, DSP IP, complete documentation and cables.
2003-03-17 Automated testing methods open up opportunities
Product development is no longer regarded as an isolated, individual procedure but an essential ingredient of a comprehensive product life cycle which includes requirement analysis, modeling, specification, test and documentation.
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