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2003-09-19 Using the ACD0900 Downconverter MMIC for CATV
This application note describes the use if the ACD0900 downconverter MMIC in CATV networks.
2000-06-13 The RF2411 General Purpose UHF Downconverter IC
This technical note examines RF Micro Devices' RF2411, a monolithic UHF receiver downconverter IC that implements all of the RF functions of the required circuitry except passive filters and LO.
2004-06-18 STMicro downconverter subsystem simplifies installations
STMicro announced the availability of a complete Low-Noise Block downconverter subsystem to help satellite broadcasters simplify installations and reduce costs.
2001-06-19 Downconverter MMIC for CATV
This application note describes how to implement ANADIGICS' ACD downconverter MMIC series in double conversion CATV tuners.
2001-04-06 Application of the SA9500/SA9502 dual-band CDMA/AMPS downconverter
This application note explains how Philips Semiconductors' SA9500/SA9502 front-end receive downconverter ICs can be used in CDMA/AMPS telephone systems.
2001-04-02 933MHz low-power downconverter with 60MHz IF
This application note describes the performance of a 900MHz, 3V downconverter intended for wireless applications, such as GSM, AMPS, TACS, CT1, CT1+ and NMT.
2002-11-08 1890 MHz low power downconverter with 110 MHz I.F.
This application note describes the performance of an 1890 MHz low voltage (3V) downconverter intended for wireless applications like DECT, PHP and other 1.8-2 GHz applications.
2010-07-27 SiGe mixer supports 1500MHz WCDMA/LTE apps
The MAX19993 FROM Maxim Integrated Products is a fully integrated, 1200MHz to 1700M, dual, downcoverting mixer with an on-chip LO switch, buffer, and splitter.
2009-11-20 SiGe mixer enables cost-effective filter designs
The MAX2042 mixer delivers a combination of linearity, noise performance and component integration.
2003-10-29 Satellite radio chipset debuts
Extending CMOS technology to yet another market, Silicon Laboratories Inc. has unveiled a CMOS satellite radio tuner chipset.
2008-09-11 RF synthetic instrument supports up to 26.5GHz
BAE Systems, National Instruments and Phase Matrix have released a next-generation, 26.5GHz synthetic instrument based on the PXI platform for military and commercial RF and microwave applications.
2007-08-16 RF IC aims at DVB-S receivers
NXP Semiconductors has introduced what it claims as the industry's first fully integrated downconverter for Ku-band DVB-S low-noise block.
2007-07-26 PMC/XMC module offers complete software radio system
Pentek claims its Model 7140-420 dual digital transceiver is a complete software radio system in a PMC/XMC module with a GateFlow FPGA IP core that provides high-performance DDC and interpolation.
2005-09-01 Pentek beefs up GateFlow FPGA IP Library
Pentek announced an addition to its GateFlow FPGA IP Library that implements a 256-channel narrowband digital downconverter.
2006-09-22 NI, BAE and PMI to develop PXI Express-based synthetic instrument
BAE Systems, National Instruments and Phase Matrix announced a joint initiative to develop a PXI Express-based synthetic instrument for military and commercial RF and microwave applications.
2002-01-03 Microtune rolls out silicon-based upconverter for video-on-demand apps
Claimed to be the world's first silicon-based upconverter solution for video-on-demand applications, the VideoCaster solution, developed in partnership with nCUBE Corp., shrinks RF electronics the size of a VCR unit into three miniature chips.
2005-03-01 FPGA accelerates real-time app performance
Designers are eyeing new FPGAs with faster and better performance in DSPs and real-time applications. Rodger Hosking and Richard Kuenzler of Pentek say why.
2009-06-03 Features and benefits of FPGA-based DDCs
This article explores some of the key advantages of implementing digital downconverter (DDC) designs in FPGAs and describes some of the situations when ASICs can still offer the best solution.
2010-06-08 Downconverting mixer delivers high linearity, low noise
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX19994A, a dual downconverting mixer that delivers a combination of linearity, noise performance and component integration.
1999-11-17 AWR0900 wireless receiver GaAs IC
The AWR0900 is a fully monolithic downconverter intended for use in cordless telephone and WLAN (wireless local area networking) applications. It is fabricated using the 0.5?m GaAs MESFET process, and is suitable for any application requiring a downconverter whose input RF signals are in the range of 864MHz to 928MHz. This paper describes the applications and functions of the AWR0900 in wireless communications.
2005-08-01 Ain't no mountain high enough for DAB
Digital audio broadcasting overcomes multipath signal distortion problems in big leaps and bounds
2003-09-19 ACD20013 Broadcast Satellite tuner MMIC
This application note describes the use if the ACD20013 downconverter in the indoor receiver portion of the Direct Broadcast Satellite System.
2006-02-24 Software radio transceiver provides 256 tunable receive channels
Pentek announced the blending of its GateFlow 4954-430 high-density, narrowband digital downconverter FPGA IP core with its 7140 software radio transceiver PMC module.
2007-11-12 Software radio system tags digital transceiver
Pentek introduces the Model 7142-428 digital transceiver with a multiband digital downconverter and interpolation filter.
2006-09-25 GateFlow module includes wideband DDC IP core
Pentek released the newest addition to its GateFlow installed-core products that includes a factory-installed wideband digital downconverter IP core.
2005-07-26 Double-balanced surface mount mixers cover 14GHz to 32GHz
Hittite Microwave introduced three new surface mount packaged GaAs MMIC Double Balanced Mixers which are well suited for upconverter and downconverter apps
2008-02-18 Why select a digital power converter?
What impact, if any, is there for designers wishing to use digital power converter modules in place of existing analog designs?
2004-09-16 Unified data model brings signal integrity
Separate EDA environments and databases prevent analyzing signal integrity early in the design cycle, where it is most critical.
2007-06-25 Toshiba launches GaAs FETs, RF devices
TAEC featured an array of C-, X- and Ku-band gallium arsenide (GaAs) FETs developed by Toshiba Corp. as well as a broad line-up of RF and small signal devices at this year's IEEE MTT-S event.
2004-12-31 SiGe passive mixer tailored for 2.5G/3G apps
Maxim Integrated Products released what it claims as the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, SiGe passive mixer.
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