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2004-11-26 AAT4291 EVAL-RGB I/O expander load switches with serial control
This app note discusses the AAT4291 EVAL-RGB evaluation board and the application of the AAT4291 as an RGB LED driver.
2008-05-08 AAT3192/93: Low-cost, 2/3-channel charge-pump LED drivers
AnalogicTech's AAT3193 evaluation board demonstrates the functionality of the AAT3193 and its application as a white LED driver.
2008-01-17 200V audio power amp tipped for high-end apps
National Semiconductor introduces a pair of 200V mono audio power amplifier input stages, which the company claims reduce design time and enable amplifier designs with a THD+N as low as 0.00035 percent.
2009-09-10 16-channel LED drivers provide high ESD protection
Toshiba has released a new family of integrated constant current LED drivers that offer very high levels of ESD protection while significantly reducing component count and board space
2008-10-01 Video drivers tout single supply operation of amplifiers
Intersil introduces 200MHz single supply video drivers, the ISL59833 and ISL59837, each equipped with charge pumps that create negative voltage and remove the need for external negative rails.
2003-12-31 Sipex boost converter drives up to 8 serial LEDs
Sipex Corp. has expanded its portfolio of power management products with the release of the SP6691 that is designed for use in battery powered devices.
2007-06-18 Select the best topology for WLED drive electronics
Designers attempting to collapse the electronics required to drive LEDs into the base of a light bulb face major challenges. This article discusses how to meet these challenges when replacing older lighting technology with LEDs.
2005-01-03 Reality check for configurable IP blocks
Configuring IP subsystems in Bluetooth within existing architectures can now be overcome through a more holistic approach.
2002-05-14 Pericom unveils interface solutions for DDR DIMMs
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled its next-generation interface solution for PC2700 DDR DIMM devices used in servers, workstations, and high-end PCs.
2012-09-13 ON's High Frequency SEPIC has 2MHz fixed switching frequency
Next generation high frequency boost controller for automotive applications reduces cost of implementing power systems and saves board space
2002-08-06 ON Semiconductor to expand wireless product line
ON Semiconductor has launched a campaign to expand its presence in the portable and wireless markets.
2005-01-31 NI serial boards with 2Mbps data rates
The two new eight-port serial boards from National Instruments achieve data rates up to 2Mbps and incorporate NI-Mite ASIC technology.
2005-06-27 New system LED drivers tailored for compact LCDs in mobile apps
Rohm developed new system LED drivers targeted for the backlight LEDs used in compact LCDs in mobile equipment such as PDAs, DSCs, DVCs and can also be used as supplementary light as a flash in mobile phone cameras.
2002-08-20 National Instruments moves into IC design territory
National Instruments has seen the opportunity to address the need of design engineers for full-fledged testing.
2008-05-15 MOSFET gate drivers tout 'best' switching efficiency
Intersil has announced the ISL6615 and ISL6615A, high-frequency 6A sink synchronous MOSFET gate drivers that provide greater efficiency, dramatic flexibility and added protection features for system safety.
2005-12-14 Linear Tech step-down controller powers Sun processors
Linear Technology introduced a PolyPhase synchronous step-down controller with integrated MOSFET drivers and an on-board 5-bit digital interface designed to power Sun Microsystems' new generation of processors
2006-06-02 ISL6700EVAL1 general purpose design tool
The ISL6700 general purpose design tool is a simple evaluation board which can help the user rapidly construct an isolated DC/DC converter in several configurations
2014-04-11 IR LED from Osram offers remote control capability
The T-shaped SFH 4140 Midled protrudes 0.6mm above and below the board thereby offering remote control functions in a small space
2007-03-20 Display controller supports 3D stereoscopic mode
Kopin released a display controller chip capable of driving two CyberDisplay WVGA LV or SVGA LV displays, either in 2D or 3D stereoscopic mode at frame rates up to 60Hz.
2002-03-20 Cadence upgrades PCB tool flows
Cadence Design Systems has made major upgrades to its Studio and Expert series PCB design flows, adding capabilities to its SpecctraQuest Signal Integrity Expert, Allegro layout tool, and Specctra autorouter.
2006-06-23 Boost converter drives up to 10 LEDs
Catalyst announced it has expanded its LED driver family with the addition of CAT4238, a high-voltage boost converter designed to drive up to 10 LEDs
2002-06-13 Ansoft signal-integrity tool produces accurate 3D models
Equipped with the company's multi-partial element equivalent circuit technology, the Spicelink v5.0 signal-integrity tool from Ansoft Corp. is capable of producing accurate, three-dimensional, distributed models for gigabyte data-rate designs.
2008-05-05 AAT2830/31 Eval: 800mA total display solution for portable devices
Based on a tri-mode charge pump power engine, AnalogTech's AAT2830/31 is a total solution IC for portable display applications and is capable of delivering 800mA of output current for WLED backlight and RGB applications.
2008-05-05 AAT1239-1 Eval: Step-up DC/DC converter for white LED backlight applications
AnalogicTech's AAT1239-1 is a high-frequency, high-efficiency regulated current boost converter driving up to 10 white LEDs in a series connected configuration.
2003-02-28 AAC selects CEAC as component distributor in China
Advanced Analog Circuits Corp. has appointed China Electronic Appliance Corp. to market and distribute its electronic components and ICs in the China market.
2010-06-11 10?F tantalum capacitors deliver 35V
AVX Corp. has developed a surface mount polymer tantalum capacitor that features a nominal capacitance rating of 10?F and rated voltage of 35V in the C case size (6mm x 3.2mm x 2.6mm).
2004-06-30 Lee Ming TFT-LCD modules with 480-by-234-pixel resolution
Lee Ming has released its 2.5-inch LCD-256-LED graphics TFT-LCD modules with integrated driver board.
2002-06-17 IR ships 'intelligent' power modules for motor drives
International Rectifier has introduced the iNTERO family of power modules for motor and servo drives, which integrates the power stage with an embedded driver board.
2006-01-27 Winbond to sell FPD business to Cheertek
Winbond Electronics announced that the Board of Directors approved the sale of its flat panel display business to Cheertek Technology for reportedly around $125 million
2014-10-06 WiFi module evaluation kit flaunts additional features
The SX-6K3-EVK-SD from Silex enables device makers and system integrators to evaluate the Silex wireless radio module and driver with Freescale's i.MX6 processor on the SABRE smart devices board.
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